8 Best Personal Loan Providers in Calgary

A wisely decided personal loan can fill the void in your budget whenever you need extra cash. Taking a personal loan can save your home and other assets while fulfilling your financial requirements. We know everyone can feel the need to take a loan whether he or she wants to consolidate high-interest debt or use the cash for home improvement. Personal loans can also be beneficial when you need to finance a wedding or pay your property installments. We compiled the 8 best personal loan providers in Calgary to assist you in taking the right guidance in taking personal loans. These organizations are easy to approach and make the loan issuing process super-easy.

Ever wonder why personal loans deliver greater benefits than other types of loans? We can address this fact in two words; Flexibility & Versatility. In contrast to other loans that are specific for every category, personal loans can serve a multipurpose role. Many times, we want to invest our money in a major purchase without taking the risk of losing our assets. This is where a personal loan comes in with low-interest rates and higher borrowing limits. If you are applying for an unsecured personal loan, you don’t need to worry about putting your home or vehicle as collateral. Personal loans are easy to manage, as many are offered with fixed-rate monthly payments with variable due dates.

Despite being a good option, personal loans possess some drawbacks. The alternatives can provide interest rates far lower than personal loans. The cost of borrowing can be driven up by fees and penalties of repayments if you can’t afford to pay on time. Being unable to pay the payment within the fixed due date can increase your debt. However, if you need quick funds in your hands or want to pay your high-interest debts, unsecured personal loans are a preferable option.

1-     Mortgage Connection

Website: mortgageconnection.ca/

Phone: +1 587 830 2059

Address: 1121 Centre St NW #110, Calgary, AB T2E 7K6, Canada


  • Private Personal Loans
  • Commercial Mortgages
  • Home refinancing & Purchasing
  • Home Equity Loans
  • Property & Auto Insurance
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Mortgage Connection can make the process of acquiring a personal loan faster and simpler with its outstanding team of experts. With thousands of reviews from the trusted Calgarians, they redefined the process of mortgage financing. The guidance and information offered by Mortgage Connection are all you need to get your hands on the best decision. They always strive to leverage your spirits to set up attainable and real personal loan and mortgage solutions. Mortgage Connection has the most qualified brokers spread across each branch. These brokers assist you in deciding the best solution to pay your debts and pending payments.

Mortgage Connection simplified the personal loan-taking process into 3 simple steps. From meeting with the broker to submitting & finalizing your application, they’re here for you. This is one of the most valued and high-rated loan provider firms in Calgary, with a vast range of mortgage solutions. The commercial mortgage ensures the lender’s and borrower’s satisfaction with real-time payment analysis. This is done via a commercial mortgage broker belonging to a dedicated commercial division. Furthermore, they provide personal loans with the lowest possible interest rates and relaxed repayment duration. No matter if you are a student requiring a personal loan or someone interested in the hotel, resident, or industrial land financing, Mortgage Connection is your go-to option.

What Clients Think?

Buying our first apartment was incredibly stressful, and for someone without a financial background securing a mortgage was the most confusing part. Triston was able to show us all the rates and gave us all information we needed to make the right decision. She makes sure we got the best available loan at the lowest possible rate. (Google Reviews)

Five-star recommendation for Courtney Jackson at Mortgage Connection – I have worked with her twice now, and found her to be diligent, organized, honest, and a pleasure to deal with.  She makes the process of securing the mortgage very easy, and does a great job staying in touch over the life of your loan. (Google Reviews)

2-     CanWise Financial

Website: canwise.com/

Phone:  +1 844 538 4760

Address: 444 5 Ave SW #1120, Calgary, AB T2P 2T8, Canada


  • Business & Commercial Loans
  • Personal Loans & Refinancing
  • Property Mortgage Loans
  • Vacation & Second Home Purchase
  • Self-employment Loans
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CanWise Financial is the name you can trust when you need the best interest rates while deciding to take a personal loan or mortgage. By working with the top banks and credit unions, CanWise secured a place in the financial world with numerous delighted customers. In addition to their excellent services in providing personal loans and mortgages, this organization has won a mortgage broker award for three consecutive years. They made it easier for you and your family to create a better future by investing without taking the risk of losing assets.

