Top 8 Best Martial Art Schools in Calgary to visit in 2023

Martial Art Schools in Calgary: When your only connection to martial arts has been through action films, you may believe that their primary goal is to engage in combat and violence. You might even feel that just learning how to fight or obtaining a black belt as rapidly as possible is the only goal.

But that isn’t the case. Martial art is a diverse discipline with numerous physiological and intellectual health advantages. Tolerance, self-discipline, and improved emotional and spiritual health are taught at the Calgary martial arts school. For your convenience, some of the finest martial art teaching centers are mentioned below.

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1- Elite Martial Arts Academy


Phone: +15872250337

Address: 4750 106 Ave SE, Calgary, AB T2C 3G5

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Starting with your first class, Elite Martial Arts Academy offers traditional Martial Arts training in a modern environment geared to get you learning, achieving goals, and having fun. Elite Martial Arts Academy encourages the growth of the soul, courage, honesty, persistence, consciousness, tolerance, and devotion through Martial Arts programs for all categories and people.

They have a staff of experienced and certified instructors who will assist you in learning various sorts of martial arts in a pleasant and exciting atmosphere.

Customer reviews:

“I started two months ago and I’m always excited to get to class! The atmosphere is friendly and inviting with fantastic teachers that help you work hard and improve on your technical skills.” (Google reviews)

“Was a great experience taking my granddaughter. We arrived a little early , the instructor showed me around. Class was a nice balance of teaching ,fun and respect.” (Google reviews)

2- Affinity Academy


Phone:  +14038056793

Address: 5403 Crowchild Trail NW 129 #126, Calgary, AB T3B 4Z1

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Affinity Academy is committed to providing an engaging environment to study Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Kickboxing. The team at Affinity Academy is committed to building enduring relationships between instructors, managers, learners, and their parents, rather than simply teaching a skill. They motivate and inspire you to reach your full potential by instilling and applying.

Martial Arts concepts into all parts of life, such as character development, fostering balance and tranquillity, maintaining the path of justice, spreading kindness, and appreciating everybody. Their programs are intended to be upbeat and motivating.

Customer reviews:

“Our son loves being on the mats at Affinity! All the coaches are amazing and it is clear that they love what they do!” (Google reviews)

“I’ve been to many different martial arts school over there years and Affinity is one of the best!  Clean facilities with top notch staff and a community that is super supportive and knowledgeable.  I’ll be coming here for a long time and I recommend you give it a try!” (Google reviews)

3- Studios Group Martial Arts


Phone: +14035108787

Address: 259 Midpark Way SE, Calgary, AB T2X 1M2

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Studios Group Martial Arts focus on providing practical and dependable martial arts instruction. Calgary’s martial arts school uses cutting-edge instructional techniques while adhering to traditional martial arts beliefs. Their pupils can not only earn World Taekwondo belts, but they also receive instruction for their martial arts competitive team, wrestling, self-defense classes, and firearms.

They provide martial arts for children in Calgary, martial arts for toddlers, adults, and familial martial arts Karate training.

Customer reviews:

“My kids have been enrolled since January of this year and love it so much they decided to join the Raptors program. They are always excited to go to class and love the instructors. It’s like our second family there!” (Google reviews)

“Got my Second Degree Black Belt here. Great place, great facilities, great instructors, Nice atmosphere. I recommend it to everyone.” (Google reviews)

4- Summit Martial Arts


Phone: +15875835425

Address: 12204 40 St SE Unit 32, Calgary, AB T2Z 4K6

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Summit Martial Arts are pleased to provide martial arts classes for children as young as four years old to adults, ranging from beginner to advanced black belt. They ensure that all pupils are held to a high standard of learning. They stick to conventional training techniques, and their classes will test both mind and body.

For the previous five years, Summit Martial Arts has been chosen as the best martial arts school in Calgary. Their response to the epidemic scenario reflects their ranking and dedication to the safety and well-being of students and parents.

