Top 8 Best Music Schools in Calgary

Intensive music training can boost cognitive and vasomotor skills. Music defies language’s limitations. It is something that unites people of all backgrounds and ethnicities. Those interested in learning it from the best music schools will be glad to know that we have listed them here!

Our list of the best Music Schools in Calgary is based on their locations, fee, and students and parents reviews. Naturally, we observed their educational activities and were impressed by their educational institutions and how they taught their students skills. Check out our list of the top 8 best Music Schools below.

1.  School of Rock Calgary


Phone: +15873537625

Address: 2707 17 Ave SW, Calgary, AB T3E 0A6

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Beginner guitar lessons for kids are available at the School of Rock Calgary. With private training and monthly group band rehearsals, skilled guitar instructors will guide your child from beginning to end.

The Little Wing music program for preschoolers and toddlers at School of Rock Calgary teaches foundational music abilities through games and additional collaborative musical events. The Little Wing kids have a regular weekly music class where they play legendary rock songs and learn about beat, and the focus is placed, melodies, and dynamics.

Customer reviews:

“Our son loved the School of Rock summer camp! It was such a breath of fresh air from the usual summer camp grind, and we were shocked at just how much he learned in one week.” (Google reviews)

“School of Rock has ignited my son’s passion for guitar. Their band groups are challenging, encouraging and fun. We truly enjoy watching the concerts at the end of every term.” (Google reviews)


2.    Musica Academy Yamaha School


Phone: +14036813117

Address: 200 Country Hills Landing NW #102, Calgary, AB T3K 5P3

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In Calgary, Musica Academy Yamaha School is an authorized Yamaha music school. It offers violin, guitar, piano,, music theory, and music history lessons of the highest calibre. The professional music instructors teach you how to sing, play the guitar, violin, piano, or flute while personalizing lessons to your preferences and tastes!


Musica Academy has many different age group lessons. They teach children as young a two in exploring the world around them through music, movement, and creative play. You can also request private lessons that can range from 30 minutes to 60 minutes.

Customer reviews:

“Great Yamaha programs. Group and private classes are available with experienced teachers. They also offer summer camp programs. I love how the kids are trained listening, singing, keyboarding, and reading notes in most of every class.” (Google reviews)

“Musica Academy is wonderful place to introduce your children to music. The classes are fun and energetic. The children enjoy the lively music as well as singing, playing and reading. They have some of the best teachers in Calgary, you won’t be disappointed.” (Google reviews)


3.    Leroux Studios


Phone: +14032843206

Address: 2114A 14 St NW, Calgary, AB T2M 3N5

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Leroux Studios is a music lesson and academic tutoring company in Calgary dedicated to providing quality music education and academic tutoring. Students can learn in a pleasant, friendly, and simple environment at the school. Leroux Studios is a music lesson and academic tutoring company in Calgary dedicated to providing quality music education and academic tutoring. Students can learn in a pleasant, friendly, and simple environment at the school.


You can improve your competence, enthusiasm, and confidence by playing your instrument. To keep everyone engaged and passionate about classes and practice, individual lessons are constantly designed to focus on each student’s requirements and comfort. Boost your self-assurance, assessment scores, and intellectual thinking skills. One can catch up or even climb ahead of score level if there is no pressure in the classroom. See what a good trainer can achieve for you!

Customer reviews:

“This is a great music studio! I’ve watched it grow over the years as my son takes guitar lessons. The quality of the instructors is top shelf, and there is a great sense of community within the students who learn here. Can’t say enough good things about it!” (Google reviews)

“Had my first singing lessons here, they really make you feel comfortable and have great teachers. A really personal learning experience. Would definitely recommend.” (Google reviews)


4.    Connect Music School


Phone: +15877189820

Address: 6206 Sierra Morena Blvd SW, Calgary, AB T3H 2X8

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You can begin your musical journey with wholesome excitement and no hassles. Music theory lessons are available at Connect Music School for piano, violin, and guitar.

Connect Music strives to make your initial musical steps as simple as possible. They guide you through the most frightening parts of the process. It is ensured that you can center on the gratification of your musical work thanks to the tremendous support and community. In-home piano lessons are a specialty of the music school, which serves the Calgary area.

Customer reviews:

“Thank you for making my musical experience so smooth. Your expertise, willingness to help and speedy responses to all my random questions/needs are so APPRECIATED!!” (Google reviews)

“The lessons that connect music school provides are super fun and very intriguing, if you have kids I highly recommend you to put them in these classes to learn music while having fun.” (Google reviews)


5. Bow Lake Music


Phone: +15879974616

Address: 14672 1 St NE, Calgary, AB T3P 1M9

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Learning Music is similar to learning a language in that it requires patience and delayed gratification. As one’s abilities and comprehension grow, so does their enjoyment. They have the proven experience at Bow Lake Music to provide you with the support you need to learn based on your individual musical goals.

