6 Best Cooking Classes in Calgary

Best Cooking Classes in Calgary: A homemade meal is just something that simultaneously shouts “comfort” and “love.” There is also the likelihood that they will scream “burned edges” or “food poisoning” if you don’t know how to cook well at home. If you’ve ever wanted to cook for your family or bake pastries for your friends but lacked the confidence and skills to do so, you’ve come to the right place! Take advantage of this opportunity to brush up on your skills, learn something new, and hang out with friends.

Don’t let microwaveable meals tempt you to eat more of them. It’s time to kick things up a notch in the Kitchen and give it a real shot. Learn how to make healthy and delicious meals that impress your guests and taste buds. This article provides you with a list of the top cooking classes in Calgary so that you can become the best chef you can be. These locations offer courses that will tell you everything you need to know about cooking, taught by qualified instructors. Find out more about these cooking classes by scrolling down!

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1- Cuisine et chateau

Website: cuisineandchateau.com/

Phone: +1 403 764 2665

Address: 227 10 St NW #103, Calgary, AB T2N 1V5, Canada

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Cuisine et Château invites you to explore the soul-satisfying world of cuisine, locally in their state-of-the-art kitchen classroom or abroad, amongst regional farms, vineyards, and markets. Their Interactive Culinary Centre is centrally located in Kensington, giving you access to their Calgary cooking classes, savoring the food, and enjoying the wine. Designed as an ideal learning environment for hands-on and hands-off classes, tasting events, and themed educational dinners, their interactive culinary center is equipped with state-of-the-art technology.

Instructors at their school are professional chefs who share their enthusiasm and passion for great food with their students. The gift certificates can also be used to buy cooking classes for loved ones you know would enjoy taking them. Their calendars are updated weekly; you can see their active classes and booking schedules here. Hands-on cooking classes are a great way to learn, play, and interact with food!

Depending on your chosen class, you will either make your three-course dinner or learn a product, technique, or cooking fundamentals to enhance your cooking ability. Their educational events feature great food, wine, culture, and interesting people! They offer workshops about wine-pairing with cheeses, special regional dinners hosted by great chefs, classes guiding you through specific grapes, how growing regions influence taste, and much more — so there is plenty to learn and choose from.

What do clients think?

I recently did the Japanese Bento class and it was a wonderful experience!! The staff were so warm and welcoming and the chef told many interesting stories and taught me lots about the different ingredients that went into each recipe. I loved getting the chance to be a bit creative with the sushi roles and learn a new skill. Thank you for the amazing experience.(Google reviews)

I took the Artisan Bread Baking Class with Chef Marnie, and Cocina Mexicana Class with Chef Terry. It was so much fun and added my knowledge to another stage.(Google reviews)

2- Chef Joey

Website: chefjoey.ca/

Phone: +1 587 777 9287

Address: 1431 40 St SW, Calgary, AB T3C 1W8, Canada

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Chef Joey offers excellent virtual cooking classes using the most up-to-date technology available. Classes are offered in three categories: Open Adult Classes, Open Kids Classes (Ages 3-15), and Corporate/Private Custom Classes. Their one thing in common is that they all aim to teach you how to make amazing meals while asking you as many questions as you need to learn, which we consider very important. You can choose from Mexican Tapas, Spanish Tapas, Juneteenth Soul Food, Corny Carnival Treats, and many other classes. The menus for these classes are also indicated with the open class schedules, so you can choose what class you want to take based on their description.

Whether you are booking a private function or a corporate event, Chef Joey will help you customize it as much as you wish. Your desired theme, menu, arrangements, and more are all included here. There’s nothing like sharing a meal with others, maybe at your favorite restaurant. You’ll have the opportunity to learn about cooking from like-minded people while creating a meal you might not have tried on your own. Throughout the process, they will walk you through the steps in real-time, answer your questions, and provide you with all the resources you need to prepare, shop, and have fun.

What do clients think?

Chef Joey did an in person cooking class for our small office, and to say we had a blast is an understatement!! Chef Joeys energy resonated with our group so well and the dishes we made were unbelievable. We selected our cuisine of choice and he came up with the rest.

