Top 10 Best Chiropractors in Calgary [2023]

Do you still experience back pain after stretching exercises and medication? A Calgary chiropractor can then help you to alleviate these aches. Spinal manipulation or adjustment can improve the spinal range of motion. Spinal manipulation is their primary focus.

Find out about the top 10 best chiropractors in Calgary and learn about standard chiropractic procedures. Let’s look at what services these chiropractic clinics offer

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#1- Oakridge Chiropractic:


Phone: +1 403-281-2333

Address: 2580 Southland Dr SW # 50, Calgary, AB T2V 4J8, Canada

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Oakridge Chiropractic offers a variety of service options to keep your body functioning at its optimal level. As part of Oakridge Chiropractic’s multi-disciplinary approach to helping you, they have an experienced team of massage therapists who provide many types of massage treatments to their patients.

Acupuncture is one of the TCM therapies Dr. Sandra Sourang uses at Oakridge Chiropractic to benefit patients under her care. This is, of course, the feet, in addition to practicing chiropractic adjustments.

Customer Reviews:

“Dr. Collin Watson is an experienced and talented chiropractor. I was impressed with his ability to pinpoint, diagnose, and target my problem. He makes you feel at ease, and his knowledge and training make him an asset to his profession. Highly recommended!” (Google reviews)

The woman at the front desk was great at answering my questions when I was trying to decide if Oakridge Chiropractic was for me. Dr. Barlot is friendly and has a very gentle and calming demeanor. He explains everything to me as we’re going through the appointment so I feel comfortable with the adjustments. I really liked my previous chiropractor but was needing  somewhere more convenient and closer to home. I am happy with this choice. (Google reviews)

#2- Centre for Chiropractic and Sports Rehabilitation:


Phone: +1 403-282-8989

Address: 1640 16 Ave NW #303, Calgary, AB T2M 0L6, Canada

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You can consult one of the six practitioners at the NW Centre for Chiropractic and Sports Rehabilitation for your musculoskeletal condition. Three chiropractors, Dr. Robert LaBelle, Dr. Edward Wong, and Dr. Jess Fong, make up the team. The staff also includes Registered Massage Therapists Glynis Johnson and Crystal Parsons. A licensed acupuncturist, Eric Colaiezzi, completes their team.

“Integrated Musculoskeletal Rehabilitation” is a drug-free, non-invasive treatment method in their facility. Acupuncture, and laser therapy are also available.

Customer Reviews:

“Dr Wong provides excellent, personalized treatment that ‘gets at’ exactly what’s needed. No cookie cutter approach here. He is always willing to discuss options and give suggestions for self care. I highly recommend Dr Wong to anyone looking for excellent, progressive care!”(Google reviews)

Dr. LaBelle has made an incredible difference with my knee pain. I went from being in a decent amount of pain everyday to being pain-free most of the time! He has helped me so much and I am very grateful. The rest of the team is also wonderful, always very friendly and helpful. Glynis is also fantastic for a massage! (Google reviews)

#3- Cūro Chiropractic:


Phone: +1 403-465-4653

Address: 3005 14 St SW, Calgary, AB T2T 3V6, Canada

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Curo Chiropractic offers tailored care plans for those in need. Chiropractic adjustments at this clinic focus on five main areas: spinal health, movement, nutrition, mindset, and toxicity reduction. Patients undergo a medical history and an examination during their first visit. A variety of tests are performed at this location, such as range of motion tests, weight analysis, posture analysis, and, if necessary, x-rays.

Afterwards, a personalized treatment schedule, lifestyle guidance, and exercises at home will be designed for you. Moreover, Curo Chiropractic also offers free wellness classes to maintain the benefits of chiropractic adjustments. There is no referral requirement for any of these services, and anyone who has been injured in a motor vehicle accident can take advantage of them.

Customer Reviews:

“Great staff, professional, friendly and highly skilled. Had a massage today and was best I’ve ever had. Twyla took the time to understand my concerns, and really worked to solve the puzzle of my neck and shoulder pain. Highly recommended and will be coming back regularly.” (Google reviews)

Hands down a fantastic clinic!! The staff are the most welcoming and caring individuals I have ever met. I look forward to seeing them regularly and am proud to say they are a regular part of my life. They are detail orientated and take the time to educate and understand what is going on in your body to achieve ultimate physical wellness and your goals. (Google reviews)

#4- Memorial Drive Chiropractic and Massage:


Phone: +1 403-273-0203

Address: 5271 Memorial Dr #213, Calgary, AB T2A 4V1, Canada

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Memorial Drive Chiropractic and Massage also provides a variety of chiropractic services. One of Calgary’s most excellent chiropractors practices at this clinic: Dr. Ryan Wagemakers. Memorial Drive Chiropractic utilizes a two-visit assessment strategy to get a complete picture of your condition and medical history. At the first visit, an evaluation is conducted, followed by a discussion of the outcomes and treatment plans.

