Top 8 Best Pakistani Restaurants in Calgary

Staying in Calgary makes you wonder and crave the unparalleled Pakistani cuisine. It is cumbersome to find halal food in a non-Muslim country. In Calgary, most overseas Pakistani rely on homemade food to get the satisfaction and surety of halal & haram. As the spices and local foods of Pakistan and India are quite similar, many Indians also look for some trusty places to satiate their taste buds. We enable your search for Pakistani cuisine easily by compiling the 8 best Pakistani restaurants in Calgary. These top restaurants are one of a kind and have the most qualified chefs to make you feel like you’re in your home country.

Calgary delivers a diverse variety of food options and Pakistani restaurants there are no different. We understand finding a trusty and expectations fulfilling Pakistani restaurant is challenging. Many people seek reviews of their home country persons in the neighbourhood that may give you an idea of where to locate these restaurants. However, we are going to change the way how you seek guidance about popular Pakistani restaurants in Calgary. The aroma and presentation of classical Pakistani dishes let you enjoy every finger-licking bite. Besides, the rates are also affordable and don’t go harsh on your pocket.

You’ll surely miss your homeland once you step into the 8 best Pakistani restaurants in Calgary. With that being said, let’s dive into what can make your tastebuds feel to be home again.

1-     Faisal Kebab Hut


Phone: +1 403 590 7101

Address: 5120 47 St NE Unit 155, Calgary, AB T3J 4K3, Canada

What’s Special?

  • Delicious Appetizers and Desserts
  • Tempting Biryani & BBQ
  • Kebab, Tikka & Curries
  • Delectable Vegetarian Dishes
  • Clean Dine-in, Takeout & Delivery Services
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Faisal Kebab Hut is one one-of-a-kind restaurant you can ever find in Calgary. This exquisite place has impressed countless numbers of customers with its outclass Pakistani cuisine dishes. They introduce a tasty lineup of all sorts of Pakistani local foods. The place has an appetizing ambiance and cleanliness is their priority. No matter if you are looking for a light meal, breakfast, or want to enjoy the desi feast, Faisal Kebab Hut is at your back. The appetizer menu is mouth-watering with Samosa, Papri Chaat, and Gol Gappy. Who would have thought you can enjoy the most loved local Gol Gappy as a Calgarian? Similarly, you can fill your sweetness void with their Kheer, Rasmalai & tasty Gulab Jamun.

Faisal Kebab Hut has the title of authentic Pakistani cuisine here you always find dishes made with halal ingredients. From the drink section to the outclass vegetarian dishes, this amazing restaurant delivers what it promises. The people of Pakistan and the Indian subcontinent always feel proud of their local foods. Biryani is something no Pakistani can resist and Faisal Kebab Hut makes sure the quality of this famous dish. Whether you crave chicken biryani or a mutton one, they never compromise on the quality of services. How can we forget their delicious Kebab & Tikka options? Visit Faisal Kebab Hut today if you’re someone looking for a top-notch Pakistani restaurant in Calgary.

What Customers Think?

My work colleague introduced me to this restaurant today for lunch. I don’t usually drift this far away from my normal culinary favorites. But the staff at Faisal’s was phenomenal and the food was so delicious. We had curry chicken and rice. The sauce was full of flavor and just the right amount of curry spice. It was so amazing that we had to use the bread to finish every ounce of sauce! One of the best lunches I’ve had recently. (Google Reviews)

This establishment is underrated immensely. It is damn good. MashAllah!! They serve hand slaughtered halal meat/chicken here, which I confirmed on the phone and in person with the person behind the counter. The kababs are made on a sizzling plate fresh, which adds to the aroma and they come in piping hot. They are sat on a bed of caramelized onions. so worth it. Next time, I visit Calgary this is my go-to place for at the least lunch. Please do come here and try it out, you will thank me. (Google Reviews)

2-     Fatima Karahi Corner


Phone: +1 403 452 2575

Address: 55 Castleridge Blvd NE #76, Calgary, AB T3J 3J8, Canada

What’s Special?

  • Elegant & Peaceful Atmosphere
  • Dine-in & Drive-through
  • Flavorsome Chicken & Mutton karahi
  • Exquisite BBQ & Tikka Range
  • Veg Dishes & Biryani
  • Sweet Desserts & Drinks
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Fatima Karahi Corner level up the combination of passion and food standards with an additional perk of top-class hospitality. The chefs are trained to put evidence of perfection into their dishes by following the requirements of what you desire. Located at a very prime location in Calgary, the meat is slaughtered and prepared according to halal standards. Fatima Karahi Corner has their one-of-a-kind signature gravy that can spice up your tastebuds for a delectable experience. The name of this best Pakistani restaurant signified its karahi-making specialty which is equally loved by its customers.

