11 Best Tattoo Shops in Calgary Today [2023]

Having a tattoo brings confidence in your personality and is a mark of creativity. People, including many celebrities, still flock to the best tattoo shops to portray their signature styles. We all know that tattoos aren’t as edgy as they were when they first came out. But they still look cool and display memorable moments of your life. Calgary is home to many talented tattoo artists that can turn your imagination into a visible reality. Whether you want a tattoo to remember an exciting trip to someplace or want it as a living art, these artists got you covered.

Tattoos are visible portrays where you have been, what is your identity, or the elegant memories you want to keep in your life. They have an exquisite speaking language done in an astonishing and meaningful way. It is necessary to look for tattoo shops that are not only original but also display originality. We strongly put emphasis on the 11 best tattoo shops in Calgary today so you can experience an elite experience in recent times. Combined with hundreds of happy clients, you can also get the tattoo you dream about with our top-of-the-line tattoo shop recommendations.

1- Atticus Tattoo

Website: atticustattoo.com/

Phone: +1 403 719 6661

Address: 618 1 Ave NE, Calgary, AB T2E 0B6, Canada


  • Walk-ins and Custom
  • Body Piercing
  • After-Care Services
  • Tattoo Removal
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One of the best and most famous tattoo shops in Calgary, Atticus Tattoo is the symbol of a private, clean, and relaxing tattooing experience. Situated in Bridgeland, the shop itself is the true depiction of 100+ years of art. If you are someone who desires magnificent artwork for a lifetime, look no further. The trained and professional artists bring out the artistic expression of what our identity is. This tattoo shop has a calming atmosphere that makes it worth a try.

Atticus Tattoo believes in precision and you can get a tattoo of whatever size you want. They also have a private studio room that eliminates the crazy-hectic atmosphere with many clients at the same place. You’ll feel the maintenance of your modesty and dignity by booking an appointment for your custom-designed tattoo. This superb and professional tattoo shop also delivers clean slate tattoo removal services. They also provide consultations, piercing, and aftercare services for your convenience and comfort.

What Clients Think?

Aimee did my tattoo.  Having never had a tattoo before, I was so nervous.  She did an amazing job, even “amazing” seems like an understatement.  She had a light hand and I joked that it was a better experience than going to get my teeth cleaned. (Google Reviews)

I have just had my third tattoo done and these guys are awesome!  I have worked with Konrad, Sergio and all were very professional and did great work!  The reception team were so great and I will be going back again! (Google Reviews)

2- Little Witch Tattoo

Website: littlewitchtattoo.com/

Phone: +15873525525


  • Tattoos
  • Tattoo Aftercare
  • Art Seminars
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Little Witch Tattoo was founded by Lead Senior Artist Raven Wrathmore in 2016 as a private studio that has since grown into a full artist run shop. With a variety of styles from fine line and blackwork, to stickers and portraiture, they strive to produce high quality work and products for their clients. Little Witch Tattoo offers both pre-drawn artwork, known as flash, and custom artwork made to fit your body and vision.

The team at Little Witch Tattoos is mostly female and dedicated to providing a welcoming and comfortable environment for their clients and guests. At every appointment, they strive to provide the highest level of professionalism and industry education. From basic set-up supplies to their inks, ointments, and aftercare products, Little Witch Tattoo carries a multitude of different brands that are bio-degradable and vegan friendly.

What Clients Think?

Got a tattoo done by Hannah for my birthday, and I am so incredibly impressed!! She was so sweet, attentive, and a very talented apprentice tattoo artist. I’m very grateful to have her art piece tattooed on me!! Great experience, lovely staff, and amazing tattoos. Will be recommending this shop to friends and family who are looking for their next tattoo! (Google Reviews)

What an amazing first experience! Little Witch Tattoo was awesome! Her art is incredible and her tattooing skills will be hard to beat! I had two forearm pieces done by her and they are gorgeous!! They were both done so quickly yet with sooooooo much detail! Can’t wait to go back. Highly recommend!!(Google Reviews)

3- Malos Tattoo & Aesthetic Studio – Tattoo Calgary

Website: malostattoo.com/

Phone: +1 403 460 4653

Address: 2212 4 St SW, Calgary, AB T2S 1W9, Canada


  • Micro-needling & Micro-blading
  • Traditional Tattoos
  • H2Ocean aftercare
  • Full-Color Custom Designs
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Malos Tattoo & Aesthetic Studio brings the world’s best tattoo techniques to Calgary. While considering your safety as the top priority, the most influential and thorough artists give you what you want. The delighted clients appreciate this best tattoo shop in Calgary on account of its friendly and talented staff. The tattooing tools are sterilized using standard sterilization methods and the studio’s atmosphere is immaculate.

