5 Best Arabic Food Restaurants in Calgary

Best Arabic Food Restaurants in Calgary: Let your taste buds be satiated with some mouthwatering Arabic cuisine at these best Arabic food restaurants in Calgary.

From the Middle East to Morocco and the Arabian Gulf, Arab foods encompass cooking styles from the entire Arab world. This cuisine blends the flavours of the Mediterranean, India, and the Middle East. This cuisine also shares many similarities with southern European cuisines due to its geographical proximity. Arabian cuisine can be described as wholesome in that it includes a little bit of every food group. As a result of the rich spices and delectable ingredients used, it is also very fragrant and pleasing to the senses. It is a delicacy ideal for food lovers everywhere.

As crucial to understanding the culture of a region as its architecture, national dress, traditions, and more is its cuisine. Therefore, experiencing Arab cuisine while in the Middle East is a must. Many types of food are available to please everyone’s palette, including so many different, delicious options. There is also the possibility of ordering as many of these and sampling a bit of everything since these are typically shared dishes.

It is one of the healthiest cuisines because it combines lean proteins, healthy fats, fresh vegetables, and grains almost in every dish. This cuisine stands out from European cuisines because of its rich blend of spices, seeds, and herbs (notably za’atar and cumin). Mesze, bread dips, stuffing, and side dishes like falafel, hummus, tabouleh, labneh, and baba ghanoush are made with olive oil, za’atar, and garlic are popular. For delicious Arabic dishes, check out these five best Arabic food restaurants in Calgary.

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1- Jerusalem Shawarma – 16 AVE:

Website: jerusalemshawarma.ca/

Phone: +1 403 291 0040

Menu: http://jerusalemshawarma.ca/our-menu/

Address: 301 16 Ave NW, Calgary, AB T2M 0H9

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In the middle of the last century, their grandfather began this restaurant business in a Palestinian village. He developed unique recipes using his great passion for food and its variety to ensure customer satisfaction. In their grandfather’s restaurant, the village residents had access to fresh ethnic foods like hummus, falafel, beef and chicken shawarma. Jerusalem Shawarma & Bakery grew out of the grandfather’s extensive knowledge of Palestinian cuisine. All their customers can enjoy the exceptional taste of their grandfather’s recipes, handed down from generation to generation. The restaurant is located at 301 16th Avenue NW, Calgary. They are ready to serve you for take-out or catering, serving you great food and a warm welcome.

Whether you’re planning a business meeting in Calgary, a conference, an annual meeting, or a stampede breakfast, they recommend downloading their menu to view their special business catering services and food options. Their freshly prepared Mediterranean cuisine will surely delight your guests and employees. They were able to grow their business by expanding to various city areas because people love their food. There are currently 4 locations in northwest and southeast Calgary. As they continue to grow and develop, more sites will be opened. Food catering service is usually required in Calgary when the local community organizes a gathering or group activity. Jerusalem Shawarma understands that all their guests have special dietary requirements and have put together a special menu with a delivery service to meet those needs and satisfy their hunger.

What do Clients Think?

“Amazing food, fresh and very filling. They give you so much food when you order, it almost doesn’t fit in the plate! But the best thing about this place is the friendly service, the workers are super nice and go above and beyond. Highly recommend!” (Google reviews)

“I love shawarma but this place tops them all. The beef platter was so good that we came back after a few days and tried the falafel and lamb kebabs. Well done :)” (Tripadvisor)

2- Cedars Deli:

Website: cedarsdeli.com/

Phone: +1 403 233 2771

Menu: cedarsdeli.com/menu.

Address: 3103 Edmonton Trail, Calgary, AB T2E 3N7

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With a rich history dating back to 1985, Cedars Deli forms part of Calgary’s cultural landscape. A warm welcome awaits anyone who walks through Cedars Deli’s doors, as they firmly believe that family values and healthy eating go hand in hand. Cedars Deli brings healthy Mediterranean cuisine to Calgary, Alberta, often duplicated but never duplicated. In addition to their multiple locations, they are excited about further expanding their services throughout the city.

Cedars Deli stands out from the others with ten different sauces and ten different vegetables that can be paired with chicken, beef, and falafel sandwiches or plates. A distinctive flavour is given by the food imported from the Mediterranean. As long as the doors stay open, they will provide mouthwatering, healthy food to those in need of quick, satisfying meals. Cedars Deli delivers a selection of fresh, nutritious, and delicious foods to help you stay fit and well-nourished. Their menu includes a wide variety of salads, shawarmas, donairs, falafels, and other Mediterranean favourites. You should feel good about your food choices because that’s what they aim for. Similarities can be found between the Mediterranean diet and “Clean Eating.” A healthy lifestyle focuses on eating whole foods and using healthy fats to achieve a balanced diet. Healthful fats assist the digestive system.

What do Clients Think?

“Best shawarma 🇱🇧 wallah. Very friendly service and the owner knows my brother as he always go there. Love everything ♥️🥹” (Google reviews)

“I don’t bother to give reviews, but this restaurant deserves all the praise. The food is Amazing, the service is top notch and can’t get enough. If you haven’t tried this place, you are missing out.” (Tripadvisor)

3- Pita Basket Sunridge:

Website: pitabasket.ca/

Phone: +1 403 219 2747

Menu: pitabasket.ca/our-menu

Address: 3221 Sunridge Way NE #140, Calgary, AB T1Y 7M4

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The Pita Basket is a family-owned Lebanese restaurant founded in 2004. Calgary and Airdrie can enjoy the best traditional Lebanese cuisine at four locations. Many dishes offered are shwarma, donair, hummus, tabouli, fatoush, kibi, kabobs, baklava, and more. The restaurant can also cater to any party you are having. Located in Calgary and Airdrie, their authentic Lebanese restaurants offer you an experience that is similar to that you would experience while in Lebanon. Their restaurants will serve you only the healthiest of foods prepared with the highest quality ingredients. They use local and Halal-certified meat as part of their menu. Their sauces and dressings, made daily by hand, don’t contain any preservatives. They marinate their meats to perfection for a delicious authentic Lebanese taste.

