The 8 Best Health Food Stores in Calgary

Health food stores are the champions in terms of a holistic and sustainable healthy lifestyle. These stores are enriched with all-natural and ethical food supplies at an affordable rate for the local community. Forget the confusing and misinformative food & medical labels containing harmful chemicals. A top-notch health store offers alternative and more compatible options. In Calgary, getting away from processed foods and pharmaceuticals is becoming popular due to their harmful side effects. We present to you our compiled list of the 8 best health food stores in Calgary.

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In contrast to shopping from a mass-market outlet, there are significant benefits of getting your grocery done from a health food store. These stores are spread around Canada and offer premium and natural quality whole foods, raw foods, organic, and allergy-free foods. Besides, you’ll get a whole range of daily and sports nutritional supplements and body care products. They minimize the carbon footprint by presenting environmental-free household items. The health food stores are your one-stop shop for all-natural dietary and body care products.

1- Community Natural Foods


Phone: +14039306363

Address: 6120 1a St SW, Calgary, AB T2H 0G3, Canada

What’s Special?

  • Organic Fruits, Vegetables & Grocery
  • Vitamins & Mineral Supplements
  • Eggs, Dairy & Alternatives
  • Herbal Face & Body Care Products
  • Home & Lifestyle Products
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With over 15,000 products, Community Natural Foods is all about getting fresh and natural products. With hundreds of satisfied shoppers each day, they are in business since 1977 to nourish the community with a complete range of food and lifestyle products. Community Natural Foods know the importance of health in recent times and make sure to sustain it. The quality of customer care is unmatched and the staff is super-friendly in guiding you in the selection of organic and fresh fruits and vegetables. The grocery section is what attracts the customers with an impressive range of wholesome foods and cooking items.

Not only the Community Natural Foods is expert in serving you with quality foods but they are pioneers in delivering nutraceuticals in the Calgary region. All of the vitamins and mineral supplements are extracted and formulated with top-notch processes and natural sources. Besides, this is your one-stop store for all dairy products. They have specially made dairy alternative options and fresh eggs from the organic chicken farms. If you’re looking for valuable and effective herbal skin and body care products, Community Natural Foods has an ample selection of them. Visit this amazing store for all of your lifestyle and dietary needs and we promise you’ll never regret it.

Customer Feedback

Best health food store in the Western world.  Go up to the touch screen and order a custom-made juice and healthy sandwich or burrito, then do your shopping while they make your fresh order from scratch!  Amazing selection and lots of knowledgeable staff to answer questions.  Here’s a tip:  put the chocolate by the checkout area so I can grab some high-cocoa snack cravings on my way out. (Google Reviews)

My wife and I have been visiting Community Foods for a number of years now. We always go to the 61st Ave SW location due to their fine service! A big shout out to Nance, she’s always a pleasure to talk to, highly intelligent and recommends all the best supplements my wife needs to maintain her health and wellbeing. Keep up the good work Nance and we hope to see you again soon! (Google Reviews)

2- Sunnyside Natural Market


Phone: +14032707477

Address: 338 10 St NW Unit 10, Calgary, AB T2N 1V8, Canada

What’s Special?

  • Local & Organic Goods
  • Hormone Free Meat & Dairy Products
  • Locally Produced Baked Goods
  • Organic Grocery Products
  • Natural Health & Wellness Products
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Sunnyside Natural Market deserves your next visit as a family-owned natural health food store. They are located in the intimate neighborhood of the Kensington area. They are specialized in all kinds of organic and hormone-free foods. With the excellence of all-natural and healthy beauty products, you can have anything ranging from face and body care options. This popular store is committed to providing deliciousness without worrying about harmful additives. One thing we like about Sunnyside Natural Market is its amazing staff and certified reputation as an organic wholesaler.

Sunnyside Natural Market provides top-notch freshness by supporting local farmers. The locally produced organic foods are enriched with nutrition and deliciousness. With the complete guidance of the farmers and limiting the production and selling distance, they can produce a much lesser carbon footprint. Sunnyside Natural Market deals with dairy and dairy alternative products according to the consumer’s preferences. Together with an all-natural product catalog and Calgary’s popular health food store, this is your go-to option for all ranges of healthcare and grocery products.

