The 8 Best Clinics for the Chemical Peel in Calgary

Being the largest organ of the body, your skin defines your health status as well as your beauty. Skin portrays how you think about yourself and how much you’re concerned about your health. With age, wrinkles start to appear, and stretch marks combined with small scars can result in permanent skin issues. Taking ample care of the health of your skin demands your careful time & money investment. To smoothen out the searching process, we stacked up the 8 best clinics for the chemical peel in Calgary. These top-class skincare clinics are enriched with services that can rejuvenate your skin to make it lively and fresh again.

Whether or not you’re familiar with chemical peels, we’re here to provide what best suits your skin. A chemical peel uses beneficial and carefully formulated chemicals that help to deep clean your skin layers. These chemical peels can work on the superficial skin layers and stimulate new skin growth. However, these are available and can be made by defining different strengths, and this acts on multiple skin layers. While you look for which skin clinic should I consult for a chemical peel session, make sure to consult a licensed dermatologist.

An effective peel can work to eliminate rough, hyperpigmented, and wrinkly skin. These are beneficial in removing fine lines, melasma, and age spots and give your skin a fresh start. With that being said, let’s dive into 8 of the top best clinics for the chemical peel in Calgary.

1-     Skinpossible Laser & Light


Phone: +1 403 719 6523

Address: 1800 194 Ave SE #2150, Calgary, AB T2X 0R3, Canada


  • BHA 20 & Renew 30 Chemical Peel
  • Power Glow Chemical Peel
  • Facial Treatments & Beauty Boosters
  • Body Contouring & Treatments
  • Alumier Skincare & Coolsculpting
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If you want to step into a premier full-service skincare clinic, there is no better place than Skinpossible Laser & Light. The cosmetic specialists use clinically proven technologies to let you achieve your desired skincare goals. The staff is super-friendly and technicians are officially qualified and certified to do their job. In terms of chemical peels, extra precautions are taken and your treatment will be done after proper consultation. All the reports will be reviewed by Skinpossible medical staff before taking your wrinkly skin back to life again. The staff has the utmost respect for their clients and your dignity will be their top priority.

Skinpossible formulated chemical peels are approved by Health Canada and the formulation can address and treat a variety of skin conditions. No matter if your skin is damaged by UV rays of the sun or has fine lines and wrinkles, their Power Glow Peel can eliminate these problems. This in turn enhances your skin tone, texture and makes it astonishingly clear. With repeated consultation and treatments, you can get rid of acne and congestion with BHA 20 Peel by Skinpossible Laser & Light. If your skin is aging fast and you have a hyperpigmentation issue, they have the best-in-class chemical peel available by the name of Renew 30. All of their top-quality chemical skin peels are efficient in removing dead skin cell layers to give you a fresh new rejuvenating look.

What Clients Say about Skinpossible?

I had my first chemical peel with Carolina who was very knowledgeable and informative. She was super friendly as well as the front staff. I appreciated Carolina’s help in choosing the best type of chemical peel suitable for my skin. I am already loving the results from the treatment. I hope to be back soon! (Google Reviews)

Great clinic. I went in and had light therapy to remove a very dark sunspot. I am very pleased with the treatment. The technician, Carolina Torres, is great at her job. She explains things really well, makes you super comfortable, and answers any concerns you may have. I am super happy with the results, clinic staff and atmosphere. Competitive pricing, and flexibility with booking.   I would highly recommend them. Thank you, Carolina and Iris, for such great service. (Google Reviews)

2-     Viso Medi Spa & Boutique


Phone: +1 403 265 0330

Address: 303 Centre St S, Calgary, AB T2G 2B9, Canada


  • Micro Retinol Chemical Peel
  • Youth Renew Hydra Glow Peel
  • Lacto-Flora Chemical Peel
  • IPL Photo-facials & Hair Removal
  • INNOPen Micro-Needling
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Viso Medi Spa made it to the top three because of their aesthetic services perked with 25 years of experience in skincare. They always strive to give each client a personalized and customized set of the treatment regimen. The innovative procedures when topped up with the impressive products, doubled the beneficial effects to give you a healthier skin glow. You don’t have to wait in availing their services as Viso Medi Spa is among the 8 best clinics for the chemical peel in Calgary. Located at the most vibrant place in China Town, Downtown Calgary, you’ll enjoy an awesome service with professional skincare treatments.

