Top 8 Best Car Wash in Calgary

Performing a proper wash every once in a while is essential to maintaining your car’s appearance and preventing it from rusting and damage. Owning a vehicle requires a lot of patience and time, from regular maintenance to thorough cleaning. For those who can’t find the time to do it independently, the best car wash in Calgary will take care of it for them. There are many autos detailing shops in Calgary to help you!

When searching for the most reliable car wash shops, we considered customer ratings, affordability, and the quality of services they offer. Here, you will find our favourite car washes in Calgary, so you can finally schedule an appointment to have your vehicle cleaned.

1- Happy Bays Car Wash & Detail Centre


Phone: +14032478338

Address: 4634 16 Ave NW, Calgary, AB T3B 0M8

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The services and facilities they provide will make your car look fantastic. This award-winning car wash in Calgary features a variety of state-of-the-art cleaning equipment. The Happy Bays Car Wash and Detailing Centre is unique for a lot of reasons. The facility now offers an automatic car wash from Wash World and four self-service bays. Tap payment is also available in coin car wash bays. Their modern facility features LED lighting in each bay and heat blowers for drying cars. Besides self service and touchless car wash options, they also provide car detailing and paint protection film installation, also known as PPF Calgary services. Furthermore, they operate with high-tech, high-quality equipment and products to perform one of the best car detailing in Calgary. A convenient inner city location makes them a popular choice.


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For the best experience in car detailing and self-serve car washing, they operate and maintain their facilities to exceed customer expectations. In addition, a wide variety of car wash supplies are available. When it comes to cleaning and spiffing up your car, Happy Bays is your best choice.

2- Big Bucket Car Wash Inc.


Phone: +14032084527

Address: 98 Crowfoot Cir NW, Calgary, AB T3G 2T3

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Big Bucket Car Wash has two touchless wash bays as well as ten self-serve bays. They have four outdoor vacuums that are pretty powerful. One of these vacuums also includes a shampoo and spot remover on it.


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Easy access and a pleasant ambience at Big Bucket Car Wash Inc. make it one of the top choices for a Calgary car wash, as it thoroughly cleans your vehicle and makes it spotless.

Customer Reviews:

“The employees at Big Bucket Car Wash went out of their way to help me remove tree sap from my car! They were super friendly, professional, and connected me to the proper resources. I am grateful that they were so helpful and accommodating!” (Google reviews)


3- Bowfort Road RV, Truck & Car Wash. Off-Road Vehicles Welcome!:


Phone: +14032473597

Address: 83 Bowridge Dr NW, Calgary, AB T3B 3R6

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The Bowfort Road RV, Truck & Car Wash has been improving, implementing updated technologies and re-inventing over time to exceed the expectations of their clients. Wand Wash Calgary Bays accept credit cards, coins, tokens, fleet cards, and gift cards. To use, swipe your card and press stop.

The entrances are fitted with powerful vacuum stations. You can take all the time you need at their shampoo station because it is in a designated area. Drive up to the counter and use your credit card without having to leave your vehicle or enter the office. This is a viable option if you want to relax and let their fantastic machine take care of your vehicle for you.

Customer Reviews:

“Great touchless car wash. We have used both the automated bay and the ones where you do it yourself. Clean place, great pressure, our vehicles always look good coming out. Owner is great at keeping things moving when it gets really busy. Friendly guy and same with his employees. Thanks!!” (Google reviews)


4- Bowness Car Wash 78:

Phone: +14032861715

Address: 6540 Bowness Rd NW, Calgary, AB T3B 0E9

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The Bowness Car Wash 78 is located at 6540 Bowness Rd NW, Calgary, AB T3B 0E9. The Bowness business is excellent and reasonably priced.  It’s a fantastic place to wash your vehicle. You can wash your work truck if needed because it does not have height restrictions. There is no better car wash in Calgary than this one.


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This car wash is open 24 hours, so you do not have to worry about getting there before closing. They have recently re-done the flooring in all the bays as well, making it that much nicer to drive in and out.