Customer Feedback

This is one of the best natural food stores I have been to.  The staff are friendly and knowledgeable.  To those of you who don’t think masking is a priority do the rest of us a favor and use curbside pickup.  I am so tired and frustrated of those few individuals that put themselves above the rest of the public.  I am personally very glad that they are strict. (Google Reviews)

This is a joy to go shopping to! It is clean well sorted easy to find what you need I found the staff was not only happy and friendly…but they are VERY knowledgeable!  They can answer any questions you have. The food is OUTSTANDING fresh healthy non-GMO.  All organic and natural. Even free tasters to try at the soup area.  They like you to bring your own non plastic bags but will provide a brown paper bag if you forget your bag.  **HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!** (Google Reviews)

3- Light Cellar


Phone: +14034531343

Address: 6531 Bowness Rd NW, Calgary, AB T3B 0E8, Canada

What’s Special?

  • Ancient Grains & Proteins
  • Cacao & Chocolate Products
  • Culinary & Medicinal Mushrooms
  • Dried Fruits, Loose Herbs & Teas
  • Nourishing Fats & Sweeteners
  • Hydrosols & Probiotics
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Light Cellar proudly presents the highest superfood range with hundreds of delighted Calgarians already getting benefits. Do you want a healthy food store where you can find an impressive range of full-body nourishment foods? Light Cellar is your best bet not only in the superfood domain but also in beauty products. The food products offered by Light Cellar are homegrown and manufactured in a hygienic environment. Moreover, they have medically proven skin and body care products, including loose herbs and teas for a healthier lifestyle.


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The beautifully crafted green algae and seaweed formulations renew your looks and are currently their featured selling products. Light Cellar’s probiotics will take care of your gut health by providing effective microbes. They are experts in making chocolate bars with naturally available cocoa powders. If you’re worried about your health and need to cut down on sugars and fats, try their improved nourishing fats and sweeteners as an effective alternative. Step into Light Cellar to fulfill your needs of acquiring super herbs and foods to maintain your fitness and mental health.

Customer Feedback

The light cellar offers some of the best prices when it comes to plant medicine, medicinal mushrooms, tinctures and blends. They have a wide variety of organic herbs and spices; they also have an amazing elixir café! One of my favorites is the Star Seed Chai. I also did a Reishi learning session with them a couple years back and it was incredible! I learned so much, met so many lovely people and connected with chocolate, cacao, medicinal mushrooms and myself on a deeper level. Thank you so much! (Google Reviews)

I love the Light Cellar!  The team there is always so very friendly and ready to help you and answer any questions you may have.   They have such a wide range of health promoting products, books as well as an elixir bar in the back with yummy (very healthy) snacks and they can make you a veritable number of incredible healthy drinks that your body will appreciate. (Google Reviews)

4- Amaranth Foods


Phone: +14035476333

Address: 7 Arbour Lake Dr. NW, Calgary, AB T3G 5G8, Canada

What’s Special?

  • In-Store Shopping & Same Day Delivery
  • Natural Nutritional & Vitamins Supplements
  • Fresh Fruits & Vegetables
  • Locally Sourced Meat
  • Health & Wellness Products
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Amaranth Foods is the health food store you can trust to prove excellence and customer satisfaction at the same time. This valuable business chain possesses an amazing and natural collection of all beauty and health-related products. They offer Canada-wide delivery on all of their fruits, vegetables, and supplements with same-day delivery. Now you don’t need to get involved in the confusion about where you should look for the best quality grocery items. Amaranth Foods enables the Calgarians to work on their lifestyles by adopting healthy dietary practices.

Amaranth Foods has allowed you to go all-herbal & locally produced food and meat items. The farmers are encouraged to grow optimum-quality fruits and vegetables without the use of chemicals. From getting pure dairy milk and meat to vitamin and mineral supplements, this is your go-to option. They properly managed and analyze the quality of health care products so you can be able to bring home only holistic and healthy foods at your home.