CanWise has an extensive and well-elaborated system of loan application and management. Even if you’re new in Calgary and aren’t a registered citizen, you can still get the benefits of a mortgage. If you want to take a personal loan for your debt repayments or buy property, CanWise can make it a daunting experience. The team is highly understandable and will not hesitate in providing you with assistance in your financial matters. With several authentic branches spread across Canada, they can also let you get the mortgage if you’re self-employed. Step in or call CanWise Financial today to get top-notch personal loan and mortgage advice.

What Clients Think?

I struggled for weeks with a private loan office and when I finally got a rate and monthly installment from them, it was very high. Within a week I got my loan approved from CanWise Financial and they had the lowest rate and monthly payment. It was a simple and quick process. We are happily living in our own home now. (Google Reviews)

To make difficult process of lending easy I recommend CanWise. Your broker/agent will always reply you and will get you the answers. In my case, it was Christie. I was worried about getting loan from a small bank and had many questions but what was explained to me was exactly what i did. When I did not like something, I requested to waived and that process was taken care of. Each point there is help available. Can’t recommend them enough. (Google reviews)

3-     EasyFinancial Services

Website: easyfinancial.com/

Phone: +1 587 779 6237

Address: 2404 Centre St NE, Unit #3, Calgary, AB T2E 2T9, Canada


  • Personal & Home Equity Loans
  • Point-of-Sale Financing
  • Vehicle Loans
  • Small Business Financing
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EasyFinancial Services is one of the best and most popular loan provider firms in Calgary for your unsecured personal, retail, and savings loan. They deliver their services in different places throughout Canada including Calgary. Grabbing the award of Canada’s top growing companies in 2019, the clients are delighted by their affordable and flexible payment terms. EasyFinancial Services frees you from the exorbitant interest rates and delivers a user-friendly application process. Their personal loan services are especially important if you are in a dire need of paying your bills and debts.


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EasyFinancial lets their clients receive the money within no time after their application is approved. This perk is made possible using Interac e-transfer services which make the loan transaction into your account in less than 2 hours. You don’t have to fill in the long forms and formalities after proper consultation with their financial experts. The loan options are amazingly flexible and EasyFinancial lets you enjoy the benefit of getting a 2% rate reduction also. If you are a registered Canadian citizen or just moved in, no previous credit history is needed to apply for their loan programs.

What Clients Think?

I was very impressed with Shinny. She was very professional and understood my situation and gave me a loan option I could afford.  Very happy with the service she provided. I would recommend dealing with her for your loan needs. (Google Reviews)

Have had a loan with Easy Financial for a few years now. They are very kind and go the extra mile for their customers. I have asked for a loan increase and have had the pleasure of dealing with Stephen on more than one occasion. He works hard for his customers and is so pleasant to work with. He helped us out when we needed it, and are so grateful for the help he gave us. Thank you again for everything! (Google Reviews)

4-     Cash Money

Website: cashmoney.ca/

Phone: +1 403 248 4286

Address: 3504 17 Ave SE, Calgary, AB T2A 0R7, Canada


  • Instant Personal Loans
  • Professional Finance Consultation
  • Installment Loan Services
  • Friendly Customer Support
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Cash Money offers a professional & approachable personal loan system that offers security with commitment. This is one of the most popular personal loan providers in Calgary with a network of branches spread across Canada. If you’re experiencing a cash shortage or in dire need of money, there is no better place than Cash Money. The staff is well-trained in client dealing and financial consultancy matters. The environment is friendly, with an added perk of money exchange service inside the main building.

Cash Money keeps the record of your credit in a centralized system and the staff is always ready to help you in account-related matters. The process of applying for the loan is easy to comprehend and the duration of loan issuance is quite short. In contrast to its competitors, Cash Money handles all the loan payments in a timely fashion with a great sense of regularity. Besides, the interest rates are quite low and you’ll surely be able to perform the payments in the required time. Have a visit at this place if you are looking for a payday or personal loan providing outlet.