Lebanese cuisine almost always includes pita bread with each meal. Its thin texture lets you savour every dish it is served with. Fresh dough is made in-house every day. The brick oven in their restaurant enables them to serve hot, fresh pita bread with any meal. There is also a popular breakfast item called manakeesh, which contains herbs, meat, cheese, etc. Among the core values of Lebanese culture are generosity, family bonds, and sharing meals. In the Middle East and across the globe, Lebanon’s food is among the most popular and healthiest.

Fresh ingredients, herbs, and spices are the main ingredients in Lebanese cuisine. Olive oil, lemon, garlic, and mint are among the most popular seasonings, allspice, parsley, cilantro, and cinnamon. The restaurant’s signature dessert is Halawet el Jibn, also known as a sweet cheese pastry filled with cream. Sweets are a highlight in their restaurant. Orange blossom, rose water, and crunchy pistachio nuts with Lebanese syrup provide exotic flavours.

What do Clients Think?

“Their falafel wrap is honestly one of my favourite things on their menu, and I got to share it with one of my favourite people over the weekend. Needless to say, it was a hit! Also, they were fabulous about accommodating vegan preferences, which means we can continue enjoying what’s now OUR fave!” (Google reviews)

“They have a wide number of offerings. I have heard the platters are awesome from a friend. I have had the donairs several times. They are great. Very filling. Different size options for different appetites.” (Tripadvisor)

4- Shawarma Knight:

Website: shawarmaknight.ca/

Phone: +1 403 244 3999

Menu: shawarmaknight.ca/menu

Address: 1512 14 St SW, Calgary, AB T3C 1C9

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In the heart of Calgary, AB, there is a family-owned and operated business, Shawarma Knight, that caters to the Mediterranean culture. The company has served customers since it was established in 2007. Throughout the years, they have won numerous food awards and recognitions, mainly because of their customer base’s support and because they are committed to serving their clients with fresh quality food and excellent customer service. It has been their pleasure to support their local community when they have faced hardship, and they plan to continue doing so in the years to come.

With their authentic middle eastern cuisine, they have worked hard to bring an authentic taste to Calgary. They serve 100% halal food that comes from locally sourced ingredients. Their menu is also filled with many vegetarian and vegan options. Whether it is late nights, Saturdays or Fridays (Until 4:00 AM), they are ready to continue to provide quality, fresh food at all times. Their team at Shawarma Knight is eager to serve you! There is an extensive menu available for catering. It goes beyond what is available on the Shawarma Knight website. They will be in touch with you to discuss options that meet your needs once they receive your contact details. Shawarma Knight is delighted to be part of your next event and appreciates your decision.

What do Clients Think?

“BEST SHAWARMA! Got a medium chicken and my partner got a mixed beef and chicken. Tasty and not greasy, love the thin grilled wrap. Also got fries that were fresh and seasoned nicely. Quick and friendly service! Best Shawarma around.” (Google reviews)

“Falafel and lamb is my favourite. Chicken is unreal. I used to live in okotoks and would drive is specifically for Shwarma Knight. The last 5 years I’m rarely in this part of the city but if I am. I’m bringing home for supper.” (Tripadvisor)

5- Shawarma House Calgary:

Website: shawarmahousecalgary.com/

Phone: +1 403 242 9800

Menu: shawarmahousecalgary.com/menu/

Address: 555 11 Ave SW, Calgary, AB T2R 1P6

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In Downtown Calgary, the Shawarma House serves Lebanese cuisine. Shawarma House is known for its excellence, freshness, and sophistication. Fresh Mediterranean cuisine that combines passion with fresh ingredients for your lunches at the office. Shawarma House Catering adopts and promotes a Wellness Lifestyle and focuses on using healthy foods and ingredients in its menu options. Their catering service, Shawarma House, delivers top-quality food for corporate meetings and weekly lunches for Calgary’s business community. Various delicious meals are available, including sandwiches, salads, shawarma platters and appetizers.

It’s an authentic Mediterranean restaurant full of fresh ingredients paired with passion. Shawarma House caters to the tastes of those who appreciate quality, freshness, and sophistication. You can choose from a wide range of deliciously prepared meals, such as sandwiches, salads, shawarma platters, or tempting entrées with appetizers. Tabouli, hummus, and mini meat pies are among the menu options. Chicken, Beef, and Donair Salads are also available at their restaurant, so you can eat in or take them back to your office.

What do Clients Think?

“If you are looking for very quick, quality food Middle Eastern / Mediterranean in a very clean environment then look no further. Friendly father / son team have been running this place for years. Open Monday to Saturday only but other than that they are excellent.” (Google reviews)

“This is a really good place to get shawarma or donair. Run by a family, they are a joy to deal with. Food always fresh and very tasty regardless of what you get. Highly recommended!” (Tripadvisor)

Final Verdict:

The preparation of some Arab food dishes can be quite simple, while others require quite a bit of time – one of the aspects of the cuisine that reflects Arabs’ great concern for their guests. The Arabic foods will certainly set your mouth watering as well-balanced, colourful, savoury, and delightful as the Arabic foods are; they will undoubtedly put your mouth watering! Tafathalo! Let your taste buds be satiated with some mouthwatering Arabic cuisine at these Arabic food restaurants.

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