Viso Medi Spa & Boutique introduced the most effective range of chemical peels to give your skin a new life. Their most popular chemical peel currently is the Pevonia Micro Retinol Peel, which is specially formulated for aged and wrinkly skin. A total of 3 to 6 peels treatment will be done under the supervision of a qualified team to bring back your youthful skin. The Renew Hydra Glow Peel is another complexion brightening regimen you can use to rehydrate your plump skin. If you want a chemical peel that can add the benefits of exfoliation, try their Lacto-Flora Peel. If you still feel any confusion regarding which chemical peel suits your skin, call and book your personalized consultation.

What Clients Say about Viso Medi Spa & Boutique?

Love the staff! They pampered me up before my wedding day now I feel better than ever! I got chemical peel and my skin felt so nice after! I really recommend this place. Everyone is so friendly and they have good prices. (Google Reviews)

The environment is clean and comfortable. The girls there are very nice and they definitely know their stuff! I was there for acne treatment and had their IPL laser, facial and peel. In just a few weeks, I can see significant result. I struggled with acne for year and year (7 years at least), and I’ve tried countless acne treatment product in the past and none really worked. The staff there really take the time to diagnostic your skin problem and help you every way they can to get you the result you want. (Google Reviews)

3-     Fresh Laser Skin Studio


Phone: +1 403 264 4494

Address: 4935 40 Ave NW #327, Calgary, AB T3A 2N1, Canada


  • 3 Levels Chemical Facial Peels
  • Vivier & Pro-Derm Peptide Peels
  • Fresh Gel & Clay Peels
  • Laser Hair & Tattoo Removal
  • Dermaplaning & truSculpt Body Sculpting
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The revival of your healthy skin is now in your hands with the utmost services of Fresh Laser Skin Studio. With the maximum number of body and skincare treatment services, this is nevertheless one of the most popular clinics for a chemical peel in Calgary. The clients are especially happy to see the peaceful environment and certified skincare under one roof. You can once again be able to rejuvenate your skin back to its original tone after consulting for the right kind of chemical peel. Additionally, Fresh Laser Skin Studio has non-photo sensitizing peels that are quite safe even when used in pregnancy.

In terms of chemical peels options available for your skin, Fresh Laser Studio divided its sessions into 3 levels. Levels 1 and 2 are differentiated based on exfoliation with level 2 having a medium level of exfoliation. Level 3 has aggressive peeling for 3 to 5 days session. The duration of each level is decided after consulting a dermatologist and skin tests. Fresh Laser Studio uses professional combinations of all the necessary peel ingredients that are completely safe for most skin types. The Vivier Glow peel and Perfect Derma Peel are their special chemical peels that are used throughout the 3 levels of skin chemical peel treatments.

What Clients Say about Fresh Laser Studio?

An excellent investment is to make for yourself is in your skin. That’s what I am experiencing after the fact. This place has many great elements to offer. From customer service to carefully diagnosing skin issues and applying effective treatments, they have got it all. I am very happy with their services and confidently recommend them to anyone considering laser treatments to deal with various skin issues. (Google Reviews)

Absolutely amazing service. I’ve been coming to this studio for years, for all types of laser treatments and the results have been wonderful. They’re friendly and very knowledgeable in helping you decide the best treatment for your skin. They make you feel comfortable and content from the moment you walk in the door to the moment you leave. Highly recommend!! (Google Reviews)

4-      D&M Treatments – Wellness & Beauty Clinic


Phone: +1 403 888 4125

Address: 1235 17th Ave SW #B2, Calgary, AB T2T 3M9, Canada


  • Effective Chemical Peels Treatments
  • Glycolic Acid & Salicylic Acid Peels
  • Massage Therapy
  • Micro-Needling & Dermaplaning
  • Training & Workshops
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Calgarians are blessed to have another highly professional beauty treatment and chemical peel clinic. D&M Treatments-Wellness & Beauty Clinic is the name you can trust to carry out your routine skin care. They put utmost consideration in selecting the best and highly effective products for their clients. Their skin treatments are customizable according to individual skin needs and are highly affordable. A combination of beauty and health experts is available at your service under the same roof. D&M Treatments have an exquisite massage studio to help your everybody muscle enjoy the care it deserves.

To get clearer and younger skin, D&M Treatments introduced specially formulated peels that can work on a deeper skin cellular level. Your skin is initially tested for the presence of any cross-reactivity to the available chemical peels. The clinic has a glycolic acid chemical peel effective for all skin types. If you’re constantly suffering from oily and acne-prone skin, the salicylic acid chemical peel is all you need to control the oil and get a fresh look. These peel treatments consequently result in younger, clear, and smooth skin with improved and refined skin texture.

What Clients Say about D&M Treatments?