We made an appetizer, main and dessert and were able to control heat and learned about flavour profiles and how we can make adjustments to our dishes based on our own tastes. When it was time to dig in it was heavenly! While we were enjoying our main Chef Joey cleaned up the kitchen and left our place spotless. I would recommend Chef Joey a thousand times over! Thank you Chef Joey and Petrina!(Google reviews)

This was so much fun! First online cooking class for me and I just loved it! The hosts were engaging, inclusive and have a terrific sense of humour…lots of laughs along the way… Chef Joey is openly passionate and super knowledgeable about cooking and knows how to have a really good time along the way. Our dishes all turned out beautiful and sooo yummy! I’ll be back for more definitely😁(Google reviews)

3- Roni’s Kitchen

Website: roniskitchen.com/

Contact: [email protected]

Address: N/A

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Roni’s Kitchen exists to reconnect you with food, empower you with cooking, and make you more at ease in your Kitchen! Roni Zaide decided to become a vegetarian when she was eleven years old. Later, she went from a vegetarian to a fully vegan, plant-based lifestyle, which took her several years to get used to. A variety of plant-based cooking classes are available from Roni, who loves sharing her passion for delicious, healthy eats. A mouth-watering collection of step-by-step, easy-to-follow recipes from all around the world is shared by Roni. Her cooking classes are available online, so anyone can take them whenever it suits their schedule!

Roni has been teaching cooking classes in person since 2014 and is now happy to offer them online! Prepare delicious vegan foods from around the world, and learn how to make your vegan cheese, fermented foods, desserts, bread, and how to make tofu! They have included step-by-step videos, written recipes, ingredient lists, and equipment lists for every dish! They have previously offered pop-up brunch at Café Koi, a weekly meal service, a grab-and-go vegan line for local cafes, catering for yoga retreats and weddings, and street food Saturdays.

What do clients think?

What an incredible woman running a thoughtful kitchen that is close to her heart. Her new cookbook is beautiful and her class was such a delight. Food was delicious, easy to follow along, and very affordable. Can’t wait to take the persian cooking class. Highly recommend all thing in Roni’s kitchen :)(Google reviews)

Roni recently catered our 3 day wedding in Kananaskis for about 60 people. We had discovered her food during her wildly popular pop up breakfast weekends at Cafe Koi. Most of our guests were omnivores who lean heavy on a paleo type diet, and they all left RAVING about the food!! Roni is sweet and patient and has an amazing sense of flavour! Every step from our initial meeting (where we clearly had no idea what we were doing) to the last dish being packed, we felt supported and stuffed! I would recommend this amazing chef to anyone looking for a great caterer (Google reviews)

4- Blue Flame kitchen events center

Website: atcoblueflamekitchen.com/

Phone: +1 403 245 7630

Address: Commons Building, 5302 Forand St SW, Calgary, AB T3E 8B4, Canada

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With its location at ATCO Park in Calgary, Alberta, the Blue Flame Kitchen Events Centre is an ideal venue for conferences, board meetings, corporate team-building events, family celebrations, or any other type of event. It has been their pleasure to share their recipes and advice with you since 1929. There has been a lot of change over those years – from fashion to technology. Their goal of sharing their knowledge has not changed. You can find recipes for every meal and occasion on their site.

Many of the cookbooks they’ve published have also found a home in your kitchens. Their learning centers regularly offer cooking classes to students of all ages. They originally intended to help homemakers make the best use of natural gas. Many Albertans were fascinated by this new fuel back then. Natural gas appliances were introduced to them, providing recipes best suited for this “wonder fuel.” They also answered questions about cleaning and cooking.

If you are not enrolled in their classes, you can still check out their website for recipes, which we think is great. In addition to catering services, they also offer private event services. However, let’s focus on their classes instead! In addition to virtual classes, kids’ virtual classes (under nine years of age) and virtual private events are also available. The interactive programs they offer are ideal for building team spirit within a company. Team-building events, client appreciation events, and family and friend celebrations are perfect for their Chef-hosted corporate cooking classes.

Whether it’s a virtual or in-person event or catering, they provide delicious food experiences. They make it hassle-free for you to enjoy a memorable team-building activity, a catered lunch, or host a special event. They can host everything from conferences and board meetings to celebrations and team-building exercises in their event spaces and meeting rooms. No matter what type of event you’re planning, whether a formal dinner, cocktail reception, or buffet lunch, they have a menu that will surely please your guests.

What do clients think?

