Top 6 Best Pediatricians in Calgary

Best Pediatricians in Calgary: To ensure your baby’s health, choosing a doctor is one of the many things you should do before they arrive.

Pediatricians are medical doctors responsible for children’s physical, behavioral, and mental health. Children’s illnesses can range from minor health concerns to severe diseases, which a pediatrician can diagnose and treat. You can have a hard time selecting the right pediatrician for your child. Since pediatricians typically care for children until they are 18 years old, it’s an important decision.

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If you want your child to receive the best pediatric care in Calgary, you’ll want to choose one of the best pediatricians. Find out who is the best, why they are the best, and how you can get in touch with them by reading on.

1-  Kiwi Pediatrics:


Phone:+1 403 281 2500

Address: 11420 27 St SE #224, Calgary, AB T2Z 3R6, Canada

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Pediatricians at Kiwi Pediatrics specialize in dealing with children’s mental, behavioral, and developmental growth in Calgary. The clinic currently has six pediatricians; a doctor must refer patients to see any of them. They aim to provide all families with excellent care that meets the expectations of those they treat in a way that is respectful to their needs.

Having the opportunity to work with you and your child is something that they look forward to! One thing that sets this clinic apart from the rest is its use of online questionnaires or scales to help diagnose your child to the best of their ability. It is possible to find an ADHD rating scale and an Ages & Stages Questionnaire on their website.

You can use this online assessment to understand your child better and determine what questions you will ask your pediatrician. Depending on your pediatrician, you may also be asked to complete specific forms, which you can view here. If you need to cancel or change an appointment, call them at least 24 hours before your scheduled appointment, or you will be charged a missed appointment fee.

The Provincial Health Care program is usually used to pay for doctor’s appointments in Calgary. Cash payments are accepted, but you will not be given priority over other patients if you pay privately.

What do clients think?

We saw Dr. Clarke today and she was incredible, she listened to every one of my concerns, answered all my questions, and made me and my daughter feel totally comfortable! Not to mention she brought in her adorable dog Ted to keep my busy 2 year old happy he was so calm, sweet and the best distraction for her!! The front staff were just as great, they greeted us right away, and were super kind ! While we waited for Dr. Clarke who was RIGHT on time, they brought out three dogs to the waiting room for my daughter to play with and distract her ! It was the most incredible doctors experience we have ever had!!!! It almost made me cry!! Thank you so so much! We 100000% will be going back, and recommending to everyone !(Google Review)

My son has been attending this clinic for over two years. Dr Zaver is a wonderful Pediatrician with a very caring nature. The staff are always helpful and professional. I would highly recommend this clinic.(Google Review)

2-  Sunnyhill Pediatric Clinic:


Phone: +1 403 284 0001

Address: 1632 14 Ave NW Unit 200, Calgary, AB T2N 1M7, Canada

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Located in NW Calgary, Sunnyhill Pediatric Clinic provides the highest quality healthcare for children aged 1-18. The practice was first established in 1990, and since then, it has continued to grow and expand to meet the needs of patients. A total of nine pediatricians are currently working in their practice. As pediatricians, they specialize in all types of patient care, so you can rest assured that your child will have a team devoted to their holistic health care needs.

Aside from dealing with mental illness, they also work with speech and motor impairments, feeding problems, physical problems, medical issues, and many more. To make things easier for new patients, they have provided you with a link to fill out some forms for your use. You must select the form best fits your child’s concern so you and your doctor know what to expect.

A highlight of their services is that they offer phone consultations. With this, parents with busy schedules or who prefer to keep their children at home will find it much more manageable. You can also schedule an in-person clinic appointment with them beforehand, but you must make a reservation first.

The clinic requires visitors to remove their footwear before entering. You must receive a referral from your family doctor before seeing a doctor at Sunnyhill Pediatric. The assessment and diagnosis of your child will usually take 60-90 minutes at your first appointment.

What do clients think?

