Austin Matthews Paid a Farewell to His Trademark Moustache and Left His Fans Flabbergast

Austin Matthews shared a glimpse of his new look with fans and left them dumbfounded by one of the celebrated players.

Austin Matthews shared a glimpse of his new look with fans and left them dumbfounded by one of the celebrated players. Being an active member of Movember, he shared a post on 28th October in which he affirmed that he would cut off his iconic moustache if he managed to amass 134K dollars by the end of November. He transcended the target on 20th November 2021. 

Austin Matthews


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After surpassing the target, he posted a video that the officials shared on the Twitter account of Movember Canada in which he was showing gratitude to his fans for their donations and unprecedented support. 

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Movember has been raising funds for male cancer patients for years now and is actively having a part in raising awareness among people about prostate cancer, testicular cancer, and suicide in males. Leaf player had made the aforementioned promise in the previous year, but he couldn’t reach his goal in 2020, giving his fans more time to see his iconic moustache. 

After accomplishing his target, he came forward to call the hair connoisseur and said goodbye to the moustache. As soon as he shared his new look with the fans, he received a mixed response.

Fan Response:

Some of his followers called him ethereal, and others felt a bit down in the dumps seeing the moustache free face of their favorite player. Earlier this year, he claimed that his mother adores his moustache.

In a post, he inscribed that his mother was astounded after heeding the news. One of his coaches said that he wasn’t even able to recognize him as he looked like he had reversed the cosmic laws of nature and has managed to go back to the time when he was young and vivacious

Here are some of the responses of his fans and mates. One of the keyboard warriors wrote “he looks like a hockey player now instead of a guy selling ad space on park benches”.

The other guy went on to say, ‘ Love that he kept his Stache for so long because his mom liked it but loved his baby face.’ Official account of Sportsnet tweeted, ‘ And just like that, mo is gone. AM34 shaved his Stache after raising more than $134K for Movember. 

He stated that he needs time to get used to his new look. Furthermore, he claimed that he pleaded for funds previously but didn’t get to meet the target, so his moustache spent one more year with him. 

An aphorism nothing lasts forever in life collided with his moustache. Even a moustache couldn’t last forever. Who may know when the end is coming? The moment a person leaves this world is the best time for him to leave. So, it was the best time for the death of his moustache. Wishing him luck for Stanley Cup.

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