Top 8 Best Car Detailing Companies in Edmonton

Best Car Detailing Companies in Edmonton: Maintaining a vehicle in its best possible condition, particularly cosmetically rather than mechanically, is an integral part of auto detailing. A vehicle’s interior and exterior are cleaned of visible and invisible contaminants, and the exterior is polished to restore its original blemish-free appearance. It’s more detailed and comprehensive than a standard car wash. A car detail includes more than just cleaning. It also involves reconditioning and sometimes cosmetic work.

Are you looking for a nice buff for your car? A car detailing service in Edmonton helps you clean up the interior of your ride and make it look as good as new. Finding the best car detailing services in Edmonton was challenging, but we’ve seen these picks that will make your car look amazing!

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1- JR’S Auto Detailing:


Phone: +17804518707

Address: 15107 117 Ave NW, Edmonton, AB T5M 3V7, Canada

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A premier auto detailing shop in Edmonton, JR’s Auto Detailing is the best in the business. Their car care products are only made with professional tools and industry-leading technology. With more than 20 years of experience serving the Edmonton community, JR’s offers the best service around. You can expect top-notch service from their shop’s highly trained employees and top-of-the-line equipment. They pride themselves on their excellent customer service. Whether you just purchased your new vehicle or you’re looking to protect it, you’ve come to the right place.

Keeping your car protected from Rock chips, Rust, and Corrosion, as well as preventing Oxidization, Fading & Blemishes, is their pride at JR’s. They provide honest, friendly, and professional Detailing and Protection services that will keep your car in its original showroom condition for a long time at JR’s Auto Detailing & Protection in Edmonton. All of their personnel are highly qualified, experienced, and knowledgeable. Their company invests continuously in the training of its employees.

They can handle all your needs as a one-stop auto detailing and auto protection shop. As part of their wide range of services, they offer exterior and interior hand washing, paint correction, and paint protection, installation of LLUMAR paint protection film to protect your paint, and professional ceramic nano-coating to protect your vehicle. All your needs can be met at once! As a team, they have a sharp eye for detail, treat every job like it’s their own, and seek to produce consistent results on every job. Customer satisfaction is our top priority.

Additionally, they have the best after-sales service in Edmonton for auto protection, making them #1 in the business. This service guarantee is only possible because of the high standards, professional training, and tools they have on hand, and the best car care products available. Whenever they fail, they take full responsibility, and regardless of the reason, they will resolve any issue until the client is delighted.

What do clients think?

Really happy with the work done for full front paint protection film and rust proofing. Rust proofing is harder to assess by nature of the work and time will tell. The film however I looked over was done really well and practically invisible. Bonus is the garage still smells really nice from the car wash that was done.

Originally I was booked to do less film coverage but the day of the appointment, they were able to accommodate doing more coverage. Considering the last minute change, I was still able to pick up the car at the end of the day. After saving a bit more, I plan to be back in the future to do ceramic coating. Edit: I want to add that I did get quotes from a few other businesses and JR is very competitive in their pricing.(Google reviews)

I bought a new 2022 subaru wrx and took my car to jr’s for a full front 3m ppf film and gold ceramic coat package. The quote was more than reasonable and more than half off of what my dealer was quoting me. JR did an amazing job, and it was done quickly.

Would definitely recommend him to anyone who wants quality work done for a fair price. I should add that JR took the time to explain what he was going to do and gave me some pointers for when I detail my car. Very honest person to deal with.(Google reviews)

2- Infinity Auto Spa & Detailing:


Phone: +15875205563

Address: 15626 112 Ave NW, Edmonton, AB T5M 2W1, Canada

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Car detailing companies can take a lot of work to choose from for most busy people. Your vehicle should be in the hands of a company you can trust that has been in business for over eight years. For all your detailing needs, they offer a variety of packages at Infinity Auto Spa & Detailing in Edmonton.

They take care of them all, whether it’s delicate sports cars, SUVs, trucks, vans, travel trailers, boats, RVs, semi-trucks, or buses. Their professional team ensures every service is delivered with the highest standard of care. As Edmonton’s premier auto detailing shop, they are committed to providing the best customer service. As a customer, you can take pleasure in knowing that your vehicle will be treated with the highest customer service and quality care.

By offering a variety of packages, Infinity Auto Spa & Detailing delivers show-quality cleanliness and polish inside and out. They can handle all types of vehicles. Aside from decal or sticker removal, they also offer services for removing smoke, odor, and pet hair. You can learn more about their services by visiting their website. Infinity Auto Spa is committed to providing 100% customer satisfaction and pledges to put you first. Their Edmonton location is committed to providing top-quality service and is always ready to prepare your car for the best possible detailing experience!