Dr. Cody Flexhaug is amazing. He’s a very caring doctor. Very patient. Never rushes us. Really listens to all our concerns and has helped our son a lot. Thank you!!(Google Review)

Dr. Lever has been our pediatrician for over a decade. He is kind, patient, extremely through and has consulted with other medical colleagues to suggest best direction of care for our complex needs. I am so thankful for the care and attention he has provided for my children. Thank you Dr. Lever(Google Review)

3-  Calgary Children’s Clinic:


Phone: +1 587 392 8941

Address: Port Plaza, 4250 109 Ave NE #3105, Calgary, AB T3N 1Z3, Canada

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Dr. Saini is a consultant pediatrician at Calgary Children’s Clinic, where he has been working for 19 years. Their office can be found in Northeast Calgary. As a pediatrician consultant, Dr. Saini specializes in the care of children. Among Dr. Saini’s specialties are children with developmental delays, speech or motor difficulties, autism, ADHD, and behavioral problems.

New patients are welcome to see Dr. Saini. His practice is limited to children who physicians refer. Ask your family physician for a referral or go to a walk-in clinic to get an appointment with him.

For the last 19 years, he has worked extensively with children suffering from poor weight gain, infections, allergies, and asthma. Dr. Saini is highly recommended if your child has issues with repeated infections, allergies, asthma, and trouble gaining weight.

Throughout his career, he has handled similar cases. In addition, we would like to point out that he works with several clinics and departments. In his work, he discusses how to maximize a child’s potential and quality of life. On his website, you can contact him by filling out this online contact form instead of calling the clinic for an appointment.

What do clients think?

An excellent pediatric clinic with caring and responsive staff. Appointments are timely and inquires are always responded to efficiently and thoroughly. Dr. Saini & his staff go above and beyond for families to ensure that children are well cared for. We are grateful to have this amazing team caring for our children. We highly recommend this clinic.(Google Review)

We first met Dr Saini 17 years ago when my daughter was 2. She was diagnosed with autism and he was our first supporter and helped us get funding and assessments done. She is now 19 and a very happy, healthy young woman. We were referred to him again more recently for my youngest son. Dr. Saini is so good with him. He answers my questions thoroughly and I can’t say enough about the follow up and support from all his staff. No charge to do the paperwork for the disability tax credit, walking us through the process for getting FSCD – it’s so amazing and so much more than other doctors we have visited have provided.(Google Review)

4-  MacEwan Medical Clinic:


Phone: +1 403 455 8382

Address: 16 Macewan Dr NW #12, Calgary, AB T3K 2P2, Canada

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Since November 2018, MacEwan Medical Clinic has been welcoming patients. Regular continuing medical education is a priority for their doctors, and they offer a number of innovative programs to serve you better. In a welcoming, comfortable environment, their medical clinic’s team of friendly and experienced doctors provides quality healthcare.

A state-of-the-art electronic medical record system is in place at the medical clinic. You can access your health records and lab results through this system and any medical imaging ordered by your doctor. They treat existing conditions and prevent future disease and pain by working with their doctors.

In order to live your best life, they strive to improve your quality of life, achieve your wellness goals, and heal your body. A physician may initially assess patients without a referral in the general Walk-In Clinic section of the MacEwan Medical Clinic. If necessary, referrals will be made to their Pediatric specialists. You will find the clinic welcoming, comfortable, and professional.

They welcome MacEwan residents and the surrounding areas to their walk-in clinic. Medications can be prescribed and monitored by your child’s primary pediatrician, depending on the child’s needs. Your child’s overall well-being will be monitored with mental health and behavior/school performance screenings as part of their preventative care.

What do clients think?

Dr Asma is a blessing to our medical field. Her sense of pride and dedication towards the kids is really praise worthy. Feels like my own family member I am dealing with. With an impeccable level of diagonastic skills she makes us feel safe n cared for.aQ g, understanding and knowledgeable pediatrician. She will make sure she’ll answer any of your questions and will explain everything you need to know on your child’s medical condition(s). Thank you Dr Quadir for taking care of my daughter. She is thriving well and growing up so fast.(Google Review)

Dr Asma Quadir is caring, understanding and knowledgeable pediatrician. She will make sure she’ll answer any of your questions and will explain everything you need to know on your child’s medical condition(s). Thank you Dr Quadir for taking care of my daughter. She is thriving well and growing up so fast.(Google Review)

5-  Infinity Pediatrics:


Phone: +1 403 727 5055

Address: 5010 Richard Rd SW #220, Calgary, AB T3E 6L1, Canada

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Located in Calgary and surrounding areas, Infinity Pediatrics specializes in medical, behavioral, and developmental disorders of children 0-18 years of age. With excellent pediatric consultative health care, Infinity Pediatrics is committed to serving the community. They strive to make a positive impact on the lives of children and their families.

