The 10 Best Mexican Restaurants in Calgary [2023]

The best Mexican restaurants in Calgary are hard to find, as they are not as popular as other cuisines. If you’re looking for the best Mexican food, your search for perfect Mexican restaurants ends here. 

With our exceptional and advanced research of the best Mexican restaurants in Calgary, your sense of taste will surely be satisfied!

We asked locals and collected user feedback by reaching out via different channels to which Mexican restaurants Calgary residents consider the best, whether it be for the authenticity of the food, the price, or even the environment. 

This depth analysis article will help you find the best Mexican food in Calgary by providing you with information about their rating, contact, menu, prices, location, and more.

It took us some time to narrow down the choices to the best!

Mexican Food History:

Mexican food history has been shaped by the country’s history. It is believed that the cuisine was initially created by the Aztecs. Over time, there have been some changes brought on by new cultures, but it still remains vibrant and strong.  Mexican food is one of the most popular cuisines in North America today. Canadians have had a special love affair with Mexican food since it became part of their culture in the 1800s.

The problem with Mexican food is that it’s hard to find a good one in Calgary:

With the proliferation of food delivery services, restaurants are having to work harder to attract customers. There are very few people who know how to properly prepare Mexican food, and there are only a few people who do. There are some best Mexican restaurants in Calgary where the food tastes are too Americanized.

In this day and age, anyone can call themselves a “Mexican Restaurant” but it doesn’t mean that they are going to be any good.

Mexican cuisine is very diverse and has roots in cultures like African, Spanish, and indigenous American. In Calgary, there are some great Mexican restaurants with a fantastic selection of food to choose from as well as some good drinks. Here’s a quick breakdown of where to find the best ones.

The best Mexican restaurants are sure to satisfy your taste buds! Authentic Mexican dining is found almost entirely in the downtown area, so you won’t need to go far to find Mexican restaurants.

The Calgary Herald surveyed its readers and discovered which Mexican restaurants Calgary natives consider best – whether for food authenticity, price, or location. Calgary has a passion for Mexican food, no matter what kind of tacos, burritos, or enchiladas it is. Although there have been many Mexican restaurants over the years, these are still must-stop places whenever you can crave great Mexican food. The number of options seemed endless, and it took a while to narrow them down to the top picks! Here are the top 10 best Mexican restaurants in Calgary!

1-Native Tongues Taqueria:



Phone: +1 403-263-9444

Top Dishes: Donut, Mezcal, Brisket Tacos, Pork Belly

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Native Tongues is an acclaimed Mexican restaurant in Calgary that serves authentic taqueria-style cuisine and chic foodie hangouts. At Native Tongues, tacos de guisado are always a good choice, but the hamburguesa al carbon and six kinds of burritos are also delicious. The menu is more about large taco platters built around lamb neck, individual tacos filled with braised brisket or locally cultivated mushrooms, and lots of shrimp and octopus ceviche. The bar’s carefully crafted cocktails are a huge draw, particularly its Mezcalgarita, an original twist on a classic margarita.


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Native Tongues Taqueria is the only restaurant in Calgary that lived up to the hype before opening. The chefs and owners make their tortilla shells in-house and buy the ingredients from Mexico directly.

To remove the outer layer of corn, they use a process called nixtamalization, in which they soak corn in a basic solution. Those kernels are first dried, then ground into masa – the core ingredient of Native Tongues’ homemade tortillas.

