Apple decides to choose a standalone AR/VR instead of a more powerfully tethered design.

Apple chooses Standalone AR/VR

A new report full of details about the unannounced product’s turbulent development seems like Apple’s worst-kept secret.

One of the most prominent parts of the story is about the likelihood of Apple going with a standalone headset.

It is still a rumour as no such final decision by Apple about moving forward with a more powerful VR headset that would be paired with a base station or a standalone one.

According to the information Mike Rockwell who is Apple’s AR/VR leader prefers the version with the base station which includes a processor that eventually shipped as the M1 Ultra while an Apple executive chooses to go with the standalone product.

The report also gives detail about the Jony Ive who despite having officially departed from Apple continues to have consultations on the design of the project.

The headset will be probably under the public reveal as Apple reportedly showed the headset to the board of directors last week.

The public will have to wait a while because it may not be announced until later this year and in the like way, possibly, it will be available in the store by 2023.

According to information, Apple is developing a pair of AR eyeglasses that look like Ray-Ban wayfarer glasses but that are still many years away from release.

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