Did the Game Day Snacks class with Chef Darcy. Super well organized in terms of pre-class info and the class itself was really well done. Something for everyone from beginner to skilled. Excellent video production for the class – close ups so you could see technique etc. Lots of tips and tricks. Chef Darcy was fun and funny and I was happy I spent the time and money on this class. The snacks were delicious – super easy and practical recipes which Chef had clearly put a lot of thought into.(Google reviews)

I took a couple of the virtual cooking classes. It was so fun. The recipes were fun to make and tasted great! The chefs go slow and give really good tips. It is easy to follow along and make great tasting food! (Google reviews)

5- Lambert Academy of sugar craft

Website: lambertacademy.ca/

Phone: +1 587 332 4234

Address: 8236 30 St SE, Calgary, AB T2C 1H8, Canada

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Lambert Academy of Sugarcraft, established in 2007, is a cake design business training company located in Calgary, Alberta. By nurturing their students’ entrepreneurial skills, they are engaging the power of entrepreneurship. Lambert Academy of SugarCraft offers small classes and aims to make aspiring chefs and bakers achieve their dreams while having a good time. Also, this academy is highly recommended if you’re looking for fun culinary activities. Each class is conducted in a cake-decorating studio with all the necessary supplies. Whether it’s an entry-level or advanced class, they maintain small classes to provide quality education for all students.

Please become part of the next generation of cake design and bakery businesses by starting your following career change with them. They offer cake decorating classes as well as confectionery classes for adults. There are cake and cookie camps, workshops, and even activities for kids’ birthday parties.

As part of their interactive party classes, you can also participate in their adult party nights and cake competitions called Cake That to make events more fun! Lambert Academy of Sugarcraft empowers people to pursue their passion, learn the skills to succeed, and feel confident to reach their business goals. They believe that your investments in yourself determine your life, giving you personal growth and community and ultimately equipping you to share your gifts with others.

What do clients think?

I was a student in the “Simply Buttercream” workshop – it was really great! I knew nothing at the start and l gained a ton of both knowledge and skills. The instructor ((Crystal) was awesome – super knowledge and skilled, very patient and kind. I left with a beautiful cake that tasted amazing and made me feel like I have the skills to keep practicing, experimenting and perfecting my techniques. The academy also has a store with the equipment needed for what I learned in the workshop. I’ll definitely be back!(Google reviews)

Earlier this month I had the pleasure of attending a cake making class at Lambert Academy. What an amazing experience! The instruction was clear while individual attention was always top of mind for them. I am confident in my cake baking abilities and would recommend classes at Lambert to bakers of all levels. Thanks again!!!(Google reviews)

6- Nini’s cooking class

Website: niniscookingclass.ca/

Phone: +1 403 966 3604

Address: 59 Evansbrough Crescent Calgary, Alberta T3P 0M3

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Nini’s Cooking Class was created to give families the confidence and knowledge to get their kids to cook healthy meals and to help them prepare their school lunches at home. Their commitment is to bring back homemade meals in today’s busy world, with people having little or no time for learning or teaching.

Her love of cooking and her desire to share her knowledge is why she is starting this cooking class. Children and teenagers are her primary focus; she wants to set them up for success and pass on the skills learned to future generations. They want to provide their students with access to hands-on recipes around the globe. They will expose their young chefs to different global flavors.

The students will learn how to prepare these meals step-by-step and discover new foods, flavors, and diverse cultures. During the course, students will be empowered to cook at home and prepare school lunches by executing sweet and savory recipes.

In their welcoming environment, students benefit from a “real-life” setting where they can apply what they learn in class to their everyday lives. As a result, students will acquire the knowledge, experience, and confidence to develop lifelong cooking skills, boosting self-esteem and igniting creativity. In addition to eating what they prepare, students will build trust and create memories that will last a lifetime.

What do clients think?

My 8yo daughter attended Nini’s Caribbean class last year, and she talks about it to this day! Nini showed her the ins and outs of food safety and knife safety while making a delicious traditional meal. Made her Papa (the family chef) proud, as she continues to happily joins us in the kitchen to build her skills! Such an invaluable skill to learn for all ages….it is never to late.(Google reviews)

Our daughter attended Nini’s cooking summer camp this past week. It was amazing. We are always looking for ways to give our kids life skills, this was the perfect venue for that. Not only did the kids learn skills like proper cutting technique, kitchen safety, and baking (to name a few), they had a lot of fun doing it.

Nini is an amazing cook and is very patient with the kids and knows how to engage them. The sampling of food that my daughter brought home every night was so good it didn’t even make it past the drive home. We highly recommend Nini’s classes and the best part is I have a new sous chef at home.(Google reviews)

Final Verdict:

Our list of cooking classes in Calgary will help you find the best cooking classes for you. After gaining some more experience and culinary education, you’ll undoubtedly be able to serve delicious and high-quality food in the near future. Would you please let us know if you know of any other cooking schools that deserve to be listed here? We will be pleased to review them and hopefully add them to our list if you send them to us.

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