Customer Feedback

Always so nice to go to a local family-owned store where my business is recognized, valued and appreciated.  The service is excellent, the owners and staff are wonderful.  They always have all the products in stock that I need.  If ever out of stock they promptly order it and call me when it’s in. What more could you want!  Everything is excellent!! (Google Reviews)

Amaranth is right in my neighborhood, and I LOVE this store. They have an incredible supplement selection and certified staff you can share your health challenges with and get real time recommendations! I’ve never experienced this anywhere else.  Oh, and be sure to take advantage of their 20% off day the first Wednesday of every month on supplements and body products. I stock up all the time on these days. I’m thankful for their fair prices and commitment to supporting local business as well. (Google Reviews)

5- Replenish


Phone: +14032538652

Address: G1 Heritage Plaza, 8330 Macleod Trail SE, Calgary, AB T2H 2V2, Canada

What’s Special?

  • Best in Class Body & Hair Health
  • Herbal & Holistic Foods
  • Naturally Extracted & Manufactured Supplements
  • Cosmetic & Skin Care Collection
  • Aromatherapy Services
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Replenish health food store is established by taking passion and ethics into consideration. Through their astounding services, they’re now able to develop a meaningful relationship with their customers by providing only top-notch food & healthcare items. Replenish has a whole collection of globally known brands, whether you want to add food or health products to your next shopping list. Replenish is a family-owned and managed health food store to offers the most compelling shopping experience.

Replenish delights its customers with mind-blowing natural products and revolutionary pricing. Just like the store, the staff is highly adaptable according to the customers’ needs, with the consistent provision of only the top beauty and health supplement variants. From time to time, they listen to their customers in all domains of herbal and holistic food items and bring out the astonishing set of branded and locally produce shopping ranges. Replenish is a socially conscious business listening to the community and providing what your body and mind demand in herbal settings.

Customer Feedback

Visited this beautiful store for the first time this week! Incredible prices, very good selection of bath, body care and make up! The sales associate went well out of her way to help me select just the right color. My grandmother was in tow and was also not hassled/harassed for not wearing a mask, as she is medically exempt.  We were given most reliable and caring health advice. Sad that there was a time limit as we would’ve shopped more. Will be back for sure! (Google Reviews)

Great Store I usually shop at this plaza. Great place for your supplements and health food needs.  I have been going here for few years and found the cure for my health issues.  I had kidney stones ongoing and I was recommended Chanca Piedra in 2016.  Since then, I’ve been going strong and without issue.  Thank you. (Google Reviews)

6- High-Vibe Health Inc.


Phone: +14034558423

Address: 227 153 Ave SE #233, Calgary, AB T2X 2K2, Canada

What’s Special?

  • In-store Shopping & Pickup
  • Certified Organic Food Retailers
  • Powders, Tinctures & Teas
  • Spreads, Jams & Sauces
  • Nourishing Bone Broth & Treats
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High-Vibe Health Inc. is a Calgary-renowned health food store specializing in tasty and healthy broth and herbal treats. With utmost love & high vibes, they are now a leading health store offering an all-organic set of foods. You can visit them today and make a nourishing decision of getting top-notch and natural food items. The exemplary customer service is another domain we like about High-Vibe Health Inc. As we’ve mentioned their excellent dexterity in producing healthy bone broth, you can find all types including beef, turkey, & grass-fed bison broths all under the same roof.

Not only High-Vibe Health Inc.’s broth soup is famous but they’ve managed to renovate many other products. You’ll be delighted to taste their refreshing cookies and pops. They are currently shipping some of the highest quality powders and tinctures to rejuvenate your health to a new level. Homemade sauces are another featured product many satisfied customers admire. High-Vibe Health Inc.’s Spreads and jams are formulated using organically grown fruits to enhance the flavors innovatively.

Customer Feedback

The first time I walked in the store I was greeted and welcomed with a free sample of their tallow cookies (delicious and not too sweet). I love the chicken and chocobroth products. I love giving my business to Calgary and female-owned companies!! (Google Reviews)

Absolutely LOVE this bone broth and company!!! Obsessed with all the flavors but especially the Turkey. Also had my reservations about chocolate bone broth and now drink it regularly because it’s the perfect afternoon pick me up and tastes like HOT CHOCOLATE! No joke. I’ve converted several other to it now too. Highly recommend this company and their delicious broths. (Google Reviews)

7- Lotus Herbal Health


Phone: +14034577197

Address: 8417 Elbow Dr. SW, Calgary, AB T2V 1K8, Canada

What’s Special?