What do clients think?

Fantastic customer service and attention to detail! Eddie is genuine, upfront and professional – a rare find. He truly cares about his customers and it shows! Eddie and Vince did our car headlights (terribly yellowed and cloudy) and did a great job at a phenomenal price. I would definitely recommend him to all my friends!(Google reviews)

Thank you Eddie!! So grateful we found you and Infinity Auto Spa. The results were more than exceptional, and your customer service was amazing. You can definitely expect more work from us, and from all the referrals we’ll be sending your way 😉(Google reviews)

3- Champs Detailing:


Phone: +17808037173

Address: 16706 110 Ave NW, Edmonton, AB T5P 1G9, Canada

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As a customer-focused business, Champs Detailing provides consistent, high-quality results at a fair and affordable price for every customer. Miles’ passion for automobiles and their proper maintenance led him to start the company. So he started his auto detailing business at a young age and called it Champs Detailing. The Champs Car Detailing Edmonton experts have the best interior and exterior car detail services.

You can count on them to deliver high-quality showroom results. Their business aims to get every car looking like it did the day it was first driven off the lot. The goal is to return your vehicle to its original beauty and lustre. You won’t find them at your typical car detailing shop; you want to run a quick interior and exterior wash.

Champs Detailing offers customers fabulous showroom-quality results using top-of-the-line bio-friendly products and state-of-the-art tools. Moreover, they use advanced cleaning and disinfection methods to remove dirt, dust, and pathogens from vehicles. The company is family-run and has efficient processes, allowing it to offer its customers the best services in Edmonton at great prices.

Besides professional interior car detailing, Champs Detailing provides exterior hand wash and waxing services. They offer engine detailing, undercarriage washing, paint correction polishing, and ozone treatments. Each of their car detailing packages is tailored to meet the needs and budgets of their customers. Every vehicle is transformed into an immaculately clean and protected vehicle when they perform their services.

What do clients think?

Couldn’t be happier. The whole process is just fantastic and car looks cleaner than when we actually purchased it. I highly recommend Champs for all your needs whether its detailing, window tinting, paint protection, film or ceramic coating they are your people for it.(Google reviews)

Myles and the team at Champs did a phenomenal job on my boat. Not only was the end product great, but they were on time and very professional. I went with the 2 step exterior restoration with full interior detail, and I was very happy with the end result. Amazing job, thanks Champs! I will definitely be back (Google reviews)

4- First Detailing Studio:


Phone: +17805400111

Address: 15313 112 Ave NW, Edmonton, AB T5M 2N9, Canada

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Providing auto detailing services in Edmonton and the surrounding areas, First Detailing Studio is a full-service car wash and detailing studio. As professional surface protection installers, they know exactly what is required to keep a car’s paint protected from everyday road damage. Providing a basic hand car wash, interior cleaning, Ceramic Pro permanent paint protection, and XPEL paint protection film installation, First Detailing Studio is committed to high-quality service.

They use high-performance car vinyl wraps to redesign your vehicle thoroughly. You can expect them to exceed your expectations and provide you with a memorable experience regarding car detailing. Their staff is continually trained, and professional tools and products are continuously upgraded. They know the latest technologies as a professional auto detailing and surface protection company. They are certified by Ceramic Pro Canada and XPEL Canada at First Detailing Studio.

The best car detailing near you is available at First Detailing Studio for Edmonton residents. As a professional detailing and paint protection company in Edmonton, they continually invest in professional equipment, products, and staff training! With only premium products and the best services, their primary goal is to provide 100% customer satisfaction. Furthermore, First Detailing offers other necessary car detailing services, including ceramic coating application, 3M & XPEL paint protection film installation, window tinting, and paint correction. Call them when you don’t have time to go to their studio, and they’ll come to you.

What do clients think?