Customer reviews:

5/5 | “Excellent tacos, well crafted drinks good music. Nothing to hate here. Prices are definitely affordable and the food is incredibly flavorful. Go here if you want great food(Google reviews)
5/5 | “Delicious food and even better cocktails. Can recommend the mezcal tequila cocktails. Sit inside for the full experience.(Source: Tripadvisor)
4.5/5 | ”Got two tacos via take out. Chicken taco and pork belly tacos were both pretty solid. Both tacos travelled well into their to-go box as well! If you are from Texas, probably not quite as good as typical tex mex. (Source: Yelp)


    2-Tacos Mexico Memorial:



    Phone: +1 403-457-6117

    Top Dishes: Platter, Tortilla Soup, Pastel Tres Leches, Mezcal

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    Tacos Mexico Memorial isn’t like other Mexican restaurants. The restaurant serves 19 kinds of tacos a day, satisfying the taste buds of the residents of Calgary. Fresh Mexican street tacos, tequila, and mezcal are available here, along with drink specials that are impossible to turn down. Tacos Mexico Memorial offers catering services so that you can enjoy the restaurant on any occasion. It is one of the top Mexican restaurants in Calgary.

    Mexican food is served at this restaurant. It serves perfectly cooked Mexican tacos and tequila-based margaritas, Mexican beer, and chimichangas, as well as tasty nacho chips and nachos. Tacos Mexico also has delicious Mexican beer and tequila. It is a big plus that this place delivers food. The staff is always friendly. The restaurant is known for its quick service. It serves delicious food at a reasonable price. It has a pleasant atmosphere and handsome decor to entice you.

    Customer reviews:

    “The best Mexican food I’ve had in Canada (I’m from Ontario). The service was great and the food was amazing! The tacos al pastor are my favourite. If you’re in the area, this is a must! 10/10” (Google reviews)

    “I had heard of thìs restaurant and finally took myself there for lunch. Nice service and the place was all covid ready and clean. I loved the atmosphere. Oh, and the food was amazing.. Cheers.” (Tripadvisor)


    3-Spicy Amigos:



    Phone: +1 587-353-1484

    Best Dishes: Beef Tongue, Refried Beans, Tortilla Soup

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    The Spicy Amigos serves a wide variety of food, and you can pick what type of meat you prefer. A unique feature of this otherwise modest restaurant is that it offers nine authentic Mexican dishes such as Lengua (beef tongue), Tinga De Pollo (shredded chicken in tomatoes), chicharron (fried pork belly), and al pastor (pork cooked with roasted pineapple). With fresh food and friendly service, this downtown spot is one of Calgary’s best-kept secrets.

    Spicy Amigos is a fairly new Mexican restaurant in downtown’s west end. Conceptually, it is a simple assembly line where you pick out what you want as you move left and pay. The food at this restaurant is outrageously under-priced compared to other places in Calgary. Menu options include vegetarian choices, plus they serve more than six kinds of meat. The menu features more casual options like tostadas, soft tacos, and tortilla soup than enchiladas and larger plates. Spicy Amigos serves great food that is more than affordable and tastes great.

    Customer reviews:

    “Spicy Amigos your food is amazing, food is flavorful, rich, and authentic. All in all, I could describe the place as Affordable, friendly, and authentic. If you crave Mexican food, be assured that Spicy Amigos will provide the original flavour of Mexican Taquitos.” (Google reviews)

    “The spicy beef burrito was delicious. The staff is very kind and helpful. Only five minutes from the time we ordered at 12:15 pm to the time we left at 12:20 pm. GREAT JOB!!! Everyone that works here deserves a raise. The food was very fresh and the homemade hot and green sauces were something special. THANK YOU ALL FOR A GREAT JOB.” (Tripadvisor)





    Phone: +1 403-253-5692

    Top Dishes: Appetizers, Mexican Platter, Refried beans

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    Tacos are no longer only fast food but have become one of the hottest eating trends on Canada’s culinary scene. This Mexican restaurant offers many different kinds of tacos. As a community-oriented restaurant with health-conscious menu items, Taco Mexico Macleod offers a wide variety of gluten-free and vegetarian options. Mexican cuisine attracts guests looking for a unique dining experience. This restaurant’s chefs are dedicated to providing its visitors with top-notch tacos, nacho chips, and chili. Margaritas, tequila, and beer are all popular drinks ordered by visitors.

    Tacos Mexico has a relaxing atmosphere that makes customers feel relaxed and enjoy their meals. Its staff is considered to be friendly and helpful. Their service is considered to be exceptional. Customers have found the prices to be reasonable. This restaurant has a modern appearance, according to most reviews.

