Here are the facts find from the Canadian Civil Survey.

Canadians: A Superior Sense of Life’s Direction

In view of the emerging complicated difficulties in the world, one can say that life is a hard place. But it is no denying the fact that despite some tough problems, overall Canada is a nicer place. it is perhaps because of its niceness that Canadians generally have a higher sense of well-being and a proper sense of life direction.

How do we come to know about it?

These are the facts we find from the Canadian Civil Survey.

These facts have been revealed in the data was collected from October to December 2021 poll by Statistics Canada shows that almost 6 persons out of 10 Canadians are wisely conscious about their careers and have a strong sense of meaning and purpose in life.

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Specifically, 59 percent population ranging from the age of fifteen or older reported that they feel confident and happy to know that what they are doing is quite right and perfect.

Women, if compared with men have a higher sense of purpose and meaning in life. The share of women is 61 percent while the men rank at 57 percent.

With the use of a scale of ‘0 to 10’ where zero means nothing at all while ten means completely and perfectly, to what extent do you feel that whatever you are doing is right and will produce worthwhile results? The questions go in this way.

Statistics Canada noted that a sense of purpose of meaning almost goes hand-by-hand and similarly it makes an impact on happiness and peace of mind.

For illustrations, there is a strong case in point. More than eight out of ten respondents who showed high life satisfaction and inner satisfaction were those who had a strong sense of purpose and meaning in life.

“In Canada and all across the world, it is an acknowledged fact that meaning and purpose of life and high inner satisfaction are the important factors for the well-being of a man,” Statistics Canada Stated.

There is some difference between the people of the rural and urban areas concerning the direction of life, rural people (69 percent) strongly feel happiness in what they are doing while 58 percent people urban people feel so.

There are certainly interesting points in the report too.

For example, the people of Quebec had 67 percent and the largest proportion among those people was satisfactorily doing their job.

After Quebec was Atlantic (61 percent), Ontario (58 percent), the Prairies (56 percent), and British Columbia (53 percent).

Those who are in a couple have a higher share of strong sense of purpose and meaning in life. They had (64 percent) of the share in terms of strong dedication and commitment to their purpose in life.

A couple means either living a married life or living together by common law.

This result will offer highly useful results as a baseline for assessing Canadian’s sense of meaning and life in the future.

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