Brought my new Challenger Hellcat into First Auto for a full ceramic and paint protection film application. Spoke with Valentin who helped me decide the best protection plan to go with; the end results exceeded what I was expecting. Absolutely amazing, absolutely worth the investment from a top detail team in an absolutely spotless facility. Wife is going there next month to get her new Wrangler PPF and ceramic coated also. First Auto will certainly get my business again in the future, we’ll done!(Google reviews)

Have been looking for a place to install a tint on my car windows. By the price I can tell they’re the best, but later when I came to the shop holy … It’s above what I expected to see, so nice and clean and nice cars around and the staff is welcome. Thanks to pavel for assistance, thanks Alex for getting me an appointment even when you guys had no time for. Best place I’ve ever been at focusing on car detailing/wrapping/tinting. Thank you ! Will come back for vinyl decals. (Google reviews)

5- Presidential Auto Detailing:


Phone: +15878828561

Address: 9832 47 Ave NW #1, Edmonton, AB T6E 5P3, Canada

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Presidential Auto Detailing offers top-quality detailing services for your vehicle, ensuring it gets the best possible treatment. Due to their excellent service, they are considered among the best car detailing companies in Edmonton. Their quality-first approach is committed to serving Edmonton and its surrounding areas at a great value. They offer a wide variety of services, including ceramic coating, paint protection film, paint correction, interior detailing, and more.

They have a lot of great examples of their work on social media. Licensed and insured, they are ready to serve you. They offer complete car care services, including interior & exterior detailing, paint correction, swirl & scratch removal, ceramic coatings, XPEL ultimate paint protection film, rust proofing, and undercoating.

Providing you with the best service is their priority! Your car will feel and look as good as new after one of their comprehensive service packages. They offer a range of internal detailing packages, including basic and comprehensive services. The exterior of a vehicle is painted with a ceramic coating (such as Gtechniq & Ceramic Pro). A silicon dioxide layer forms a chemical bond between the coating and the vehicle’s factory paint, providing protection. Ceramic coatings are not substitutes for paint protection films; they’re excellent substitutes for wax. Your car will feel fresh and look brand new once you have chosen one of their comprehensive detailing packages.

What do clients think?

Of the three places I was considering to use to bring life back to my car’s black paint Presidential Auto gave me the most up front and honest answer – and I respect that. Gave these guys a try and was blown away by the quality of work! When they were finished I could see my car from the end of the parking lot glistening and shining like it did when it left the factory. I was literally speechless. The car looks absolutely SPECTACULAR! I love it and will definitely be back with the other ones. Thanks guys!(Google reviews)

Travis killed it! Amazing attention to detail, effort, and genuine passion for what he does. Breathed new life into my 1986 Honda Shadow. Can’t recommend this service enough. Love what they did. Travis knocked it out of the park!(Google reviews)

6- Showtime Auto Detailing West Edmonton:


Phone: +17804558444

Address: 11351 174 St NW, Edmonton, AB T5S 1B7, Canada

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As a family-owned and operated company, Showtime Auto Detailing pride itself on quality control, customer satisfaction, and value for money. Count on them to meet all your vehicle’s detail needs in one place. For your satisfaction, they simplify and remove the unknown from Showtime Detailing. By providing different quality levels and types of auto detailing services, they have aimed to break the boundaries of the industry.

With their detailed finishing services, drivers and car enthusiasts can give their automobiles a beautiful finish that will last. It’s important to them that cars work well, and they’re interested in what works best. They provide high-quality detailing and cleaning solutions through their team of expert technicians.

They at Showtime Detailing provide the best SunTek paint protection film in Edmonton, AB. Drive Alberta’s roads with complete confidence by protecting your paint. Clear SunTek Paint Protection Film offers near-invisible protection with a high-gloss finish that helps block out all the major enemies of pristine paint: rocks, salt, insects, and road debris.

Every client in Edmonton can count on them for top-quality services and the best customer service. As part of their automotive enhancement services, they offer their clients headlight restoration, tinting, wraps, and more. All their services and cleaning levels can be provided on any day or at any time.

Their staff is trained to the highest standards to ensure their customers and patients receive a quality-focused service. Edmonton residents and the surrounding region, are continually investing in professional instruments, goods, and personnel training. They work based on the best industry norms, factory training, and 100 percent customer satisfaction. You will receive services of premium quality, outstanding results, and the Best detailing in Edmonton from them.

What do clients think?

Best detailing in Edmonton!! Got my car wrapped (highway package) and tints for reasonable prices. They took really good care of baby and it turned out amazing! Thank you showtime, you guys are amazing at what you do.(Google reviews)

These guys know what they are doing. I am very particular with my vehicles and the work done at Showtime is perfect. The polishing has a mirror finish and the 3M job fits perfectly. I will definitely take my other vehicles to Showtime. Thanks for making my Lexus look better than new!! (Google reviews)

7- Nova Auto Detailing Edmonton:


Phone: +17802573784

Address: 10351 59 Ave NW, Edmonton, AB T6H 1E7, Canada

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Whether you would like a representative from Nova Auto Detailing to come to your driveway or they can visit you at their shop location, they are committed to providing quality service and customer satisfaction at a great value. Providing customers with the most convenient vehicle detailing experience is their top priority. You can have your service completed in their shop or your driveway because they provide quality service and customer satisfaction at an affordable price.