D&M Treatments always goes the extra mile and treats each face individually and customizes her care accordingly. She is passionate about what she does and is extremely knowledgeable and loves to see results for her clients. I have been going for three sessions and will continue. Thanks for going up and beyond. (Google Reviews)

Amazing experience at D&M, great services at very reasonable (compared to other places) prices. They have done amazing job combining truly therapeutic services with beauty treatments. I’ve tried massage, acupuncture, micro needling, dermaplaning and other facials there with different practitioners and I absolutely love this place! (Google Reviews)

5-     Preventous Cosmetic Medicine


Phone: +1 403 229 0129

Address: 1635 17 Ave SW, Calgary, AB T2T 0E5, Canada


  • Dermal Fillers & Facial Treatments
  • EMSculpt NEO & CoolSculpting
  • Chemical Peels & Redness Treatments
  • Morpheus 8 Facial Therapy
  • Abnormal Skin Condition Treatments
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Preventous Cosmetic Medicine needs no introduction in applying scientific approaches in beauty and antiaging. Their originally crafted and branded skincare products have health-forward formulas to rejuvenate your skin to the healthiest levels. The extraordinary care is made possible by implying innovative skin solutions. With an excellent variety of skin, face, and body treatments, Preventous Cosmetic Medicine is now a part of modern skincare specialists. You’ll experience a long-term change in your skin elasticity and texture by their facial treatments for both normal and abnormal skin conditions.

Preventous Cosmetic Medicine delivers very promising and miraculous results in their chemical peels domain. After proper consultation, the method and product are decided to give your facial skin a maximum level of care. The peels will eliminate the superficial dead skin layer off your face and helps to increase cell regrowth. Consequently, your skin will look more radiant and glowing before the last chemical peel treatment. Step in today or book a free consultation for a more refined, youthful, long-lasting, and dewy look.

What Clients Say about Preventous Cosmetic Medicine?

Preventous is the best of the best when it comes to cosmetic dermatology! All the staff are kind, knowledgeable and courteous. I’ve had several treatments done by Suzanne and have always been made to feel very comfortable during treatment and have been super happy with my results. Would highly recommend this clinic! (Google Reviews)

I am impressed with Preventous’ prep to take care of their patients.  Sanitizer, mask, robes, and snacks were provided and physical distancing was well-practiced. It was my first time visiting a cosmetic clinic and every single staff member was welcoming. I am so happy that I chose Preventous and will continue to visit for any future treatments I wish to have! (Google Reviews)

6-  TrueSkin Clinic Inc


Phone: +1 403 890 9602

Address: 1608 17 Ave SW #208, Calgary, AB T2T 0E3, Canada


  • Variety of Skin Care Treatments
  • Laser Hair Removal
  • IPL Photo-rejuvenation
  • LED Light Therapy
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TrueSkin Clinic believes in giving you back your younger skin by following three simple steps; Consult, Treat, & Maintain. They understand that taking care of your skin can be intimidating and you may feel confused in deciding what’s best for it. With a vast range of skin care products available these days, you must always take consultation of skincare experts. This is what TrueSkin aims for in giving the best skin care services for its clients. The services at TrueSkin Clinic are extraordinary and under modern skincare technological enhancements.


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TrueSkin Clinic offers the best-in-class list of customized treatments at an affordable price. They are equipped with a Visia Skin Analysis Machine that evaluates and measures every aspect of your skin. The results will be a clear and thorough picture of every kind of wrinkles, pores, textures, and UV damage indications.  To make your skin glow flawlessly, their chemical peels are extraordinarily effective. You’ll see a visible difference in your skin quality after the 1st chemical peel session. Contact today and take the first step in choosing what is likely to be the best therapy for your beautiful skin.

What Clients Say about TrueSkin Clinic?

While visiting Calgary, I had the opportunity to have a Visia skin analysis and jet peel treatment. It was an amazing experience, my skin never felt better. I recommend this clinic for the good services and their professionalism. Can’t wait to go back to get another treatment on my next trip to Calgary.(Google Reviews)

Isabelle is a skin goddess! I went in thinking that I needed a chemical peel. I was suffering from dehydrated skin and what I thought was horrible skin. She informed me that a chemical peel would be too drying for my skin and suggested an ultra-hydrating vitamin C mask and it was incredible. (Google Reviews)

7- ReNue Cosmetic Care


Phone: +1 403 523 1091

Address: 420-19489 Seton Crescent SE, Calgary, AB T3M 1T4, Canada


  • Rejuvenating Chemical Peels
  • Wrinkle Smoothing Injectables
  • Face Care Micro-Needling
  • Hydra Dermabrasion & Radiance IPL
  • Body Contouring & Mole Removal
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Founded in 2002, ReNue is delivering an outstanding skincare regimen liked by several satisfied customers. The unparalleled cosmetic services are made possible by a team of medical experts that truly created a gold standard in skincare. The guidance and support provided by their team is extraordinary and assist you in taking the right decision for your skin. ReNue is specialized in providing services for face, body, and hair care. Using the modern set of procedures and practices, they sculpt your facial skin back to what it was in your younger era.

