10 Best Eye Specialists for Eye Test in Calgary

The eyes are not only the windows to your soul but also to your emotional and physical state. No one can deny the miraculous importance of eyes which enable us to see the true visions of this world. Taking surplus care of your eyes is vital and must be done on a routine basis. A thorough eye exam can unfold a lot of information about your eyesight and general health. Living in Calgary, it is now possible to lookup for a qualified eye specialist to have a look at your eyes. We are here to serve you with the list of the 10 best eye specialists for an eye test in Calgary. These specialized centers are a sound example of professional eye care & treatment.

A regular eye examination not only enables you to check for possible eyesight correction but also other underlying health conditions. Your eyes can be a great indication of what’s wrong with your body. For instance, hypertension, diabetes, systemic lupus, and high cholesterol levels can easily get recognized using just an eye examination. Certain eye conditions such as glaucoma and macular degeneration can occur with age and need proper monitoring and management. With state-of-the-art medical technologies, our enlisted 10 best and most popular eye specialists in Calgary leveled up eye care. If you have a family history of certain eye conditions or diabetes, you must make sure to get your eyes checked even if you don’t wear glasses or contact lenses.

If you’re confused about whether to go to an ophthalmologist or optometrist, we’re here to clear it out. An ophthalmologist is a licensed medical practitioner to carries out eye medicine and surgery. On the contrary, an optometrist is best known to handle eye exams and vision tests. Both ophthalmologists and optometrists can prescribe glasses and contact lenses and do comprehensive eye examinations.

1- Vivid Eye Care at Cranston Market Optometry

Website: vivideyecare.ca/

Phone: +1 403 724 0101

Address: 356 Cranston Rd SE #1020, Calgary, AB T3M 0S9, Canada


  • Children & Seniors’ Eye Exams
  • Contact Lens & Glasses Fitting
  • Eye Issues Diagnosis & Treatments
  • Digital & Laser Eye Surgeries
  • Ocular Coherence Tomography & Retinal Imaging
  • Eye Care Products & Sunglasses
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Exceptional eye care is now made possible by the outstanding services of Vivid Eye Care. The compassionate team of eye specialists tops our list because of hundreds of satisfied clients. With a strong learning commitment, your unique eye health is held in sharp focus. The utmost focus of Vivid Eye Care is not only just confined to diagnostics but also modern treatment options. The facility provides both senior and children’s eye exams done by qualified ophthalmologists and optometrists. They not only provide outstanding care but also valuable consultations. If you’re looking to get your eyes exam or want to upgrade your contact lenses or glasses, this place is your go-to option.

With an impressive number of qualified doctors and staff, Vivid Eye Care is the name your eyes can trust. Apart from general examination, eye specialists are powered to deal with and treat all kinds of eye issues and diseases. Your diabetes, conjunctivitis, or cataract can no longer disturb or put harm your eyesight with the astonishing care provided by Vivid Eye Care. Using state-of-the-art technology, they also introduced new specialty services such as Ocular Coherence Tomography and Digital Retinal Imaging. You can control your exaggerated myopia or go for laser eye surgery and treatment within an impressive time. Vivid Eye Care has a vast collection of every kind of eye care product and branded sunglasses. Step in today and have a complete eye care consultation and diagnostics at Vivid Eye Care.

What Clients Think?

From the moment I contacted Vivid Eye Care they were very responsive, professional and positive to deal with. All the staff were great to deal with. Dr Kader was amazing, great sense of humor and took the time to explain all steps, opinions and options. I will definitely return and recommend them. (Google Reviews)

The entire staff is extremely friendly and helpful. Very efficient and punctual. Answered all my questions, and were able to offer new glasses AND contacts that would solve my vision complaints. Highly recommend this place! (Google Reviews)

2-      Sunridge Eye Clinic

Website: sunridgeeyeclinic.ca/

Phone: +1 403 280 7518

Address: 2525 36 St NE #157, Calgary, AB T1Y 5T4, Canada


  • Eye Exam for All Age Groups
  • Contact Lens Fitting & Dry Eye Care
  • Laser Eye Surgery Consultation
  • Glaucoma & Cataract Management
  • Digital Eye Strain & Eye Emergency
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Sunridge Eye Clinic held its ground in Calgary because of its highest standards of eye care. The in-vision technologies the qualified eye doctors used to tackle eye problems make them sound professionals for eye tests. The optometrists have keen dexterity not only in eye exams but also in detecting serious health issues. Sunridge Eye Clinic presents its ophthalmologists as the most qualified in ensuring you get the proper eye care and quality life. The eye exams are available for seniors and children age groups with no chance of missing out on the important details. Additionally, the clinic is equipped with modern eye products and has the facility for your contact lens reordering.