Apart from karahi, Fatima Karahi Corner has the best-in-class range of some of the tastiest foods you can taste in the Indian subcontinent. The freshly made chicken and mutton karahi are prepared with the tenderness you’ll feel right on your tastebuds. The chefs are well-trained in bringing you an outclass range of Seekh Kebabs and Tikka Boti. If you crave a meal that can bring the home-country essence, try their Platter comprises of Tikka, Kebab & Fish. The Brain Masala and Lahori Murgh Channy will remind you how much you miss these desi foods. If you don’t like meat, Fatima Karahi Corner has the tastiest vegetarian dishes to try. We love how they make their Biryani so special and mouth-watering by incorporating their signature spices and sauces. This is your go-to option if you want to enjoy the home-land reminding dishes and drinks.

What Customers Think?

My husband and I were visiting from Ontario on a little trip to Alberta and came across this gem of a restaurant. We found out about it from someone we met while visiting Banff and we were not disappointed. The food was amazing. We can’t even find authentic karahi like this in Toronto. We were actually fortunate enough to meet the owner Hamza too. The hospitality was top notch and the dining atmosphere was perfect for a great night out. The BBQ is to die for. It arrived to our table literally sizzling and the portion size was more than generous. We definitely had to pack some up to go as we couldn’t finish it all. (Google Reviews)

That was first at any Pakistani restaurant and we had great experience though we reached there almost closing time. We ordered chicken karahi, beef kabab, brain fry, Haleem and plain Nan. We loved kitchen karahi because it was really tasty and Haleem, brain fry as well. Overall food was delicious. (Google Reviews)

3-     Chilies – Pakistani Restaurant


Phone: +1 403 454 7200

Address: 5020 17 Ave SE, Calgary, AB T2A 0V6, Canada

What’s Special?

  • Delightful Appetizers & Burgers
  • Fresh Donair, Pasta & Wraps
  • Delicious Pakistani Street Food
  • Kids Meal Delights & Salads
  • Desserts & Milk Shakes
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The amazing home-land local street food is on your plate with one of the most popular Pakistani restaurants in Calgary.  Founded in 2013, Chilies is providing a tasteful experience to its customers with dine-in, takeout, and delivery services.  This restaurant never disappoints in making you always feel at home. The real taste not only comes with the magic of Pakistani cuisine but also at a reasonable price. In terms of appetizers, they have their region’s favorite Samosa, Gol Gappy, and Papri Chaat. Chiles also adds the flavor of 6 different types of burgers with the utmost desi tastes you always long for.


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One distinctive thing that separates chilies from other restaurants on our list is the availability of Donair and Wraps. You’ll surely remember your home-land times after taking a bite of their very own Kebab Paratha Roll. There is a separate wrap for vegetarians or you can have their latest Pasta and Lasagna range. We know Pakistani restaurants are incomplete without Biryani and Korma on their menu. You can top your meal up with juicy fried chicken or with curly fries. But wait! That’s not it, as Chilies have a separate menu your kids will love to try. Visit this place and try their Kulfi Faluda and Kheer or enjoy the flavorful desi drinks.

What Customers Think?

Best beef nihari and Haleem in Calgary. Every time I go there it is always the same great taste. Owner is friendly and humble guy we call him (uncle). This time we tried their desi bun kabab it was great same as you would imagine on the streets in Karachi but unfortunately it was clean. (Google Reviews)

Great food and one of the best restaurants in Calgary. Best nihari, Haleem and desi bun kabab. The only downside is slow service. Better to order ahead so that food is almost ready by the time you arrive at the restaurant. (Google Reviews)

4-     Spice Hut


Phone: +1 403 274 7687

Address: 6554 4 St NE, Calgary, AB T2K 6H9, Canada

What’s Special?

  • Inviting Appetizers & Entrees
  • Vast Range of Vegetarian Dishes
  • Impressive Takeout Deals
  • Clean & Ambient Dine-in Facility
  • Daily Lunch Special Deals
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Founded in 2004, Spice Hut is offering authentic east Indian food for native and overseas Calgarians. The reason we included this popular restaurant in our list is their mouth-watering dishes. You have the facility to dine-in in their clean place or you can order home delivery. With hundreds of satisfied customers, Spice Hut takes pride in providing exquisite services at a great price. Let’s start with the appetizers! You’ll fall in love with the crispy fried vegetable pakoras and chicken beef tikkas. Additionally, you can have a taste of everything on their mix grill platter. The finger-licking Beef Madras and Nihari fill your tastebuds with a tempting taste altogether.