ReNue has some advanced practices in formulating chemical peels that even your skin tone, texture, and color balance. Our skin gets a considerable amount of damage by the harmful UV rays creating wrinkles and fine lines. Chemical peels by ReNue present promising and wonderful results after their decided therapy sessions. These chemical peel sessions not only address specific skin problems but also is a great way to resolve multiple skin concerns. With the dedication of the ReNue team and your consistency, your skin will again feel the freshness and beautiful glow you’ve always dreamt of.

What Clients Say about ReNue?

I have been to this location multiple times for chemical peels, silk peel and laser treatments. Hailey is incredible! She is very attentive; pays attention to detail and makes you feel right at home. She is great at explaining the procedures and I have yet to be upset with a product or treatment she has recommended!! Book in with this girl ASAP!! (Google Reviews)

If I could give 6 stars I would!!Ashley at ReNue Seton is AMAZING. From the first consultation she was extremely knowledgeable and thorough. She is always checking in throughout the treatment to make sure your as comfortable as possible. Don’t trust your skin to just anyone, trust it to Ashley and the ReNue Seaton team. (Google Reviews)

8-     Skin Renewal Med Spa & Laser Clinic

Permanently closed


Phone: +1 403 238 9488

Address: 5920 Macleod Trail SW Suite 104, Calgary, AB T2H 0K2, Canada


  • Zo Ossential Stimulator Peel
  • Ultra-Hydration & Brightening Peels
  • InvisaPeel Resurfacing Peel
  • Morpheus 8 & Hydra-facial Skin Treatments
  • Micro-needling & Pigment Correction Therapies
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The beautiful and natural skincare results are made possible by the dedication of Skin Renewal Med Spa. The aesthetic-ethical practice in combination with clients’ safety commitment stacked the name of this best chemical peel & skincare clinic on our list. With hundreds of delighted customers, the qualified team of experts analyzes every client’s skincare needs to determine the best choices. They possess only the highly reputed brands products for their customers whether you skin treatments or chemical peels. With numerous skin, body, and face care regimens available, Skin Renewal Med Spa has everything you need to make a better & younger you.

Skin Renewal Med Spa has its chemical peel range belonging to ZO, designed by Dr. Zein Obagi. These chemical peels are claimed to be made specifically for every skin type and must be used after expert skin consultation. The ZO Ossential Stimulator Peel is all you need to bring the skin cellular turnover back to life.  Another awesome benefit of using this chemical peel is that it doesn’t leave any redness or allergic reaction. Apart from ZO Ossential Peel, the clinic also features ZO Ultra Hydration Peel that you’ll love to try if you happen to have dehydrated skin. The Invisapeel Resurfacing Peel is beneficial for sensitivity and reducing discoloration. If you need a chemical peel that can reduce hyperpigmentation and renew the brighter look of your face, step in and try their miraculous ZO Brightening peel.

What Clients Say about Skin Renewal Med Spa?

Almira is absolutely amazing! She is extremely knowledgeable and kind. I had my first chemical peel done with her and I was super nervous about the process. She explained everything as she was preforming the treatment and made me feel at ease! She even offered support after to see how my skin was reacting. I ended up going back to her for my laser treatments and so much more! I have gone to many estheticians before and I find her to be the best! (Google Reviews)

I just had my first Facial Rejuvenation combined with a Chemical Peel about a week ago. My face feels so fresh and new. I originally signed up for their Glow membership just because I was curious and I have no regrets! They also give you 15% off any Alumier products if you sign up for their membership AND 25% off any other laser hair treatments that you guys want to book. Just letting everyone know. (Google Reviews)


With time, the modernization in the skincare industry is appreciable and it helps in creating a more refined beauty standard. Chemical peels are by far the most versatile way of getting younger and healthy skin. Choosing the right place for facial peels in Calgary is difficult because of the multiple types of skin clinics available. We ease out your research process by compiling the 8 best clinics for the chemical peel in Calgary. Choose the top-of-the-line skincare clinics from our list and get the most radiant and younger skin with professional consultation.

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