Everyone has a risk of developing certain eye conditions with age or via genetics. At Sunridge Eye Clinic, you can get your eye checked to get the best possible information about any underlying condition. If you have undergone eye surgery, the clinic offers you exceptional post-op care and recovery. The top-notch eye doctors in Calgary are ready to serve you astonishing care for your vision and eye disease management. In terms of advancements, you can avail yourself of digital eye imaging services. If you’re thinking about getting LASIK or any eye surgery to correct your vision, be sure to visit Sunridge Eye Clinic for a thorough consultation.

What Clients Think?

The optometrist was super friendly and pleasant, more than happy to answer any questions you may have, makes sure you have no questions before you leave. Also informed me of some helpful things that I would have never known if he didn’t take the time. (Google Reviews)

Highly satisfied with the excellent service offered by everyone I dealt with. I do not come here regularly and had an eye emergency. They were quick to adjust me in their schedule. Even today Tina was so polite and adjusted my appointment time.   Dr. Rafi Iqbal Zada was extremely professional and carefully examined my eye every time I visited. Highly recommend this location to everyone for fast and professional service. (Google Reviews)

3-      Market Mall Eye Clinic

Website: marketmalleyeclinic.com/

Phone: +1 587 324 2824

Address: 3625 Shaganappi Trail NW, Calgary, AB T3A 0E2, Canada


  • Affordable & Comprehensive Eye Exams
  • Retinal Imaging & Disease Diagnostics
  • Contact Lens Ordering & Consultations
  • Eye Care for Pediatrics, Children & Seniors
  • Computer Vision & Glaucoma Screening
  • Vision Field Test & OCT 3D Testing
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Market Mall Eye Clinic takes eye care out of the ordinary and introduces several splendid services. Your other best optometrist in Calgary is now at the most premium location at the market mall. Comprehensive eye care combined with advanced technologies is all you need to see the colors of life the right way. Market Mall Eye Clinic’s thorough eye exams are affordable and available for you and your loved ones with direct insurance billing services. This popular eye specialist clinic works around the clock to give you exceptional eye care even on weekends. The clinic has also introduced an online booking and live contact lens platform for its beloved clients.

Talking about their services, Market Mall Eye Clinic takes pride in detecting and curing many eye conditions. The early signs of eye diseases can easily be detected by their digital scans and retinal imaging technology. We know you may suffer from dry eyes as it is one of the most common eye conditions that affect anyone at any age. The qualified optometrists are ready to serve you whether you’re a senior citizen or taking your child for an eye exam. The vision-related changes are never to be ignored again using computer vision screening. Market Mall Eye Clinic possesses a premium and robust collection of eyeglasses and contact lenses to help you focus. Apart from their super-friendly staff and eye exams, the clinic also offers vision field and OCT 3D testing to assist in accurate disease diagnostics and treatments.

What Clients Think?

I had been going to the same eye doctor for over 30 years and decided to go to Dr. Nhi at the market mall eye clinic after being referred by a friend. My experiences with her have all been exceptional! From the moment we met I felt confident with her immense amount of knowledge. I had never learnt so much about my eyes and their health. I couldn’t believe how thorough she was as I had never experienced this type of service. (Google Reviews)

Dr. Chaudhry is wonderful to visit, making each and every appointment worth your time while creating a comfortable atmosphere to be assessed. She was very thorough in her approach, providing detailed explanations and using simple language helping me understand what was being shown on my scans, what tests were being done and why they were being performed. Would highly recommend! (Google Reviews)

4-      Mission Eye Care

Website: missioneyecare.ca/

Phone: +1 403 440 1234

Address: 2206 2 St SW #180, Calgary, AB T2S 3C5, Canada


  • Comprehensive Eye Testing
  • Myopia and Dry Eye Treatments
  • Macular Degeneration & Glaucoma Management
  • Corneal Diseases & Cataracts Diagnosis
  • Eyesight/Sports Eyeglasses & Lenses
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A full spectrum of services is now in your hand with Mission Eye Care. Their happy clients are always delighted whether it’s their first visit or an annual one. Using the latest technologies, it is now made possible to diagnose possibly preventable eye diseases. Mission Eye Care offers a complete eye examination plan with proper consultation services. For their clients’ convenience, they’ve made billing direct to most of the third-party insurance plans. This is what inspires us to add this well-known eye specialist clinic for an eye test in our list that is available in Calgary. All of their services are thoroughly explained and presented to ease your understanding process.