Spice Hut has chicken and goat karahi specifically made with Indian spices to give you the best-in-class local street food experience. With a profound quality menu, Spice Hut makes sure you can enjoy every desi dish whether it is non-vegetarian or vegetarian. What can feel more amazing than a sizzling Pakistani cuisine topped up with salted or sweet Lassi? The takeout deals are nevertheless worth your money and contain everything for a healthy and memorable supper. Besides, Spice Hut introduces lunch special deals from 11 am to 3 pm so you can enjoy the toothsome desi meals experience.

What Customers think?

This joint is on top of my list when it comes to Pakistani or Indian cuisine in CALGARY try there Haleem, Nihari, Karahi Gosht they also have vegetarian dishes as well believe me you people will love the taste buds, any time I come back to YYC defiantly going to stop by again. (Google Reviews)

One of the hidden gems of Calgary! The food quality has been consistent over the year. Forget your other fancy Indian restaurants… This is the food you will remember. It’s not very fancy or aesthetically pleasing to the eye. Very small space. Wouldn’t have come here because of the set up but the taste keeps bringing me back. (Google Reviews)

5-     Little Spice


Phone: +1 403 455 1559

Address: 9669 Macleod Trail SE, Calgary, AB T2J 0P6, Canada

What’s Special?

  • Dine-in, Takeout & No-Contact Delivery
  • Papadum, Samosa, & Pakora Starters
  • Lunch Special Vegie, Beef & Chicken Deals
  • Seafood & Tandoori Grill
  • Sweet, Salted & Mango Lassi
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Behold! Little Spice presents the best of the world-class Pakistani cuisine with its very own handcrafted delights. If you’re someone who craves Middle east and Pakistani foods, this is your go-to option. From the use of spices to crafting the homeland desi dishes, we included Little Spice in our 8 best Pakistani restaurants in Calgary.  They compiled the appetizing combos in their menu by paying special attention to what a customer desire. These lunch combos are quite affordable and have the chicken, mutton, & beef items as their enlisted courses.


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Little Spice enhances your appetite with its clean environment and cooperative staff. The moment you step into this amazing Pakistani restaurant, you are delighted by the number of choices you have to satiate your tastebuds. Not only that, the Biryani and karahi can make you dissolve in the heavenly flavor. The restaurant has delivery and take-out services that are remarkable with an enormous number of customer reviews. From trying Pakistani cuisine to Seafood, everything has the professional touch of qualified chefs right on the spot.

What Customers Think?

A great combination of spices, at a good price. I tried the butter chicken and garlic naan. Kind, respectful customer service. I will happily be back to support this local shop and try new dishes! (Google Reviews)

Really good Indian & Pakistani food. Some dish has the English Balti style which I really enjoy. And the curries have fresh spices and you can really tell because of the amazing flavors. The chili heat is perfect on medium. This is probably one of the best Indian in the city.  So great and i will keep returning. Highly recommend! (Google Reviews)

6-     Daawat Restaurant


Phone: +1 403 923 4500

Address: 4825 West winds Dr NE #9, Calgary, AB T3J 4L4, Canada

What’s Special?

  • Delicious Snacks & Appetizers
  • Chicken, Mutton, & Beef BBQ/Tandoori
  • Tasty Rice, Naan, & Wraps
  • Soft Drinks & Desserts
  • Vegetable Food Course
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Daawat presents exquisite dining venues with a live kitchen to level up your appetite. This is a popular Pakistani restaurant in Calgary that takes care of its customers like no one else. You can feast on the desi menu individually or with your family in a private dining room. Their menu is a model of what desi cuisine is. You can enjoy the spicy chaat and Gol Gappy as appetizers or choose the tastiest dishes from their BBQ & Tandoori menu. The customers are especially delighted by the fish and kebabs thus making you a returning customer.

Daawat lets you have the benefits of choosing your favourite dish from the chicken, beef, and mutton cuisine. The Karahi and Korma are especially liked by most of the Calgarians seeking a desi Pakistani touch in their meals. Chicken Biryani always held a strong place in the people of the Indian Subcontinent. The delightful Haleem and Nihari are nevertheless filling your mouth with the taste you expect. Apart from this, Daawat has an exclusive range of rice dishes and wraps of all categories. The amazing collection of top-quality Pakistani cuisine is perked with Daawat’s Desserts and Sweets to make your mood even brighter.

What Customers Think?

This restaurant is so good! 10/10. Their food and prices are just amazing. Service is so fast. Servers are so nice. The place itself is very clean. The biryani and kababs are so good. Their fish is also so tasty! (Google Reviews)

Took my family here after moving to Karachi for an authentic breakfast of halwa puri and chai, and they were incredibly pleased with the food quality, cleanliness and service. Thank you! (Google Reviews)

7-     Haveli Sweets & Restaurant


Phone: +1 403 285 7300

Address: 263 Falshire Dr NE, Calgary, AB T3J 1H9, Canada

What’s Special?