Furthermore, you’ll fall in love with the outcomes of their micro-blading and micro-needling services. As they’re also specialized in cosmetic procedures, they’ve introduced micro-needling to enhance collagen and elastin production. The resultant skin gets freed from acne, wrinkles & stretch marks. Malos Tattoo & Aesthetic Studio’s semipermanent micro-blading procedure beautifies the appearance of eyebrows. This aesthetic tattoo shop is your go-to option if you want to tattoo with skincare.

What Clients Think?

I had a tattoo done by Rachel yesterday and it is absolutely beautiful! The atmosphere of the shop is clean and comfortable. Rachel is quick but thorough she made sure that I was doing okay during the tattoo and offered breaks if needed she was also really informative in regard to taking care of my tattoo, I would really recommend this shop and this artist. (Google Reviews)

My first tattoo was done in here by Luis and I 100% recommend this place, him and the entire team really got talent and they’re so respectful with clients. They really will make a good experience for clients! (Google Reviews)

4- Heroes & Villains Tattoo & Piercing

Website: heroescalgary.com/

Phone: +1 403 984 3232

Address: 1528 17 Ave SW, Calgary, AB T2T 0C8, Canada


  • New & Traditional Tattoos
  • Japanese Custom Designs
  • Piercing & Scarification
  • Body Jewelry
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Founded in 2009, Heroes & Villains needs no introduction in offering a laid-back tattooing experience. This tattoo shop is the reason you should invest in a top-notch tattoo shop in Calgary today. They got you covered in every style you want, from the old American to black and grey realism. You can experience the ambiance and magnetic vision of talented artists under one roof.

In terms of tattooing decisions, Heroes & Villains Tattooing provides free consultations. No matter if you want a diverse art-styled tattoo or body piercing, this shop has it all. Besides, the implants and jewelry are skin safe, beautiful, and have an implant grade rating. Get yourself booked for an appointment here today and we promise their unmatched quality and precision on your skin.

What Clients Think?

I have been getting my sleeve done by Felicia, and man it ever amazing! I told her to design my tattoo, so far, the designs and placements are spectacular. She really has an eye for art! The rest of the staff are so friendly too! I love Heroes and Villains. The shop is just as you’d expect walking in, the music is great. Just everything about this shop is perfect! (Google Review)

The level of care and professionalism I’ve received from Piercer Dan is unparalleled. He is passionate, extremely knowledgeable, experienced, and kind. You’ll regret going anywhere else for your piercing needs. (Google Reviews)

5- Honor Bound Tattoos

Website: honorboundtattoos.com/

Phone: +1 403 252 3351

Address: 7207 Fairmount Dr SE, Calgary, AB T2H 0X6


  • Custom Design Tattoo
  • Free Consultancy
  • Body Piercing Service
  • Walk-in Service
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Do you want a custom tattoo about literally any kind of concept? Honor Bound Tattoos has the most talented team of 9 tattoo artists for your every need. These artists are well-packed with almost 30 years of tattooing experience and portray an abundance of artistic diversity. With over 200 customer reviews, this place has established a comforting place in the heart of its customers. Apart from the affordable tattoos, you’ll love the cleanliness and privacy of this place.

Honor Bound Tattoos introduces Anthony Kwok, with piercing experience of many years. He is unmatched in his talent and fulfills your need of getting a safe, beautiful, and aesthetically pleasing body piercing. We recommend this best walk-in tattooing shop in Calgary, even if you don’t have an appointment scheduled.

What Clients Think?