Even though it can reduce the time spent during each appointment, the two-visit technique might not be appropriate for all patients. Dr. Wagemakers can do an exhaustive examination of your situation this way.

Customer Reviews:

“Absolute best chiropractor in the city. Highly recommend going here been everywhere else no where compares. Friendly staff and Dr. Ryan is truly the best. He fixed my on going back problem I’ve had for years now.” (Google reviews)

I have had back pain for 10+ years and have seen other chiropractors with very little results. After only 2 visits I already feel much better and relieved. All staff is very kind and friendly. The whole process is very quick and efficient. Highly recommended.(Google reviews)

#5- NW Chiropractic and Massage:


Phone: +1 403-282-4004

Address: 3604 52 Ave NW #138, Calgary, AB T2L 1V9, Canada

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In case you’re looking for a broad range of chiropractic procedures, NW Chiropractic and Massage may be the right clinic for you. Chiropractic doctors Tyler Vickerson and Paul Tibert have worked with sportsmen to develop these treatments. In addition to hockey, Mr. Thibert also worked with interdisciplinary teams.

The massage therapists and acupuncturists at NW Chiropractic and Massage specialize in shockwave therapy, massage, and acupuncture. Orthotic fittings and biomechanical evaluations are also available. Since NW Chiropractic and Massage has limited availability, same-day appointments are usually unavailable.

Customer Reviews:

“I had problems with my jaw(TMJ), and Paul was able to get everything back into place! He knows what he’s doing, but best of all, he is a wonderful person! His staff is also top-notch, courteous, and very friendly. Great experience overall!” (Google reviews)

We moved to Calgary and needed a really good chiropractor (as we had near our previous home). NW Chiropractic was recommended to us. Dr Thibert has treated us ever since. He is understanding, effective, and friendly. I have since recommended him to others without hesitation. They said he is better than any chiropractor they have seen. (Google reviews)

6#- Complete Chiropractic & Sports Therapy:


Phone: +1 403-245-2686

Address: 2624 Parkdale Blvd NW, Calgary, AB T2N 3S6, Canada

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CCST helps you accomplish incredible results in a short amount of time by working one-on-one. This ensures you get the best treatment available wherever you are! They provide treatments together with physiotherapists, chiropractors, and massage therapists in their clinic. You can schedule an appointment with them at a convenient time because they offer the most flexible hours in the area.

They offer a “Complete” approach to therapy, which sets them apart from other providers. The treatment is all-inclusive and combines several techniques and approaches for truly patient-centred care. The treatment is top-notch in every way. You won’t find any hidden fees, and all treatments are included in the price.  Patients with team-based care receive the best possible chiropractic, physiotherapy, and massage therapy treatments.

Customer Reviews:

“Great service, great safety measures in place. I’ve seen chiro, massage, and physio here. All have been incredible, professional, and helpful. It’s clean and inviting.” (Google reviews)

I cannot say enough good things! Dr. Shereen Kangarloo has done absolute wonders for me. I have had numerous other treatments for my injury before attending this clinic with minimal effect, and within even one session here I had incredible improvements! I will forever swear by this clinic and Dr.Kangarloo! (Google reviews)

#7- Xperience Life Chiropractic:


Phone: +1 403-879-2499

Address: 40 Sunpark Plaza SE Suite #304, Calgary, AB T2X 3X7, Canada

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Xperience Life Chiropractic is based on the idea that people should control their health and achieve their goals faster than with existing methods. Their unique, patient-focused chiropractic treatments take the time to achieve and sustain positive outcomes.

There are now two chiropractors, four massage therapists, and an acupuncturist on staff in the new facility to assist you better. By gaining access to the real power of acupuncture, they can help channel better well-being.