  • Serene & Comfy Dining Place
  • Superb Appetizers & Tandoori Specialties
  • Well-made Vegetable Dishes Collection
  • Tasteful Chicken & Beef Meals
  • Rice, Naan, & Desi Drinks
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Haveli Sweets & Restaurant earns a place in Calgary with its unique mix of spices and friendly environment. You’ll feel the freshness in the dishes the moment they are on your table. Apart from the individual and family dining services, Haveli Restaurant also is an ideal place for small gatherings. Enjoy the elegant and graceful Pakistani cuisine that leaves you wanting more in this best-in-class Pakistani restaurant. The potato patties and homemade savoury lentil-potato fritters topped with their signature sauces and spices increase your appetite and make this place worth a try.


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Haveli Sweets and Restaurant has the most trained chefs carrying the taste magic right in their hands. If you’re a vegetarian or don’t like meat, they got you covered with their Palak Paneer, Dal Makhani, Bhindi Masala & much more to try. You can trust their tandoori specialties whether you want the fish, chicken, mutton, or beef dishes. The chicken leg and tikka make a perfect snack if you’re in a hurry during work. Haveli contains all of the well-executed dishes in its chicken, beef, and goat dishes. The finger-licking taste of Karahi, Curries, & Korma, Biryani, and seafood lets you become a fan of this place. Contact or visit today for the most awesome and home reminding experience.

What Customers Think?

Had the best Indian breakfast (aloo paratha) we’ve had in a very long time! the food was super quick and the taste was perfect. The fresh meal is always excellent. If you are reading this, you need to go try it for yourself, you will be impressed too! (Google Reviews)

Best butter chicken I have ever had with the perfect mixture of spices. God knows I have had a lot, but in this place, you know there is care put into every dish. The place is really cozy and clean with a modern and warm design. I highly recommend this place as the quality of food outweighs the price. I have come here for 4 years now and it still gets a full 5 stars. (Google Reviews)

8-     Asian Grill – BBQ & Chinese Halal

Permanently closed


Phone: +1 403 204 8383

Address; 1440 52 St NE #540, Calgary, AB T2A 4T8, Canada

What’s Special?

  • Clean & Dine-in Friendly
  • Sizzling Chinese Main Courses
  • Affordable Asian BBQ Deals
  • Irresistible Pakistani Dishes
  • Live Kitchen Mutton & chicken Karahi
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Asian Grill spice up your hunger with not only Pakistani but also authentic Chinese cuisine. The scrumptious BBQ & Chinese foods deliver a sensational taste the moment you try them. If you know someone who goes to this place before, you’re going to get delighted by the positive number of reviews. The chefs are attentive and the customer service is compliant enough to give you the home-reminding experience. Talking about the Pakistani dishes, you’ll find no match in taste anywhere else due to their very own seasonings. Asian Grill Provides special discounts on iftar buffets with Nihari being the favourite dish of Calgarians.

Asian Grill has an appetite-stimulating menu with Pakistani and Chinese specialties. If you’re a soup lover, you should come and pay a visit to this place. The mild, medium and hot Chinese beef will make you fall in love with the taste and the sizzling. Additionally, they also have white and marine meat items in Chinese main courses such as noodles and shrimp so you can enjoy them to the fullest. Coupled with the local foods available such as curries and karahi, you’ll be delighted by the taste their chicken biryani possesses. If you love dining out with your friends and family, get excited to try their Asian BBQ super and deluxe meal deals.

What Customers Think?

One of the cleanest restaurants in Calgary. Their dine in area gives real vibes. Plus, food is great and nobody can beat them in their most humble customer service. Topnotch (Google Reviews)

This place is so good, that I’ve been there three times in under a month.  Each time we go, we always order the different assortments of meat. Eat dish is seasoned with its own spices and flavors which come out smelling savory and appetizing, unlike other places that use the same seasoning for all dishes. Their steak is heavenly good. (Google Reviews)

Final Verdict

Being an overseas Pakistani, finding the best place to get yourself tempted with the local foods is intimidating because of halal food unavailability. Calgarians are blessed to have these 8 best Pakistani restaurants in Calgary. These restaurants not only are a great place to enjoy Pakistani cuisine but also help to promote the local foods of the Indian subcontinent. No matter if you are residing in Calgary or having a stay, you can try these restaurants with the most exquisite desi taste. We are looking forward to hearing about your dining experience by choosing our enlisted popular Pakistani restaurants in Calgary.

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