This is the place to be if you are thinking of getting a tattoo done. They are all polite, welcoming and friendly. Hygiene and safety are obviously very important to them. The place is comforting. I just had my first tattoo ever done by “Bryan Ferrari”, he is such an artist and a nice person. He was great in enhancing the art I wanted, had it done in 2 different sizes so I can pick what I liked best. It looked beautiful and didn’t take him long to do it. (Google Reviews)

Emailed about getting a tattoo of Flexo from Futurama and the shop got back to me literally within minutes. Just three days later, Andrew did the tattoo for me, no consultation required, and it turned out exactly how I’d envisioned it. Really glad I went here! (Google Reviews)

6- Strange World Tattoo Inc.

Website: strangeworldtattoo.com/

Phone: +1 403 282 8181

Address: 5403 Crowchild Trail NW #103, Calgary, AB T3B 4Z1, Canada


  • Sterilized Tattooing
  • Custom Art Designs
  • Qualified Body Piercing
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Strange World Tattoo Inc. packs 14 years of tattooing experience and is striving for more because of its talented artists. These internationally recognized artists have the dexterity of turning and picturing your imaginative art. The staff, along with the shop’s atmosphere, is genuinely friendly and super clean.

Strange World Tattoo also facilitates you with body piercing service. The piercer is qualified and has sound knowledge of cross-contamination and pathogen courses. The equipment used for sterilization of tattooing and piercing is modern and state-of-the-art. Come & visit this one of the best tattoo shops in Calgary today and enjoy the breathtaking experience.

What Clients Think?

I cannot say enough great things about Strange World Tattoo. I have had two tattoos done there over the last couple of years that have exceeded my expectations. Everyone I have interacted with has been incredibly kind and professional. The work is fantastic and all of the artists are so talented! I would recommend this tattoo shop to anyone and everyone I know! (Google Reviews)

Sarah at Strange World did a wonderful job with my tattoo. Would highly recommend her work and this business. They are efficient, professional and care about the value of their work. Can’t wait to plan my next tattoo there! (Google Reviews)

7- Bushido Tattoo

Website: bushidotattoo.com/

Phone: +1 403 261 1009

Address: 218 17 Ave SE, Calgary, AB T2G 1H4, Canada


  • Custom Tattoos
  • Reference Tattoo Sketching
  • Bushido Merch Shop
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Since 2000, Bushido Tattoo established a place in the tattoo market of Calgary under the supervision of Doug Fink. In contrast to the other best tattoo shops, the atmosphere of Bushido is quite fun and unique. This place is themed and inspired by ancient relics that present a discrete look to its audience.

The tattoo making and processing are clean, safe & sterile. Bushido Tattoos is approved by Alberta Health Services, making this place a secure and healthy environment. In terms of some extra perks, you can bring in your reference images and sketches. This reference is used to create a distinctive and individually produced piece of art by their talented team. Consider this place if you want to picture your memorable sketch back to life.

What Clients Think?

I got my first tattoo ever from Malinda a few days back and I couldn’t be any happier! Malinda is super chill and comfortable to work with. Loved the experience! (Google Reviews)

Second time with Bushido and they never fail to impress me, work is superior quality and the artists in the shop are all wonderful people, shout out to Cale for always killing it!!! (Google Reviews)

8- Mission Tattoo Parlor

Website: https://m.facebook.com/profile.php?id=335442679843188&__tn__=C-R

Phone: +1 587 351 0048

Address: 2103 4 St SW, Calgary, AB T2S 1W8, Canada


  • Welcoming Environment
  • Conceptual Tattoo Consultation
  • Customized Tattoo Designs
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Are you still finding creative tattoo artists from our 11 best tattoo shops in Calgary? We present you Mission Tattoo Parlor with incredible ways of turning your fascination into art. With over 100 reviews and numerous triumphant clients, this is your go-to place at 2103 4 St SW, Calgary.


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Mission Tattoo Parlor understands the true values of its customers and creates your desired output. The talented and professional artists truly know the dignity of their customers. They are also specialized in creating raised tattoos that furnish a palpable look to your memories.

What Clients Think?