Mission Eye Care utilizes the top-moist diagnostic tools in tailoring the treatments for your underlying eye conditions. You’ll no longer experience dry eyes and myopia with the exceptional treatment options provided by their quality eye specialists. Don’t worry about your fine lines and wrinkles around your eyes as they employed radio-frequency to enhance the collagen growth to maintain your eye aesthetics. Pre- and post-op care is another domain Mission Eye Care is successful at whether you have undergone laser eye surgery or retinal imaging. This best eye specialist for an eye test in Calgary also comes with a unique set of eyewear products including glasses, frames, and lenses.

What Clients Think?

Had a chance to see Dr O’Brien for my check-up. The doctor and the support staff were incredibly thorough and spent over an hour with me going over all and any issue. The appointment was educational and one of the better interactions I have had with a doctor – I left knowing more about my eye health and not just a slip of paper with my prescription. A genuine thank you to the team at Mission Eye Care! (Google Reviews)

Thank you to the team at Mission Eye Care! My visits are always smooth and y interactions with staff are always great! The front desk staff and optometry technicians have always been great to me! Dr. Morrison explains everything well and I feel confident in her care. Thanks again! (Google Reviews)

5- Eyedeology™ Downtown Calgary Optometrist

Website: eyedeology.ca/

Phone: +1 587 353 5061

Address: 520 3 Ave SW SUITE 245, Calgary, AB T2P 0R3, Canada


  • Complete Eye Examination & Nutritional Care
  • Advanced Dry Eye & Myopia Treatments
  • Eye Emergency Management
  • Laser Vision Consultation
  • Antiaging, Cosmetics & Skincare
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Eyedeology’s passion is not only just confined to eye care but also to building a strong community of advanced and professional eye and skincare. Qualified eye specialists strive in researching the best and most modern methods of eye disease treatments with minimal side effects. In terms of their eye examinations, the services entail history taking, eye function assessment, and disease diagnostics. Eyedeology implies the latest equipment and a digital phoropter to enhance the precision of eyeglasses. The 200 degrees wide-field digital retinal exam photography is utilized to make the perfect and utmost accurate diagnostics possible.

Your medically-necessary visits to Eyedeology are covered by trained eye ophthalmologists and optometrists. Whether you have dry eyes or are suffering from diabetes and retinal diseases, Eyedeology never lessens the quality of services. You’ll no longer feel the gritty and burning eyes with the specially formulated eye care products available. Eyedeology proudly presents its wide range of contact lenses and eyeglasses collection covering all of the major brands. Another perk this best eye specialist clinic offer is skincare. They have skincare and eye specialists right under one roof to not only enhance your vision but also beautify your skin with antiaging regimens and cosmetics.

What Clients Think?

Dr. Farrah at Eyedeology is wonderful.  I suffer from very dry eyes and several years ago found her clinic in Calgary.  I decided to give her a try and haven’t looked back since.  I have subsequently moved a couple provinces away, but continue to go to see her annually because of the trust I have in her. She cares about you as a patient, asks about what’s going on and is very thorough in her examinations. The treatment plan she put me on was very effective. The staff at her clinic are also very helpful. (Google Reviews)

My family and I had our visit to the clinic a couple of month ago, since then Dr.  Farrah, have been take care of all of us, she is very friendly, smart, up to date and takes the time to answer all my questions.  She has handled my daughter’s myopia very professionally.  100% recommended. Also, all the staff at the clinic are very friendly and helpful. (Google Reviews)

6- Signal Hill Eye Care

Website: signalhilleyecare.com/

Phone: +1 403 686 2022

Address: 5963 Signal Hill Centre SW, Calgary, AB T3H 3P8, Canada


  • Absolute Eye Examination & Testing
  • Glasses & Contact Lenses Selection
  • Orthokeratology (Ortho-K) Service
  • Digital Retinal Photography & Imaging
  • Eye Movement & Vision Testing
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The highest standards of ethics and integrity combined with utmost eye care are made possible by Signal Hill Eye Care. The skilled optometrists and staff are ready to assist you in all kinds of eye care consultations. The process always starts from the moment you undergo the history-taking process. All the parameters are precisely measured including your eye movement and binocular vision. The data is then compiled to make a prescription based on the evaluation of your focusing stamina. Not only the vision, but the qualified professionals also take steps to ensure the health of inner and outer eye structures.

Signal Hill Eye Care is always trying to step up technological advancements. They introduce the procedure of orthokeratology to Calgary which is a great alternative to laser vision correction. Ortho-K is designed for myopia correction to enable you to see distant objects again with good focusing ability. There are no laser treatments involved and the whole process just used lenses to treat myopia. Signal Hill Eye Care provides supportive client support and consultations. You can order your new contacts or eyeglasses in no time with their online services. If you’re looking for affordable yet effective eye testing in Calgary, consider getting an appointment at Signal Hill Eye Care.

