Top 11 Best Dental Clinics in Calgary

You’ll want to go to a high-quality Calgary Dentist whether you need a dental cleaning or have a cavity. You’ll want to discover a dentist in Calgary who can manage all of your basic dental requirements, from routine cleanings to root canals and dental veneers.

Many dental patients nowadays wish to enhance their smiles. A beautiful grin boosts your self-esteem and helps you feel more at ease. You may get these treatments from the top dental clinic in your area mentioned below.

1 – Beddington Dental Clinic


Phone: +1 403-275-4000

Beddington Dental Clinic is a dental clinic in Calgary with a strong dental professional team that includes skilled dentists, hygienists, and assistants. All dentists at Beddington Dental Clinic in Calgary have more than 50 years of combined clinical practice experience. Thus, many dentists and human resources can provide high-quality dental treatment, emergency services, and extended hours to the Calgary community while keeping dentist operating expenses low.


This means that as one of their patients, you will be able to obtain high-quality dental care at an affordable cost. Furthermore, owing to the flexible hours and quantity of dentists on-site, patients may be treated quickly in Calgary in the event of a dental emergency. On Saturdays, the dentists are also available! On request, dentists and hygienists directly charge the patients’ insurance companies as an extra service.

Customer reviews:

“The staff is so caring, gentle and friendly! You can tell that every patient matters to them as they always try their best to make their dentist visits the best. It’s a really great place to be :)” (Google reviews)

“Really made a great first impression by how welcoming everyone was.  I liked in particular how everyone made a point to explain everything in detail.” (Google reviews)


2- Sedona Dental


Phone: +1 403-569-9876

Sedona Dental is the place to go in Calgary if you need a seasoned dentist. Their top dentist near you can provide unrivalled dental services, including dental implants, dentures, cosmetic dentistry, and more. For your convenience, their dental staff in Calgary can provide Arabic, French, Vietnamese, Chinese, English, Punjabi, Urdu, Hindi, and Tagalog. They also offer a weekend dentist accessible seven days a week and nights to ensure you don’t miss any of your appointments.


In case of an emergency, they have an emergency dentist on call for all patients, including those in Sunridge, Inglewood, Marlborough, and Northeast Calgary.

Customer reviews:

“My experience with Sedona Dental was great! I love the atmosphere that they have, super relaxed. Great for anyone who is worried/anxious about seeing a dental office for anything! Love how my invisalign is going!” (Google reviews)

“Dr. Truong and all the staff are all exceptional. They provided me with the best dental care and service. Thank you so much.” (Google reviews)


3- Sunridge Dental Clinic


Phone: +1 587-333-9908

Sunridge Dental Clinic provides dentists in your area that offer high-quality dental treatments for the whole family, including extractions, emergency dentistry, teeth whitening, and more. Because their dentist office in Calgary has been serving people since 1983, they are a well-established office. Sunridge Dental Clinic offers a courteous team that enjoys caring for all of its patients, in addition to their 35 years of expertise.


They retain flexible hours, including nights and weekends, for the convenience of their patients. You may count on them whether you need a Saturday dentist or an emergency dentist in your area.

Customer reviews:

“First reason why we keep coming back is They’re warm and friendly and the Dentists are Nice. Service is only secondary. What is important is the attitude of every staff. Peace!” (Google reviews)

“Great service, everyone was super nice and understanding of my mental health problems. They worked at my pace and made me feel comfortable.” (Google reviews)


4- East Village Dental


Phone: +1 403-263-9014

East Village Dental strives to make getting your teeth inspected as painless as possible. They provide you with the information and expertise you need to take care of your teeth whenever and wherever you are.


This is why they provide easy operating hours and appointments available late at night. They are committed to the oral health of you and your family as your Calgary dentist. Whether you choose to come in the morning, afternoon, or evening, they will try their best to accommodate you.

Customer reviews:

“The staff is wonderful here. It is well organized, clean and they have a lot of high tech equipment. Wonderful first appointment. Excited to come back.” (Google reviews)

“Excellent service and friendly staff. They contact you by text to offer appointment when you are due if you did not schedule. I definitely would recommend them.” (Google reviews)


5- My Dental Clinic – Calgary


Phone: +1 587-355-2653

If you’re looking for a cheap dental clinic in Calgary that prioritizes patient comfort, go no further than My Dental Clinic, which can provide complete dental treatment for all members of your family. They offer full pediatric dentistry to assist your children in learning about dental health at a young age, which will benefit them for years to come. If teeth alignment becomes a concern as people grow older, they might use the ground-breaking Invisalign alignment system to help them straighten their teeth.

Cavities may be filled with tooth-colored composites at My Dental Clinic – Calgary, as well as more complex operations like root canal therapy.

Customer reviews:

“Great dental clinic! Very friendly staff, punctual, clean, COVID protocols were excellent – no complaints and would recommend to anyone!” (Google reviews)

“My experience has been an eye opening experience that there are dentist offices that are accommodating for sensitive teeth!” (Google reviews)


6- Pathways Dental Clinic


Phone: +1 403-455-5565

Pathways Dental Clinic offers comprehensive dental care that is customized to each patient’s individual needs. Patients’ confidence must be earned, patients’ comfort must be ensured, and patients must be informed and educated on their journey to improved dental health. Checkups, emergency dental, restorative and cosmetic dentistry, teeth whitening, sleep dentistry, dental implants, oral surgery, orthodontics, and more are all available at Pathways Dental Clinic.