They particularly appreciate the fact that they offer phone consultations with their physicians. You can call them to schedule an appointment, or if a physician is available, you can have a phone consultation immediately. The clinic may have urgent medical consultation spots available if your child’s medical issue needs immediate attention. A typical turnaround time is one to two weeks.

Referrals are the only way they accept patients. A valid PRACID must be obtained from the health practitioner referring the patient. Referral forms can also be requested from a specific pediatrician; indicate the pediatrician’s name on the form.

If not, you’ll be scheduled through their referral pool and matched with the next pediatrician available. In addition to routine check-ups and common illnesses, all patients are encouraged to have a primary care provider once a pediatrician has stabilized their medical condition. Whenever possible, please arrange child care for your other children so they can concentrate on the child visiting the pediatrician. You may bring something that will keep your child occupied during the appointment if you cannot do so.

What do clients think?

We have seen Dr. Webber for I think at least 5 years for all 4 of our kiddos. She has been amazing at following them, staying on top of issues and referring to specialists as needed. She has supported us through the FSCD process as well as applying for DTC. We love her dearly and our experience when she has been on vacation with the other doctors has been similar. Yes frontline staff can occasionally be curt but they are never rude and are just very busy. Yes they have a cancelation policy just like most doctors. As for location , I appreciate that their parking lot is free!(Google Review)

Had such a positive experience at Infinity Pediatrics, from the intake phone call and our clinic visit. The front staff were very friendly, we did not wait long for an exam room or to see the doctor. This was a bonus when you have a busy toddler. The doctor was very informative and had amazing bed side manners. She sent us for testing and the next day personally called me with the results. I was very impressed. The clinic was clean and I felt safe there with the covid-19 precautions in place. I would highly recommend.(Google Review)

6-  Twinkle Pediatric Neurology:


Phone: +1 403 454 2622

Address: 1011 Glenmore Trail SW Suite 216, Calgary, AB T2V 4R6, Canada

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Twinkle Pediatric Neurology Calgary’s neurologists provide comprehensive, personalized, high-quality care for babies, children and adolescents with neurologic disorders. They offer enthusiastic, evidence-based pediatric neurology care and listen to your child’s and your family’s concerns. Dr. Goia, a certified neurologist at Twinkle at the University of Calgary, completed her pediatric neurology residency.

She is a board-certified pediatric neurologist with extensive experience in treating children. Her responsibilities include teaching medical students and senior pediatric neurology residents at the Faculty of Medicine, University of Calgary.

In addition to improving and maintaining your child’s health, they aim to empower you by providing you with a clear understanding of their condition and a management plan for their treatment. During your first appointment, you will be scheduled for 60 minutes. The follow-up appointment will last 30 minutes. They recommend arriving 10 minutes before your initial appointment to register, review their policies, and measure your child’s growth.

What do clients think?

Dr Goia is fantastic. A very welcoming and knowledgable Pediatric Neurologist. She takes her time to explain things, interacts very well with my 7 year old and always makes time to speak with me if I have concerns or questions. Robyn on the front desk is also lovely to deal with each time. Highly recommended.(Google Review)

Dr. Goia is a wonderful, caring, compassionate Neurologist. We have been patients with her since my son started having seizures in 2016. She has been there for everything I have ever needed. She can explain everything so even my son understands what is going on with him. I would highly recommend seeing Dr. Goia if your little one has any neurological issues.(Google Review)

Final Thoughts:

We’ve reached the end of our list of the best pediatricians in Calgary. Please let us know if this helped you decide which clinic you’d like to ask your physician to refer you to. Would you please let us know how your experience was at any of these clinics? It would be great to hear all about it. Check out our other articles below for more healthcare resources in Calgary.

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