What Clients Think?

Dr. LeVasseur is excellent. Both my husband and kids saw her this year and have been very amazed at how much an eye doctor can assess your condition with eye health. My GP was very pleased to hear I have such a great optometrist. (Google Reviews)

I’ve been going here for approximately 20 years. It is a very good optometry ‘eye doctor’ clinic. As well as prescription glasses dispenser. They diagnosed and caught early potential glaucoma in my eyes and may have prevented a very serious disease. All of my prescriptions have been super accurate and the glasses and lenses incredibly well done. (Google Reviews)

7- Clarity Laser Vision

Website: claritylaservision.com/

Phone: +1 587 600 3552

Address: 1016 68 Ave SW #110, Calgary, AB T2V 4J2, Canada


  • Premier Corneal Laser Center
  • Transepithelial PRK/TSA Surgery
  • Refractive Lens Exchange
  • Implantable Collamer Lens (ICL)
  • LASIK Eye Surgery
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Clarity Laser Vision is an outstanding eye surgery facility accredited by the College of Physicians & Surgeons of Alberta (CPSA). You’ll be amazed to see the hospital-grade safety standards applied by the qualified staff. From their surgical services to client safety, everything compels you to book an appointment today. The calm and relaxing atmosphere makes this an ideal place if you want surgical services regarding your eye conditions. The eye doctors at this best eye care center are licensed eye surgeons that are always active to provide you with valuable consultations. The treatment decisions are made after a proper eye exam & valuable test at Clarity Laser Vision.

Implicating superior eyecare technologies, Dr. Al-Ghoul made the diagnostic approach extraordinary. The cutting-edge and precise set of equipment is proven to provide the expected results whether you want PRK or LASIK. Clarity Laser Vision ensures their ‘No Compromise’ motif in all of their treatments and consultations aspects.  The clinic uses Penta Cam as a corneal diagnostic system to detect the subtle anomalies of the cornea for proper diagnosis. The spectacular choice of technologies, combined with the certified experts is all you need to get your vision back on track.

What Clients Think?

I had a fabulous PRK experience at Clarity Eye Care. I originally had a consult elsewhere and wasn’t convinced. I took a second chance at Clarity and am so glad I did. I was very anxious leading up to/during the surgery but both Dr. Al-Ghoul and is operating room staff were very calming and talked me through every step which was very helpful! My recovery has been smooth with no issues. I would recommend Clarity to anyone looking for corrective eye surgery. (Google Reviews)

My experience with Clarity Laser Vision was great. Dr. Al-Ghoul did an awesome job with my Laser Eye Surgery. The staff at Clarity were also great, they are very organized, and they all have a role to play. The time they took to do all the tests and explain the process really helped my decision to do Lasik. (Google Reviews)

8- Core Eye Care

Website: coreeyecare.com/

Phone: +1 403 290 1535

Address: 751 3 St SW #332, Calgary, AB T2P 4K8, Canada


  • Proper Kids & Senior Eye Exam
  • Surgical co-management Service
  • Eye Health & Disease Diagnostics
  • Contact Lenses & Eyecare Products
  • Walk-in Facility & Consultation
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Established in 2016, Core Eye Care is providing quality eye care services in Calgary. The clinic always meets the demands of its clients with the help of some of the most qualified eye care specialists available in Calgary. To analyze the overall eye health and vision, a comprehensive exam is carried out on your first appointment. In contrast to the sight test that uses automated software, an eye exam offers much more promising results. The whole exam takes a little time right from taking the history and the exam data using the latest medical equipment.


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Your constantly changing vision must be looked after and Core Eye Care is the pioneer of eye exams. They also provide surgical co-management by collaborating with other eye surgery clinics. The referral role of this one of the best eye specialist clinics in Calgary is what drives you to pay a visit. The expert eye care will ensure your excellent vision with no concerns whatsoever. If you’re planning to switch from glasses to contact lenses, now is the right time to book an appointment. Besides, the clinic also has a medical eye exam facility to test for possible red & dry eyes, glaucoma, and other abnormal eye conditions.

What Clients Think?