  • Excellent Herbal Supplements
  • Top-Class Collagen Boosters
  • Skin & Body Care Products
  • Organic Herbal Powders
  • Mineral Oils & Multi-vitamins
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Lotus Herbal Health is changing the lifestyles of Calgarians through its exclusive range of healthcare products. After many years of experimenting and manufacturing, this popular health care store is now fully functional in collaboration with world-class herbal brands. From getting supplements to top-of-the-line powders and oils, you get anything you want for your mind and body. Now you don’t need to get in the difficulty finding your favorite all-natural beauty lotions by choosing Lotus Herbal Health as your new amazing health food store.


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A post shared by Lotus (@lotusherbal)

Lotus Herbal Health strives to increase the catalog of its top-class products day by day. By building and managing excellent customer communication, Lotus Herbal Health managed to pull off excellence in healthcare. They not only formulate the food and beauty products themselves but also take major brands into consideration. The transparency in providing completely natural formulations of foods, lotions, powders, and numerous other items is what makes Lotus Herbal Health worth a try.

Customer Feedback

My first experience at Lotus Herbal Health was incredible. Sasha was a wealth of knowledge regarding my health concerns, and she provided solutions and answered all of my questions. I was pleasantly surprised at the selection of items on their shelves that I thought I would have to make for myself, and the fact that they are carrying some local products was an added bonus. (Google Reviews)

My friend introduced me to Lotus as the place she goes when she wants to talk. I was surprised to find the amount and variety of natural herbs and supplements in stock, some of which are Alberta sourced. Sasha is a well of information who is very approachable. (Google Reviews)

8- Bowness Health Foods


Phone: +14032862224

Address: 6435 Bowness Rd NW, Calgary, AB T3B 0E6, Canada

What’s Special?

  • Whole Food Supplements
  • Homeopathic Formulations
  • Mineral & Essential Oils
  • Gluten-Free Vegetarian & Vegan Food Collection
  • Natural Body Care
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Bowness Health Foods is established in 1990 and has been operating as a family-owned best quality health food store. They are your perfect partner in the domain of complete health and happiness. With an amazing catalog of food, grocery, and healthcare products, they have held a remarkable place in the eyes of Calgarians. Bowness Health Foods is your doorway to getting good health with the power of natural herbs and nature-owned medicinal therapeutics. This popular health food store is working in providing excellence with its whole food supplements and supplies.

Bowness Health Foods is the oldest and most well-known store in Alberta and Calgary region. Moreover, the unmatched and countless health products are something that compels the customers to must pay a visit. We suggest this last but not the least health food store because of their utmost natural vitamins and mineral products. Bowness Health Foods is the one-stop store for all of your homeopathic and holistic food supplements. Besides, they also offer effective household cleaners with no residual chemicals and carbon footprints.

Customer Feedback

I find the prices are fabulous actually, it’s a local community business and the owners are very informative, educated and willing to provide support to all their customers. I refer people regularly. Parking is easy with tons of hours of operation! Coming from another business owner in wellness, you have it going on. Keep up the great work!! (Google Reviews)

Bowness Health Foods is an awesome store!  I have been shopping there for years.  It is spacious.  I like that I can see the products that they offer.  I like being able to walk around and look at everything in different areas of the store.  It is huge!  They have a wide variety and also, bulk herbs of all kinds.  So may stores just don’t offer such things.  The staff is very friendly and extremely knowledgeable. (Google Reviews)

Final Thoughts

An excellent health food store can provide much more than just food. To rejuvenate and maintain a healthier lifestyle, these stores are your go-to options. Calgarians have a chance to visit these popular health stores and start a newer and more natural lifestyle. All of the food and health supplies are completely ethical with clear composition descriptions. We ease out the process of choosing a good quality health store by compiling the list of the 8 best health food stores in Calgary. Get your face and body in better shape with herbs and nutritional supplements offered by these popular health stores in amazing yet affordable price ranges.

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