What Clients Think?

The client is well respected and treated fairly. The customer service is courteous and expedient. The loan process is explained well and the money is promptly placed in the client’s choice of dispersal choices (account, Mastercard or cash) (Google Reviews)

So pleasant to find quality service! Darci was a sweetheart and very friendly! The atmosphere is professional and friendly!! I would doubt finding a better payday loan outlet!!  Highly recommended! Start with the best!!! (Google Reviews)

5-     Windmill Microlending

Website: windmillmicrolending.org/

Phone: +1 403 228 9981

Address: 7015 Macleod Trail Suite 709, Calgary, AB T2H 2K6, Canada


  • Personal Educational Loans
  • Affordable Immigration Loans
  • Financial Coaching Sessions
  • Career Planning & Success Center
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Windmill Microlending converts the potential into outstanding prosperity. Registered in 2005, this firm is working specifically with internally-trained immigrants. This enables them to merge you into the Canadian system of healthcare and education in an efficient way. The focus of this firm is to provide reasonable and affordable loans to help people start new and successful lives. They have worked and partnered with major organizations thus creating a global bubble of financial assistance. The staff is utmost knowledgeable and polite and possess keen qualities to guide you in a grateful manner.

Windmill Microlending works and aims to unlock the economic potential of its clients whether they are new in Canada or staying here. The loan eligibility is fairly simple with basic requirements of being an immigrant or a Canadian citizen. How you perceive and plan for achieving your goals is an important part of your eligibility application. This loan firm is ready to provide a loan of up to $15,000. You can use this loan in education and training programs or as a living allowance. Windmill Microlending provides smaller loans in comparison to bigger financial loan institutions for education, training, and country relocation. Your loan application and allowance will be judged on a case-to-case basis if you want to use the loan for a living allowance.

What Clients Think?

Windmill Microlending is one of the best companies that provide loan services. I have a good experience with them. They have excellent customer service, and also, they are very communicative. All loan processes have been organized, and they explained to me all requirements. I am delighted with those services that they provide to me, and I really recommend them to people who want to apply for loans. (Google Reviews)

am very impressed with Windmill, starting from the couching session. Staff is very professional, and knowledgeable, he made me aware of many programs hopefully are going to help me in succeeding in my starting my career in Canada, programs that I didn’t know about. The loan application was clear, easy and I appreciate the continued support I am receiving. (Google Reviews)

6-      Fairstone

Website: branches.fairstone.ca/ab/Calgary/

Phone: +1 403 272 2276

Address: 3430 Sunridge Way NE, Calgary, AB T1Y 7K5, Canada


  • Unsecured & Secured Personal Loans
  • Car & Auto Loans
  • Commercial Mortgages
  • Debt Consolidation Loans
  • Home Renovation Loans
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Fairstone is another appreciable firm to get personal loans in Calgary. Located at very prime locations across Calgary, Fairstone is not under any bank or payday lender. We all need loans to consolidate our debts in case of financial instability. This popular personal loan firm is working hard with a team of amazing and experienced staff. No matter if you need money for medical bills or paying for home renovation, Fairstone got you covered. You’ll be amazed at the financial advice and easy application process.


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Fairstone holds its ground in Calgary and is well-known for taking all the financial burdens off your shoulders. They understand that every person has a different set of circumstances in terms of financial life. The experts listen to your needs, analyze the financial situation, and then provide you with valuable consultations. Fairstone is also proud of its name due to the extensive loan-providing spectrum. You can make your vehicle live again with an affordable car and auto loan program or you can pay your debt consolidation loans. If you’re someone looking for a fast and reliable personal loan service, Fairstone is the name you must consider.

What Clients Think?