I saw Dr. Du for a medical eye exam, and was incredibly happy with the experience.  She took ample time to explain the assessment findings and did additional testing to get a complete picture of my eye health. Absolutely would recommend and will be a returning patient for sure. (Google Reviews)

Dr. Wu was very thorough and was able to help me out after my first prescription didn’t work out.  She was patient, explained everything and did the prescription check free of charge as part of her great service.  They have great staff and equipment and I definitely recommend them. (Google Reviews)

9-  Premier Eye Care

Website: premiereye.ca/

Phone: +1 403 907 0732

Address: 7 Mahogany Plaza SE Unit 670, Calgary, AB T3M 2P8, Canada


  • Myopia Control & Eyecare Products
  • Eye Emergency Handling
  • Outright Eye Examination & Testing
  • Thorough Expert Consultation
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Premier Eye Care is another noteworthy eye specialist clinic in Calgary for your eye test. The facility offers exceptional and complete eye exam service to make your vision precise and comfortable. We stacked Premier Eyecare in our list of 10 best eye specialists for an eye test in Calgary because of its super-friendly and affordable services. The selection of suitable eyeglass lenses and frames is now made easy using Premium Eye Care’s vast collection. The expert eye doctors manage your ongoing eye issues professionally in a hassle-free environment.

Premier Eye Care has some of the nicest and most well-trained optometrists such as Dr. Aleem Jiwa. The profound knowledge and keen expertise in eye care made this clinic a perfect place for your routine eye examinations. Whether you’re suffering from a pronged eye condition, the diagnostics and treatments options will be well-explained to you beforehand. The staff makes sure their clients get sound guidance in pursuing the treatment protocols. The phenomenal service provided by Premier Eye Care makes your every visit satisfactory and incredibly helpful.

What Clients Think?

Excellent! I was looking for a new Optometrist and I saw Dr. Aleem Jiwa. He was amazing, patient and polite. Didn’t talk down to me and didn’t try to swindle me with unnecessary purchases. I was excited to go purchase my new glasses the next day! Would HIGHLY recommend!!! (Google Reviews)

Dr. Jiwa is the most knowledgeable and caring optometrist I have gone to. I came in for a routine exam, and have an eye condition that I was diagnosed with last year. I had little information on it, and was never given a concrete treatment plan. Dr. Jiwa explained the condition to me, thoroughly checked my eyes, prescribed me a needed medication, and referred me to an ophthalmologist for an opinion on what treatment options to pursue. (Google Reviews)

10- Bridlewood Eye Care

Website: bridlewoodeyecare.com/

Phone: +1 403 873 2123

Address: 315-2335 162 Ave SW, Calgary, AB T2Y 4S6, Canada


  • Effective Eye Testing & Exam
  • Myopia Control Center for Children
  • Pediatric Eyecare Facility
  • Ocular Disease Diagnostics and Management
  • LASIK & Refractive Surgery Co-Management
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A full range of eye health services is now made possible in Calgary by Bridlewood Eye Care. The clients are treated with personal attention and smiling staff. We all know individual patient care is the foundation of a complete healthcare system. With the expertise of qualified optometrists, eye assessment and diagnostics are made with improved innovative technologies. From seniors to children and pediatrics, everyone deserves a beautiful set of eyes. With age, complications arise and the need to see a qualified eye specialist in Calgary is compulsory in Calgary. Bridlewood Eye Care is dedicated to investing a tremendous effort in stopping myopia in young children.

Apart from the special protocols they use to perform an eye exam, the management of commonly occurring eye diseases is also being made. Age-related eye disorders such as Glaucoma and Macular Degeneration significantly reduce vision quality. These ocular diseases are under keen consideration of Bridlewood Eye Care’s eye experts. The staff uses up-to-date equipment in diagnosing and treating eye conditions and co-management in surgeries. If you want a complete set of therapeutic approaches to treating and managing your dry and red eyes, Bridlewood Eye Care can make this possible.

What Clients Think?

I have just had the best experience at an eye care doctor I have had in a very long time. Dr. Medway was awesome, very professional and extremely easy to talk to and didn’t push anything on me at all. All the staff were very nice and in particular Sandy, she is a lovely lady and didn’t rush me, took the time to explain everything and was very professional and friendly. I highly recommend Bridlewood Eye Care! (Google Reviews)

Location was clean, staff were friendly, courteous, and professional. The business side of things (running through benefits, establishing a new client profile, etc.), was efficient and easy-going. The doctors were professional, caring, and informative – I know more about my eyes after today than I have in 10 years. I highly recommend to anyone needing optical care. (Google Reviews)

Final Verdict

Just like paying visits to your general family doctor, you should also consider adding your eye specialist to the list. Regularly examining your eye health enables you to have a strong vision. Calgarians are blessed to have some of the most qualified and expert eye specialists available. If you’re looking up for an affordable and effective eye specialist, look no further. Our compiled list of the 10 best eye specialists for an eye test in Calgary is all you need to decide on your next eye exam appointment. With that being said, good luck on your next visit to have a beautiful and colourful vision throughout life.

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