    Customer reviews:

    “Hands down the BEST authentic Mexican food I’ve found. Great service despite being very busy and excellent food and atmosphere. A new family favorite for sure!!” (Google reviews)”

    “Went here with my friends. We shared the assorted plate and churros. The servers were excellent and good. We had reserved a table in advance as it is a small place and gets full fast. Will go again and again.” (Tripadvisor)


    5-Tu Tierra Restaurant:



    Phone: +1 403-252-5566

    Top Dishes: Mole Sauce, Margarita, chimichangas

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    Tu Tierra offers authentic Mexican cuisine in Calgary and is run by a Mexican family that migrated here from Mexico City. Tu Tierra Restaurant in Calgary serves Mexican cuisine for any occasion.

    There are many local favorites, including the steak and pineapple quesadillas, shrimp burrito, and chicken mole enchiladas, along with the cochinita pibil taco filled with tender shredded pork marinated in orange sauce. The most difficult part about this place is deciding what to order.


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    If you have never had Mexican cuisine, you should try this restaurant. This restaurant is known for its delicious food. Tu Tierra’s staff shows a high level of hospitality. They deliver prompt service as one of their key points. This place has an average price range. The cozy ambiance might make your stay a little longer than you initially planned. In addition to their exquisite nachos, this Mexican restaurant is committed to getting you the best food possible—a full menu filled with choices that will leave you longing for more.

    Customer reviews:

    “Nice place to enjoy Mexican Food in SE Calgary.  Service was good 😀. I love the tamarind drink 😋😋😋” (Google reviews)

    “Free chips and salsa to start, delicious food with large portions. My favorite is the enchilada mole. A good selection of beer and Mexican pop. Clean modern restaurant, keeps me and my family coming back.”(Tripadvisor)

    6-Fiesta Market & Restaurant:



    Phone: +1 825-437-4455

    Top Dishes: Gorditas, Tortilla Soup, Chicharron, Sopes

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    Fiesta is the place to go in Calgary when you are hungry and need some delicious Mexican food. The Mexican cuisine here is what makes this restaurant so special.

    A unique characteristic of Fiesta Market & Restaurant is its perfectly cooked corn tortillas, stuffed tacos, and marble jello.

    Besides its tasty corn tortillas, Fiesta Market & Restaurant offers excellent tres leches cakes and perfectly cooked corn tortillas. It also offers a wide variety of Mexican beers. You can also enjoy great horchata.

    This Mexican restaurant offers food delivery as a major benefit. This restaurant’s staff is friendly, as indicated by the reviews written by customers.

    It has a reputation for providing excellent service. Fiesta Market & Restaurant has reasonable prices that make it worth visiting. It has nice decor and a comfortable environment that makes guests feel at ease.

    Customer reviews:

    “Amazing food! Handmade sauces and tortillas that had so much flavor. The meat was juicy, well marinated to get the seasonings all through the meat. Lastly, the staff was so wonderful to chat with. I will be going back for sure!!!” (Google reviews)

    “Excellent and tasty Tex Mex food. Fast and efficient service. Fair price. Kind staff. There is also a market for typical products from Mexico and several Latin American countries.” (Tripadvisor)


    7-Golden Cactus Mexican Grill:



    Phone: +1 403-453-3807

    Top Dishes: Molcajetes, Tacos al Pastor, Shrimp Taco

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    Golden Cactus Mexican Grill has been owned and operated by a family since it began operations in 2018. Mexican cuisine made from fresh ingredients each day made by this restaurant is one of Calgary’s top Mexican restaurants.

    Golden Cactus Mexican Grill has a mission to provide authentic Mexican flavors through every dish they prepare with recipes that will take customers to Mexico with every mouthful.

    This restaurant offers Mexican food. You can enjoy nicely cooked Tacos al Pastor, guacamole, and tortilla chips with your colleagues.