I have two tattoos by Syd and she’s honestly amazing. She’s super talented, patient, and just an all-around rad human. (Google Reviews)

Went and saw Pablo for my neck tattoo and he drew it originally without seeing me first and he didn’t like how it looked on me and completely redid it and I absolutely love it a true artist and the best choice for my first neck tattoo. (Google Reviews)

9-Leaves With Ink

Website: m.facebook.com/Leaveswithink/

Phone: +1 587 215 9008

Address: 815 1 St SW #402, Calgary, AB T2P 1N3, Canada


  • Half Sleeve Customized Tattoos
  • Existing Tattoo Manipulation
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Leaves With Ink is the best-in-class tattoo artist shop that treats its customers like a family. The clients are always eager to share their outstanding experiences with this outclass tattoo shop. You have a wide range of custom tattoo styles to choose from. Besides, Leave with Ink welcomes its customers for their preferences well.


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We know most tattoo shops are quite uncomfortable and intimidating. You must opt out of this graceful tattoo shop because of its charming environment and friendly staff. They will make it possible for you to get the best-looking tattoo at an affordable rate. No matter if you want a tiny size or a full-size piece of art, Leaves with Ink never disappoints you.

What Clients Think?

Very professional. I was nervous about getting my tattoo and he calmed me down completely! Very nice guy and talented artist!! I will always go back to him for all my tattoos. Great prices and great work! Thank you so much for my amazing tatt. (Google Reviews)

Absolutely amazing experience! He was very upbeat and fun Me and my husband are beyond happy with our tattoos. We will definitely be going back for a lot more. (Google Reviews)

10- Gypsy Rose Tattoo & Piercing

Website: gypsyrosetattoo.com/

Phone: +1 403 275 9844

Address: 3132 26 St NE #102, Calgary, AB T1Y 6Z1, Canada


  • Make Over Tattooing
  • Online Tattoo & Piercing Booking
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Gypsy Rose Tattoo & Piercing is leaded and run by a creative genius Nina Gremo since March 2006. This historic Canadian artist has a keen dexterity in producing and altering custom tattoos with years of tattooing experience. They take profound care of customer safety and follow strict biosecurity protocols.

In terms of tattooing, the outcomes are of no match and extremely precise to the defined concepts. You’ll see the like resemblance between the reference and the design crafted on your skin. We add Gypsy Rose Tattoo & Piercing to our list of 11 best Tattoo Shops in Calgary today for its outstanding staff and client care.

What Clients Think?

Gypsy Rose Tattoo was awesome! I loved my tattoo!!! The workmanship and attention to detail was exactly what I hoped I would find from a studio. The staff were all so friendly and they went out of their way to get me in to see an artist on such short notice. I would highly recommend them. (Google Reviews)

The staff is extremely helpful and kind. The artists always make sure you are comfortable and do what they can to amuse you at the same time! By far my favorite tattoo shop in Calgary. (Google Reviews)

11- Human Kanvas

Website: http://humankanvas.com/

Phone: +1 403 291 4295

Address: 2555 32 St NE Unit 323, Calgary, AB T1Y 7J6, Canada


  • Executive Tattoo Designing
  • Competent Piercing Services
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Human Kanvas has only one mission; to foster their clients with what they seek. The polished artists are always ready to give thoughtful advice with their high-tier services. From booking a consulting appointment to getting a tattoo, this place is never going to let you down. You’ll never fall out of love with this exquisite tattoo shop after your very first visit.


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Human Kanvas also delivers piercing services that are always a bonus. Piercing has become a trendy passion many people find mesmerizing. It brings forth an individual identity to a person and always looks quirky. By far, we’ve covered some of the top-notch tattoo shops of Calgary in today’s times and Human Kansas deserves a place in it.

What Client Think?

My tattoo experience with Tori was incredible, very understanding and tried her best to go slow for me due to myself harm scars, everyone seemed very lively and just caring for their clients either way. Had a great time! Wouldn’t mind coming back here for future tattoos. (Google Reviews)

Absolutely loved my experience. From my first consult to my first session Tori was a joy to work with! Can’t wait to get my color done. (Google Reviews)

Final Verdict:

Acquiring a tattoo is always an exciting and memorable thing to do. However, it is always hectic and troublesome to look for a tattoo studio that suits you. In that respect, we’ve compiled the 11 best tattoo shops in Calgary today so you can have an idea of what to look for. We are glad you made it to the end so here is some advice from us. Always consult and talk to a well-known artist to establish the idea of what kind of tattoo art is best for your personality. With that being said, good luck with your next astounding tattoo choice.

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