Virtual consultations are now available for free at Pathways Dental. Pathways Dental Clinic transforms ordinary smiles into extraordinary ones.

Customer reviews:

“Very kind, they answer all questions you may have, and are very efficient. The $1 new patient exam and cleaning is unique and was a nice change.” (Google reviews)

“Nice staff .Very very comfortable and painless experience with cleaning. They made me so comfortable. Will go back for sure.” (Google reviews)


7- Skyview Ranch Dental Clinic


Phone: +1 403-266-1212

There are several advantages to bringing your whole family to Skyview Ranch Dental Clinic. They give high-quality treatment and services to their patients, with an emphasis on providing personalized oral health care to everyone. The team strives to maintain the principles of a welcoming, family-oriented environment. Furthermore, their dentists are skilled in a variety of preventive, restorative, and aesthetic treatments to match your specific requirements.

Patients are always provided with the information they need to make an educated choice about their dental treatment, regardless of the therapy. If you’re seeking a dental clinic in Calgary that can cater to your complete family’s requirements, look no further.

Customer reviews:

“Visited clinic first time, staff at the reception are very friendly and efficient. Satisfied with the service I got from the clinic. Dr Gupta explained the treatment nicely. Very satisfied with the visit at the clinic 😀” (Google reviews)

“Very friendly staff, attentive emotionally. Quick work done by team and always accommodating to my demanding work schedule. Such a welcoming environment love it here !” (Google reviews)


8- Macleod Trail Dental


Phone: +1 403-253-1248

Macleod Trail Dental is a pleasant location to go to the dentist. Visiting the dentist does not have to be a painful experience. The highly trained staff at Macleod Trail Dental provides a warm and friendly atmosphere for patients. Each dentist, dental hygienist, and dental clinic assistant collaborate to complete all dental operations correctly.


Macleod Trail Dental focuses on reducing pain and making your visit as pleasant as possible.

Customer reviews:

“I just wanna say thank you to the best dental hygienist in caĺgary Kathy Nguyen and the staff of macleod trail dental.  You guys are outstanding.” (Google reviews)

“Great place to go for awesome work and some good laughs! Always had positive experiences here and enjoy seeing the staff. Keep up the excellent work Macleod trail dental 👍” (Google reviews)


9- Millrise Dental Clinic


Phone: +1 403-254-0406

Millrise Dental Clinic has removed all formalities and established an atmosphere where you can relax and enjoy each visit. There’s no need to be afraid or anxious when you’re at ease. Millrise Dental Clinic’s dentist aims to dispel the impression that going to the dentist is a stressful experience. Their welcoming atmosphere helps you feel at ease. You and your children will enjoy plenty of amusement while receiving skilled care.

Millrise Dental Clinic has flat-screen TVs in each chair as well as a playroom with video games and toys for your kids and teenagers.

Customer reviews:

“The most relaxing part of my day. Very personable (and gentle!). Highly recommend to anyone with teeth.” (Google reviews)

“As always the experience at Millrise dental was as positive as a trip to the dentist could be. All staff members treat you with courtesy and respect and with the utmost professionalism.” (Google reviews)


10- Dynamic Dental


Phone: +1 403-453-5588

Dynamic Dental is a full-service family dental clinic that enjoys treating kids, the elderly, and people of all ages. This is a dental facility where you and your whole family may get treatment in a pleasant, soothing, and welcoming setting. They believe that preventive treatment and education are the cornerstones to good oral health, and they place a strong emphasis on a comprehensive dental checkup on your initial appointment. While you wait for your family, they provide complimentary water, juice, and coffee in our waiting area.



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They believe in continuity of treatment and make every effort to retain patients with their preferred dentist and dental hygienist.

Customer reviews:

“I love this dental group! The hygienist is professional, friendly, and just plain awesome! The dentist is also fantastic! I love Dynamic Dental and recommend them to anyone.” (Google reviews)

“Short wait times, very clean, polite and informative, go out of their way to make you feel comfortable and eliminate as much discomfort as possible, very happy with the work.” (Google reviews)

11- Walden Dental Wellness – Dentist in Walden


Phone: +1 403-907-1141

Walden Dental Wellness believes their patients care is the highest priority. They believes the health and wellness of their patients should come first. This Calgary dental office offers flexible financing options to their patients because they understand that your dental care should fit within your budget.

Every patient is different and has a unique set of needs specific to their oral health that dentists at Walden Dental understand which is why their skilled and experienced dental team provides personalized dental care for each patient that walks through their doors.

Customer reviews:

“Brought my family of 5 here and was really impressed. Jen at the front made it easy and a good time for all of us. Feeling lucky to have a place that explained everything before they started and was really transparent with cost and treatment, not pushy at all. Really impressed.” (Google reviews)

“I highly recommend DWG for wisdom teeth extraction. Staff is kind, attentive, and they made sure my son was comfortable. Thank-you so much for everything, especially for accommodating us on short notice.” (Google reviews)


Final Thoughts:

With Calgary’s top dental clinics, you can make your smile attractive and get the greatest oral care possible. A skilled dentist will offer you all of the knowledge you need to take preventative dental actions. They adore your smile and are extremely courteous to both children and adults.


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