    Churros are the specialty of Golden Cactus Mexican Grill. Margaritas here are excellent, according to online reviews. Great service is provided by friendly staff, who are always available to help. Guests will find the prices reasonable. There is a relaxing atmosphere here.

    Customer reviews:

    “The best Mexican place in Calgary. Food is delicious. Great service and atmosphere. I’m a huge fan of their micheladas. Highly recommended this restaurant!” (Google reviews)

    “The food was authentic and delicious. The guacamole was incredible. I indulged and had the Pina colada…sooo good. Highly recommend!?” (Tripadvisor)





    Phone: +1 403-521-9777

    Top Dishes: Pastel Tres Leches, Mac, and Cheese, Jerk Chicken

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    The Bodega Restaurant and Lounge is one of Calgary’s top Mexican restaurants, and it offers gluten-free dishes for those who enjoy a twist.

    Bodega Restaurant and Lounge offers its customers a delicious dining experience with a wide range of Mexican dishes. An outpost is serving a small menu of tacos, burritos & other dishes in a casual atmosphere.

    Customers who prefer to eat at home can pick up or have food delivered to their house, particularly if they dine out. Bodega was established as a restaurant that would give Calgarians a taste of Mexico right here at home, without the need to visit the country.

    Customer reviews:

    “The food is fantastic and so delicious. Great great service and friendly staff complement this stop on a walk after work or anytime. Very satisfying and uncomplicated, good food on the move.” (Google reviews)

    “Excellent takeout. Fast, friendly service. Tasty burritos, enchiladas and tacos. Definitely recommend to anyone in the area.” (Tripadvisor)


    9-La Casa Latina Mexican & Latin Grill:



    Phone: +1 403-475-4620

    Top Dishes: Pupusas, Molcajete, Bandeja Paisa

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    La casa Latina Mexican & Latina Grill restaurant in Calgary is a Mexican restaurant with authentic Mexican food. Moreover, it has healthy options like traditional Mexican plates, seafood & paella. Further, it has vegetable options as well.

    Many restaurants claim to serve Mexican food, but most are not authentic and are just trying to attract customers by providing cheap dishes made with artificial ingredients.

    La Casa Latina is different from other Mexican restaurants in Calgary as they use only fresh ingredients to prepare their dishes. The environment is cozy with excellent food served on widely spaced tables.

    Customer Reviews:

    “Quick service and very casual. Big servings for a good price. Chill atmosphere and nice servers. Got the veggie burrito and a Michelada. Lots of authentic drinks.”(Google reviews)

    10-Gringo Street:



    Phone: +1 403-474-1411

    Top Dishes: Spatchcock Chicken, Pork belly, Mezcal

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    If you want to enjoy a fun and unique dining experience, then the Gringo Street Mexican restaurant is the right place for you.

    This is an authentic Mexican restaurant that offers a wide selection of fresh and high-quality products for everyone. Besides, this restaurant has a funky vibe that will keep you entertained while enjoying your food.

    Moreover, this Mexican restaurant also has an open kitchen where customers can watch their food being prepared by the chef and interact with them if they feel like it.

    What’s more, Gringo street also provides its clients with a fun and interactive bar where families can have some drinks together and get to know each other better. So, this is the place for you for a great dining experience in Calgary!

    Customer Reviews:

    Good food, drinks and nice staff!

    “Good food, drinks and nice staff. Erica and Ryllie were very nice! Would also recommend the tacos, the margarita and local beer. They were really helpful in providing vegan options for my friend. Also very tasty!”(Google Reviews).


    The Mexican restaurants in Calgary are amazing, and it can be hard to choose which one you want to visit. If you want to experience the best Mexican food Calgary has to offer, check out these ten restaurants.

    Whether you’re looking for the authentic fare with a family atmosphere or an upscale dining experience without breaking the bank, we’ve got your back.

    These are our favorite places in town! You’ll finally find that perfect restaurant without spending too much time researching or trying every single place out there. Have fun, enjoy yourself, and get ready for an experience like no other when you’re at any of these spots! Bon appétit!

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