Customer Reviews:

“Wonderful massage! Felt so relaxed. Was a great hr break from my many children, time for mummy to get some peace. Get pressure and technical knowledge. Highly recommend” (Google reviews)

Dr. Hill has helped me recover from a hip injury within months, that no-one else could in years. His wealth of knowledge is apparent and his dedication to individual patients is not something that you see often. Dr. Hill always stands back and thinks about his treatment for that day and going forward. Every appointment is a new adventure! Denise and Lauren are a great compliment to the clinic. Both are excellent at their jobs and have wonderful personalities. I can not speak about the massage therapists but my guess is that if they are working with Dr. Hill, you’ll likely want to make an appointment. (Google reviews)


#8- South Trail Chiropractic:


Phone: +1 403-257-7913

Address: 4307 130 Ave SE #61, Calgary, AB T2Z 3V8, Canada

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South Trail Chiropractic is located at 4307 130 Ave SE #61 in Calgary.  Dr. Jeff at this centre has seen how traditional healthcare is failing – people aren’t getting healthier; instead, they are becoming sicker. On the other hand, a chiropractor believes that people whose health is regularly improved find chiropractic adjustments to be uniquely helpful.

As a chiropractor, Dr. Jeff emphasizes spinal health over treating specific symptoms that patients may be experiencing. This will allow the neurological system (the body’s “master control” system) to function at its best, resulting in general health and vitality. This is how Dr. Jeff describes “Health from the Inside Out.”

Customer Reviews:

“Dr. Jeff has been a lifesaver for me! The knowledge and care he has for his patients is second to none. The office has such a great,  positive, family-friendly atmosphere and Tawnia and the whole team are amazing!” (Google reviews)

I recently had a low back injury from the gym. I could barely walk. I had never had a chiropractic adjustment before. I was slightly nervous but the amazing staff at south trail eased my concern with informative and courteous care. I learned more in the first few sessions than I ever understood and I am happy to say I wish I had attended there years ago. Thanks for all the care, great job Dr Jeff and staff!! (Google reviews)

#9- Calgary Spine & Sport Chiropractic Clinic SW Calgary


Phone: +1 403-252-5553

Address: 6707 Elbow Dr SW # 224, Calgary, AB T2V 0E4, Canada

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Calgary Spine and Sport’s mission is to eliminate pain and improve your health. By improving the quality of their patients’ lives, they help them reach their full potential in life. All ages are welcome to receive their experienced help in delivering exceptional health care. They have been here to cater to your wellness needs since 1985.

At Calgary Spine and Sport, your health is the biggest priority, therefore they offer a great selection of services for you. Some of the services they offer are massage therapy, acupuncture, orthotics, functional nutrition, and more. They offer same-day appointments and can work around your schedule to get you in. When you go to their clinic, you are treated like part of the family. They put your overall health and wellness above all else.

Customer reviews:

“This clinic has an amazing team of professional, friendly staff. I’ve been seeing Dr. Harris for several years and he provides fantastic care. He has the experience & knowledge to know how to treat my aches & pains quickly & efficiently as well as answer any questions I may have. I highly recommend this place. They are the best!” (Google Reviews)

I have been coming to see Dr. Rosen for over 25 years. He started treating my parents when I was just a child and then he started treating both my brother and I. I suffer from horrible headaches and the only person that can help me manage them is Dr. Rosen, so much so that I also bring my 10 year old non verbal autistic son in for treatments now as well. The ladies at the front are incredible and I would recommend this clinic to anyone who is looking to vastly improve their overall health! (Google Reviews)

#10- Axiom Chiropractic :


Phone:  +14034741119

Address: 113 19 St NW, Calgary, AB T2N 2H8, Canada

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Axiom Chiropractic is NW Calgary’s most trusted, premier chiropractic clinic. Adjustments at Axiom include a wide-range of techniques so that each adjustment can be tailored to each practice member’s unique needs. Axiom’s team understands the challenges of adapting to an ever-changing world. They truly care for and support their practice members in order to assist them in achieving results quickly and effectively. Axiom provides up front pricing with no hidden fees or upsales. Effective, Efficient, Affordable and Practice member-oriented, that is the Axiom way. We recommend that you experience why Axiom Chiropractic is the top-rated chiropractic clinic for Google searches of “Chiropractor Near Me” in Calgary.

Customer Reviews

“I was so debilitated before I went to see Dr. Matt. Dr. Matt gave me relief after one treatment and after six treatments, I feel 20 years younger. My walking has become a smooth, effortless glide. Thank you Dr. Matt for the new lease on my life. (I’m 62)” (Google Reviews)

“Very professional, very effective. Been seeing Dr.Matt for a month and we got positive results for my neck and back. Highly recommended for workers in the trades industries (electricians, plumbers, pipe-fitters, etc.), and anyone working a desk job. (Google Reviews)

Final Verdict:

Chiropractic care seeks to relieve discomfort while restoring body functions as well. There is no medication or surgery involved. Chiropractic care can be helpful for people suffering from back pain, so we have compiled a list of the best chiropractors in Calgary. Call these numbers to set up an appointment and consultation. Feel free to give us your feedback after the session.

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