I went to this place first time and I felt glad to meet very nice people like Asmara as she was very active and she helped us throughout all the process of applying loan. I have awesome experience visiting there. (Google Reviews)

Hussein, was an amazing help to me, even when we encountered difficulties because of an error on an old loan, he walked me through getting it fixed and went above and beyond to help me get my loan in an extremely timely manner. He was pleasant and knowledgeable and above all diligent in all manners of my loan application and processing. (Google reviews)

7-     Blue Copper Capital

Website: bluecoppercapital.com/

Phone: +1 403 250 0232

Address: 5809 Macleod Trail SW #104, Calgary, AB T2H 0J9, Canada


  • Payday Loans & fast cash
  • Personal Loans
  • Business Loans
  • In-Person Financial Consultation
  • Online Loan Application Tool
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Blue Copper Capital provides you with first-hand knowledge about all requirements of getting personal loans. Whether you want to turn your small business into a worthy investment or need to pay your hefty debt, Clients are always a priority for them. If you are someone who unfortunately gets stuck in a payday loan cycle, you come to the right place. The loan terms are flexible enough for you to pay at an astonishing discounted rate. Besides, they also introduced money management courses for their valuable clients.


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Blue Copper Capital is not just a formal loan provider, but also a companion in your financial instabilities. Hundreds of happy and satisfied clients believe in a long-term relationship with this popular loan-providing firm. Blue Copper Club inculcates the knowledge you need to grow your business by making huge differences in their lives. The application process is fairly simple and can be done as in-person consultation, over the phone, or via online form filling and submission. Apart from Calgary, they’re also located in Edmonton & Vancouver to serve their clients the way they deserve.

What Client Think?

I have been a Blue Copper customer for over 3 years and they always go above and beyond to help me get what I need. I recently moved to a new house and fell short on my moving expenses. Jen and her team were there for me not only once but twice in the same month to help me get back on track. Awesome company and awesome staff. they will always get my business. (Google Reviews)

Tanya and Brodie are amazing. Always helpful and listen to my needs, instead of being cut and dry like most lending companies. I recommend people here all the time. My very first loan, I was still at work when I got approved, and would not be done my shift until 2 hours after they closed. They came to me!! I will never forget that. Thank you for all the help Blue Copper, Tanya and Brodie (Google Reviews)

8-     Philippine Financial Services

Website: philippinefinancial.ca/

Phone: +1 403 452 8599

Address: 999 36 St NE #303, Calgary, AB T2A 7X6, Canada


  • Emergency & travel Loan
  • Quick Cash Application
  • Personal Loan Consultancy
  • Online Cash & Payment Calculator
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Established in 1999, Philippine Financial is a leading money lending and loan providing company. This successful firm has a record 95% approval rate because of the easy process and no harsh requirements. The quality of financial assistance is outstanding, so you won’t be left beneath your expenses and debts. You can get the benefit of getting up to $15,000 in a term of 4 to 24 months. They have good ethnic values and will professionally treat you. Whether you are in a bankruptcy state or can’t wait for lengthy bank loan requirements, Philippine Financial Services is always here to help you get through it.

Talking about their record-keeping system, they have developed a very centralized system for their client’s convenience. Although they started as a single firm in Calgary, now they are operating in major cities of Canada. To check if you’re eligible for the loan provided by Philippine Financial Services, you must consult them with the application requirements. These requirements don’t contain any extra hectic form fillings and contain your employment and residence proofs. Besides, your current full-time job and a bank account can make your loan application strong enough to get approved.

What Clients Think?

Ate Lerma is very detailed, specific and honest and very dedicated and proud of what she does! The company is very good of keeping all your information confidential and safe! And this company have a good interest rate and easy to get loan when you’re paying on time. I highly recommend it! (Google Reviews)

Great quality service! They have adapted well with the current covid-19 situation and allowed us to sign electronically. DocuSign was such a convenient way to get a loan without going out. Thanks Philippine financial! (Google Reviews)

Final Verdict

We suggest you start making a plan about spending and repaying the loan before you apply for it. We enlisted the top 8 best personal loan providers in Calgary to ease out your search. These loan providers are packed with the easy application procedure and timely loan issuance. You can avail of the lowest interest rate repayments while maintaining your assets. Another great recommendation is to take the loan quotes from our compiled loan providers and then compare them to evaluate which one suits you. By the time you’ll get the idea, you’ll be ready to make a decision based on the benefits and drawbacks of your chosen loan provider.

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