As part of their commitment to providing specialized service to their customers, their staff takes pride in their work. Their skills, expertise, and experience were gained at multiple dealerships in the area, so they decided to start their own business. As they have advanced, they have recognized the flaws in old detailing methods like punctuality, customer service, and communication.

As an automotive detailing service provider, they aim to provide their clients with the most convenient experience. Paint correction, as defined by Nova Auto Detailing, involves restoring and rejuvenating the paintwork of a vehicle by removing surface imperfections, which dull, oxidize, or haze the surface by reflecting light off in a variety of directions, resulting in a lack of a true, sharp, clean reflection.

In addition to swirl marks & fine scratches, bird dropping etching & acid rain etching, hologramming & buffer trails, and random isolated deep scratches, these imperfections can also be found on the surface of the glass. To protect the vehicle’s factory paint, the coating chemically bonds to it. As a premium wax alternative, it offers the best paint protection available. With ceramic coating, your vehicle’s paint is permanently bonded to it, meaning it won’t wash away, break down, or need to be reapplied repeatedly.

What do clients think?

Nova Auto Detail is a fantastic business for all your automotive detailing needs. Landon is honest, trustworthy and his workmanship is excellent. The pricing is very fair and reasonable. Landon’s work on my 2022 Mazda 3 Turbo was top shelf! I highly recommend Nova Auto Detail AAA+++ 💪👊 (Google reviews)

Landon is a pleasure to deal with and runs a fabulous detailing service business. His workmanship is second to none & his work ethic is impeccable. The polishing and PPF work on my Mazda 3 was outstanding including all the interior PPF as well.

I would highly recommend his services to anyone looking for that high quality result that can only be achieved in a small shop where the business owner is actually doing all the work! These are the small businesses that people should be supporting! 👏 👏 Cheers Landon, thank- you for your diligence and hard work!! 🙏 (Google reviews)

8- Kandyshop Auto Spa:

Phone: +17807820192

Address: 8005 Wagner Rd NW, Edmonton, AB T6E 4N6, Canada

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Kandyshop Auto Spa offers an exceptional auto detailing experience, and much more, based in Edmonton, Alberta. Their Auto Detailing services include Xpel Window Tinting, Ceramic Coating, Vinyl Wrapping, Paint Correction & Polishing, as well as Xpel Paint Protection Film. They take pride in providing quality service, customer satisfaction, and ensuring the best possible results for your car.

You can find them at 8005 Wagner Road NW, where they are delighted to offer you their Ultimate Car Care Experience! Providing exceptional auto detailing experiences & so much more is what Kandyshop auto-care company is all about. They provide a full range of interior and exterior detailing services that will make your car look new and protect it from everyday elements like snow, rain, and stains!

They provide professional auto detailing services, window tinting, ceramic coating, vinyl wrapping, paint correction, and 3M paint protection film. Count on them to protect and care for your Pride and Joy. Their company is committed to providing quality service, customer satisfaction, and ensuring that your car gets the best results. It would be their pleasure to take care of your vehicle here at Kandyshop Auto Spa.

Their detailing service is different from your regular backyard detailer. Due to their years of experience, they treat your car with extreme care, so your car will look flawless for years to come. They prioritize ensuring that every inch, crack, crevice, and part of the body panel is meticulously detailed. The hand-picked eco-friendly products they use are designed to clean, renew, and protect your investment.

What do clients think?

Pretty happy with the tint job for my car. Samson provided his valuable professional opinion on what type of tint to select. I now have a peace of mind that in case something goes wrong with the job in the future, It will be fixed with no questions asked. Keep up the great work guys!! (Google reviews)

Tint surgeons! The pair of them.i drove my 05 civic si from medicine hat knowing it was perfection I would drive Way with.I am thrilled and amazed at the transformation. Skilled,patient meticulous, super nice guys …(Google reviews)

Final Words:

There are many benefits to having your car professionally detailed, which makes it more than just a frivolous luxury. Aside from its many practical benefits, it’s a significant investment. Regular detailing makes it easy to maintain your vehicle’s value and protect it against the elements. You also end up with a sparkling, clean car. So that’s our list of the best car detailing companies in Edmonton. You can get your car looking like new by hiring these companies.

Can we include any services that we missed? Let us know if any updates are needed, and we will make them as soon as possible.

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