When Music brings us together, it brings us joy. Music is a basic form of human expression, and knowing and comprehending it is an integral part of a well-rounded education. Formal music classes foster self-confidence and good learning habits in a positive and welcoming environment. The musicians at Bow Lake Music in Calgary instill a love of learning while unlocking the great gift of Music by nurturing a student’s musical interests, unique abilities, and aspirations.

“I’ve wanted to take piano lessons for decades and found Calgary Music Tutor and Sam through an ad. I’m two months in and am incredibly pleased with the training and instruction. Sam is a patient teacher who has provided me with all of the critical elements of piano and Music as a whole. I would recommend Calgary Music Tutor to any new student to Music, child or adult. They have a program for us all.” (Google reviews)

“Excellent music school! Really great for the kids. My kids have learned so much. The teachers use the time very well and impart so much knowledge. The yearly recitals are also a very great part of the overall experience. I highly recommend Bow Lake Music.” (Google reviews)

6.  Adagio School of Music


Phone: +14039756308

Address: 9705 Horton Rd SW, Calgary, AB T2V 2X4

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Adagio is a music school where kids play music in a joyful environment. This school also has programs for children with Down syndrome and autism. Learning music entails just knowing how to play specific notes or strings.


As students gain expertise and skills, the school will challenge them with more difficult programs at higher ability levels—intermediate and expert student’s layer on increasingly difficult methods and concepts to their basic classes’ abilities.

Customer reviews:

I have been part of the Performance group for three seasons, and it is a great experience for kids and teens who want to better their musicianship and learn to play as a band. It has improved my abilities, and the teachers are great!” (Google reviews)

“Amazing Music School and GREAT ENVIRONMENT ❤️I highly recommend it. Miss Fatima is such a great Teacher so sweet, profesional, talented and very patience with kids!!! My little niece is always down for a class with her and comes back so satisfied!!!” (Google reviews)


7.  Vivace Music


Phone: +14034612599

Address: 850 4 St. SE, Calgary, AB T2G 0L8

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The Vivace School of Music think that music study can be enjoyable, enlightening, and rewarding with the correct system in place. Their philosophy is to show youngsters how to study music and educate them on playing instruments. The Vivace School of Music allows students to express themselves through music, from playing and performing to improvisation and creation.


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This school of music teaches their students with virtual lessons. They do this with structured courses, and meet with everyone for an assessment to learn what skill level they are at to help maximize everyone’s potential.

Customer reviews:

“My three children love going to piano lessons and are always eager to go. Joanne is a very patient and kind teacher. She teaches Music that is fun to learn, engaging, and relevant. I am always amazed at how quickly they learn because of the way Joanne teaches and inspires them.” (Google reviews)


8.  Beat Drop


Phone: +15872005070

Address: N/A

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The Beat Drop is Canada’s first Ableton Certified Training Centre and an online music and sound arts school situated in Calgary. For budding music producers and artists, they provide online learning programs. Students will get the ability to grasp specialized workflow and inventive procedures in need to flourish in today’s music productiveness, thanks to a blend of industry-led knowledge and real-world production.


They have a group of musicians, producers, DJs, and music fans who like making music together. Beat Drop’s purpose is to break down the obstacles that prevent you from sharing your musical ideas with the rest of the world.

Customer reviews:

“Beat drop provides a space to learn, create, and uniquely explore music. The teachers are genuine and talented and create an atmosphere where you are excited to be there and contribute. A place to thrive, make beats, and have a good time doing it! Love this place!” (Google reviews)

“Phenomenal program that we discovered during lockdown. My kids have been taking their classes ever since online, the instructors feel like family. You couldn’t ask for a nicer bunch of folks that really know how to engage kids and help them learn and be creative. And a good value to boot.” (Google reviews)


Final Thoughts:

If you want to learn about music, music schools in Calgary provide you with all the opportunities. It doesn’t matter what kind of music you’re into, you’ll find that music schools in Calgary have something for everybody. If you want to learn about music, music schools in Calgary provide you with all the opportunities. It doesn’t matter what kind of music you’re into, you’ll find that music schools in Calgary have something for everybody. By reaching out to the community and connecting with students, they are striving to make music more accessible for all. Their mission is to empower new talent of all ages and genders to pursue their passion, thus creating a more exciting music scene.


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