Customer reviews:

“Awesome instruction, knowledgeable and you earn your belts.  Follows COVID-19 government mandated protocols.  Feel safe in their facility.” (Google reviews)

“Extremely knowledgeable instructors who have a real passion for Tae Kwon Do. Summit produces world-class martial artists and Calgary is lucky to have this calibre of training! Plus they make you feel like you are part of the Summit family.” (Google reviews)

5- Tao of Peace Martial Arts & Life Skills


Phone: +14032880000

Address: 6331 Bowness Rd NW, Calgary, AB T3B 0E5

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Tao of Peace is a martial arts school that focuses on society and families. They develop pupils who are looking for balance and improvement through their program. Their martial arts program incorporates a variety of disciplines, notably Kempo Karate, Hap Ki Do (Joint Adjustment), and European Boxing, with the purpose of providing a well-rounded program that emphasizes body awareness and self-defense.


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The Tao of Peace intellectual system is based on the belief that strong, outspoken, and sympathetic individuals become valuable members of their organizations. Opportunities for children as young as five years old up to adults. Learners are challenged to give it their all without feeling obligated to be admitted or acknowledged.

Customer reviews:

“Amazing for kids and adults. If you want to send your kids to martial arts. This is the only place that is above and beyond. Highly recommended!” (Google reviews)

“Great place where kids and adults not only learn martial arts but also how to be well rounded people who show respect for their peers.” (Google reviews)


6- JR Academy


Phone: +14038992880

Address: 6031 3 St SE, Calgary, AB T2H 1K3

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Martial arts sessions at JR Academy are held in a pleasant environment that stresses courage, achievement, and enjoyment. The JR academy training program is a fantastic event that everybody ages four and above can embrace based on previous experience.

They frequently invite overseas trainers to maintain one of the best teaching teams. Likewise, their instructors are highly qualified and have a track record in the martial arts field.

Customer reviews:

“I have trained at this academy for almost a decade.  The instruction and training are both fantastic.  The people are awesome to be around.  Prof. Josh Russell has built something special.” (Google reviews)

“Both my boys go here and absolutely love it. Great family atmosphere and awesome coaches.” (Google reviews)

7- Kung Fu for Life


Phone: +14032435433

Address: 345 39 Ave SE, Calgary, AB T2G 1X5

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At Kung Fu for Life, you will discover a systematic and detailed style of Martial Arts that is individually matched to you and your goals. Whether your objective is to improve your self-defense abilities, raise your cardiovascular endurance, or seek the calm discipline of physical and mental, Kung Fu for Life will provide you with all you need.

The Kung Fu for Life martial art school’s well-equipped studio includes space for practice, fighting, peer instruction, and wall mirrors to guarantee you’re in top shape.

Customer reviews:

“Our company had team building at the Kung Fu For Life studio – it was fantastic!  Great teacher, wonderful facility!” (Google reviews)

“This school is an excellent place to train.  It offers a full system with hard & soft techniques, forms, breathing exercises, & a safe / strict environment to apply your knowledge.  This school will exceed your expectations.” (Google reviews)

8- 5 Elements Martial Arts Ltd


Phone: +14032018825

Address: 13226 Macleod Trail SE, Calgary, AB T2J 7A4

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5 Elements Martial Arts is Calgary’s most prominent Martial Arts design firm with 5500 sq. ft. of professional development space. The team of world-class trainers, led by Maeghen Cotterill, Gold Medal World Champion & 5th Degree Renshi, is dedicated to delivering an integrated and seamless martial arts teaching environment for people of all ages, capabilities, and levels of skill. 5 Elements Martial Arts, led by Maeghen Cotterill, is dedicated to creating a welcoming environment for all Calgarians interested in learning more about the life-changing benefits of martial arts.

They have established a family that encourages diversity and welcomes it open heartily, has a space for everyone, and appreciates every accomplishment by bringing together a community of enthusiastic individuals about martial arts.

Customer reviews:

“Started boxing with Cliff t 5.Elelment a couple weeks ago. Gotta say I am really looking forward to every Saturday to go to his class. Very much enjoy his classes and the 5.Element environment.” (Google reviews)

“We had a private family session today with Meaghan today and she was amazing!!! She taught us some amazing self defence techniques and we all had an incredible time. Can’t wait to book more sessions with Meaghan. Thank you!!” (Google reviews)

Final Thoughts:

Martial arts teach self-discipline and help you in self-defense. Martial arts schools in Calgary are well-designed and well-equipped to teach you all this. Register yourself with these best martial arts schools to start training tomorrow.

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