Accommodating Diversified Races In Films And TV

Representation Of All Neglected Communities

A vision to diversify Canadian films and TV is likely to be materialized at the ‘help Wanted’ stage.

Earlier this month, Canada’s Black Screen Office issued a detailed report titled Being seen: Directives for Creating Authentic and Inclusive Content. The report consisting of a 51-page study, reveals how the Canadian’s film, television, and digital media sectors have failed to provide an inclusive platform for the presentation of Black, people of color, 2SLGBTQQIA, and people from disabled communities, report urged to create an authentically inclusive setup with the equal representations of all the people concerning their lifestyle, culture, traditions, sexual orientations, racial history, and ethnic background. This representation should be entirely devoid of stereotypes and tokenism.

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The report focused on the creative factors which have a huge impact on the film industry which include broadcasters, production companies, writers, and directors- the Black Screen Office noted, to ensure a permanent change in the landscape in the films is not possible without structural changes “throughout the system”.

It requires diverse creators for diverse stories at the top staff members like editors, writers, art directors, line producers, hair makeup stylists, and production assistants. This will bring into mainstream movies new colourfully inclusive changes in the TV and Film industries.

“Since the very beginning, there is consistent demand from our partners regarding the inclusion of Canadian Crew keeping in view a lot of shows and movies in the major Canadian markets,” said Tilane Jones, president of ARRAY, in an interview. There have been huge financial investments in it to keep it operational; there is a really genuine demand to have diverse crews.

There are efforts underway on the part of higher concerned authorities to promote diverse and inclusive contents and landscape with support from more than 20 major Canadian media organizations which include Bell Media, CBC/Radio-Canada, Corus Entertainment, and Rogers Sports and Media. The ultimate objective is to produce inclusive films.

“I feel we are likely to fulfill that landscape-we have successfully reached out to those organizations in partnership. We prioritize to contribute to what they are already doing,” says Jones. “Our goal is to promote diversity.”

We want the people to take time on a priority basis to find out the biases: look around the team and through a critical lens find out who is missing from your team. Says Nichani Toronto based editor. The work we are doing right now is entirely anti-racist, if you remained really committed to executing this grand vision, you will surely see huge differences on our screens.

“If we continued our struggle consistently with this vision, within next ten years, our struggle will become a success story that how we succeeded to materialize our dream into a beautiful living reality. The crew from the different and diverse ethnic and racial backgrounds will work in harmony,” she says.

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