Customer Reviews:

“Seen new upgrades since last time I’ve been there. Love the new addition of debit/credit makes it easier since I don’t always carry coins. Also seem to get longer wash times.” (Google reviews)


5- 10th & 10th Car Wash:

Phone: +14032442366

Address: 1104 10 Ave SW, Calgary, AB T2R 1M4

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10th & 10th Car Wash provide car washes in Calgary, Alberta. Your experience at 10th & 10th Car Wash will exceed your expectations by giving lasting results. Built in 1996, this car wash recently changed ownership, and they are working on making it a community car wash.


This local business has offered fast, reliable, and friendly service since 1996. They guarantee that your car will be returned to you looking and feeling as new as when it left. It is 10th & 10th Car Wash’s pride to give your ride a revitalized look that you will love, and they use meticulous processes to ensure this happens. The all-weather protection and shine package helps you keep your car in excellent condition year-round.

Customer Reviews:

“Great car wash in downtown! It’s very convenient and price fair. I usually take my car there out of rush hours. If it’s busy sometimes you get lightly warm water and small amount of soap, so choose the right time!”(Google reviews)

6- Crossroads Car Wash:

Phone: +14037170448

Address: Bay#1 2333 18th Ave NE, Calgary, AB T2E 8T6

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The Crossroads Car Wash has been around since 1992. The Crossroads Car Wash is located in Canada, at 2333 18th Ave NE, Bay#1, Calgary, AB T2E 8T6. There are several automotive businesses in the Crossroads Car Wash. The car wash is one of them. Is your car looking dirty? This may be the place for it.



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Being clean is not just helpful for the paint but also increases a driver’s confidence. A high-pressure cleaner may leave your car spotless after being sprayed and rinsed. Make the most of a car wash visit and enjoy a small feast!

Customer Reviews:

“Friendly staff at the Crossroads Car Wash. The facility was clean (kinda funny how a lot of other “wash” places can be so dirty). The equipment worked very well and I felt like I got what I paid for (time / $). If I lived in this area of the city I would definitely be a regular customer.” (Google reviews)

7- 14th Street Carwash:

Address: 418 14 St NW, Calgary, AB T2N 1Z7

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14th Street Car Wash is located at 418 14 St NW, Calgary, AB. Calgary’s Planning Services license this business as 14th Street Car Wash. That license was issued on January 15, 2015.


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You can get excellent service at the 14th Street car wash. The operator wipes down the controls as soon as the users finish. They also press the stop button if the customer forgets. Your car won’t scratch because they keep their chemicals stocked and use oxtail brushes. Also, they are very tidy and offer good value for the money.

Customer Reviews:

“One of the better washes.  The father and son who run it are very attentitive and always there to help you find the quickest entry.  They keep their chemicals stocked up and use ox tail for the brushes so your car doesn’t scratch.  Also very tidy and good value for your dollar fluid wise.” (Google reviews)


8- Sudsy’s Car Wash:


Phone: +14035473476

Address: 217 Hawksbrow Dr NW #24, Calgary, AB T3G 3K2

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With a clean, bright, and spacious DIY carwash in Calgary, AB, Sudsy’s U-Wash & Detail can reduce your waiting time and provide you with more personalized service. Offering high-quality products and reliable equipment is of utmost importance to them.


You’ll be surprised to discover that their shop provides more than just soap and a hose when you choose a bay. They provide ample space for you to wash your car from any angle. It goes beyond expectations with its DIY Car Wash’s ten wash cycles. Furthermore, they offer equipment and facilities for Calgary car detailing the interior and the external body and underbody.

Customer Reviews:

“Always a good experience at this car wash. The staff are very friendly and it’s pretty affordable as the starting rate is a little bit cheaper and their minute rate is also a little bit more affordable than other places. There’s usually also not that big of a lineup during hot summer days” (Google reviews)

Final Verdict:

When you want to preserve the details and longevity of the paint on your car, it is crucial to take it to a full service car wash. This way, you can leave it in the hands of the pros. Despite this, coin car washes are extremely popular in Calgary because you can pamper your car at your convenience at an affordable price. Hopefully, our list has helped you determine which car wash will most effectively take care of your car. In case you don’t want a hand car wash, we have a list of the best auto detailing in Calgary. You’re certainly spoiled for choice with such a wide range of services to choose from!

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