Apple building a foldable iPhone, Release Date in Canada

TheElec came with the news that Apple may be building a foldable iPhone with a polarizer.

The panels become thinner which means they will be suitable for foldable devices.

Polarizer allows the light to pass through in a certain direction.

Though polarizer improves the viability of the display, it also has negative impacts on the brightness of the panel.

With the removal of the polarizer, the panel will be even thinner.

Cupertino-based giant plans to build its own foldable iPhone model.

OLED panel without a polarizer was for the first time made by Samsung’s display division.

Apple has high likelihood of building its own iPhone model.

These are all rumors and speculations at this stage with no practical visibility.

Given the history of Apple, it likes to keep secrets about its policies.

Analysts predict and expect the company to launch its own foldable device by 2025.

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