Top 8 Best Pizza Restaurants in Edmonton

The mouthwatering taste of pizza makes anyone falls in love with this food. You’re lucky enough to find the 8 best pizza restaurants in Edmonton. Apart from burgers and fries, pizza is considered the best comfort food. We are glad to present you with some of the amazing restaurants to offer high-class delish pizza options. Whether you are planning a movie night or going out with your friends, these places got you in terms of excellent pizza satisfaction.

It is quite cumbersome to know what’s best when you have so many options. Edmonton is a place for food enthusiasts to try many things. Through our list, you can get your desired soul-fulfilling pizza. All of the pizza restaurants have good managemental and hygienic practices. Customers are especially delighted by the service and the taste at a celestial level.

Without further do, here is our compiled list of the top 8 popular pizza restaurants in Edmonton.

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1- Blaze Pizza


Phone: +15874047687

Address: 12010 104 Ave NW, Edmonton, AB T5K 0G6, Canada


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Isn’t it amazing if a pizza restaurant lets you build your pizza? Blaze Pizza restaurant gives you the option to select the dough, toppings, and flavours according to your choice. As far as their signature pizzas, enjoy the mozzarella-filled meat eater and red vine pizza. Blaze pizza has five different types of dough options and over 45 different toppings. To further top everything up, you can choose from 7 different types of finishing.

Blaze Pizza also has high-rise and gluten-free dough for its customers. You can get plenty of different salads and sides at this restaurant. Come with your friends or family and enjoy the mouth-watering taste of their signature pizzas. The restaurant has a clean working environment and super quick servicing. So why are you delaying your pizza temptation? Enjoy the wholesome menu of top-notch signature pizzas and desserts.

Customer Reviews

Always delicious and fast service. I tried the thin crust this time and it was nice a crisp. Original is still my favorite way to go with the pesto sauce put on the outside crust portion. Try it, you’ll love it! (Google Reviews)

Awesome pizza.  Build your own just like subway but pizza version. They even have keto and gluten free pizza plus cauliflower crust. Get as many toppings as you like, no extra charge. (Google Reviews)

2- Tony’s Pizza Palace


Phone: +17804248777

Address: 9605 111 Ave NW, Edmonton, AB T5G 0A7, Canada


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With 60 years of experience, Tony’s Pizza Palace has set its name in mastering pizza perfection. One of their best talents is preparing thin-crust pizza. This restaurant is surely keeping the Italian tradition alive with excellent customer satisfaction. They have separate dinner, lunch, and cocktail menus to make your day more fun and delicious. Besides, Tony’s Pizza Palace is specialized in the finest New York pizzas in Edmonton.

Tony’s Pizza Palace presents a vast menu in terms of pizza options. Apart from the appetizers and salads, try their Alla Pescatore & Capricciosa pizzas. The double-dry cured pepperoni and mozzarella cheese of New York pizza make your taste buds rattle. To facilitate every customer, vegetarian pizzas with green peppers and hand-picked fresh tomatoes are also available. Tony’s Pizza Palace has a sleek look that offers a beautiful greeting to everyone.

Customer Reviews

first time here, the pizza is amazing! It’s so different from the ones I ate before, as well as the spaghetti! I am not a big fan of spaghetti because I always feel like the noodle is too hard. However, the spaghetti here, it’s the perfect hardness. And the flavor, it’s not just sour and salty taste, it actually contains all these herbs and spices smell and leveled taste, it all brings the dish up to a new level. (Google Reviews)

Excellent! My daughter has Chicken parmigiana and it was so good. The pasta is fresh. The sauce is fresh. The soft drinks are 3:50 but refills are unlimited. Diet Coke with lime was yum. Pizza was so fresh and yummy. I had the ravioli with Meatballs and they were delicious with huge serving sizes! I don’t even need to give an eye contact to have my water refilled. 5 Start experience! (Google Reviews)

3- Coliseum Steak & Pizza


Phone: +17804741640

Address: 8015 118 Ave NW, Edmonton, AB T5B 0R7, Canada


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Coliseum Steak & Pizza was established in 1976 by a group of food enthusiasts. Till now, they have built quite a reputation with 46 years of experience. This is one of the classiest restaurants in Edmonton to offer the finest dinner menu. You’ll fall in love with the atmosphere of this place and how well the service is. The mind-blowing pizzas at Coliseum Steak & Pizza are supplemented by top-notch appetizers. They are professional in making homemade dough and sauces for the Coliseum signature pizza.

As they are specialized in steaks and pizzas, you can expect a combined taste of both. Coliseum Steak & Pizza has specials, meat lovers, and vegetarian pizzas all under the same roof. Besides, their classic pizza range is out of this world with double and triple topping options. If you’re an Edmonton citizen or a tourist, we recommend you must check out Coliseum Steak & Pizza.

Customer Reviews

Service was excellent!  The waitress was so good!  The food was great!  So good and flavorful.  The drinks were old school cocktails. This restaurant has one of the best services in Edmonton! This place is a perfect place to take your dad for steak and pizza. (Google Reviews)

Great pizza and more. Full of characters and a people watching paradise. Service is excellent. Been here a long time and there’s a good reason for that. It’s like traveling back in time. Recommended if you like places like this. I do! (Google Reviews)

4- LOVEPIZZA Canterra


Phone: +15875209734

Address: 10196 109 St NW, Edmonton, AB T5J 1M7, Canada


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LOVEPIZZA Canterra is located and serves at a prime location in Edmonton. First opened in 2016, this restaurant captured a lot of customers’ attention in recent years. They are striving to create the best pizzas in the region with utmost perfection. LOVEPIZZA Canterra is one of the few restaurants that offer custom pizzas in addition to signature ones. For starters, you must try LOVEPIZZA Canterra’s Plain Jane and Italiano Meatball pizza.

Want a pizza that melts in your mouth on the first bite, try out their butter chicken pizza. The qualified chefs are working hard to create new recipes for the menu. For instance, the godly taste of the tangy sauce and Ezzo pepperoni of the sweet heat pizza is a must-try food. LOVEPIZZA Canterra has a whole range of vegetarian pizzas to serve their delighted customers. The dips and sauces add a finger-licking taste to every single pizza at LOVEPIZZA Canterra.

Customer Reviews

I’m usually not big on pizza but this place is spectacular. They have a lot of options; tons of toppings and the prices are pretty reasonable. Decided to go with the build your own pizza option. Wasn’t sure how it would taste but the sweet and salty worked well. Ended up staying a bit past closing but the staff were really great and didn’t rush us out the door. Highly recommend this one. (Google Reviews)

I love this place. Make sure you get an egg on the pizza (weird but so good). The pizza is always fresh and interesting concoctions. The pizza is a great price for the size. I have mixed feelings about the choice of tater tot toppings but I am sure if you ask they could add more. (Google Reviews)

5- Rosso Pizzeria


Phone: +17804335382

Address: 8738 109 St NW, Edmonton, AB T6G 1E9, Canada


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Rosso Pizzeria presents outstanding pizzas with ever-fresh ingredients. According to Food Network, this restaurant has a reputation among the top 12 pizzerias in Canada. At the same time, Rosso Pizzeria won the best pizza awards in 2015 and 2017. The secret of their success is the use of high-tier organic ingredients in the simpler way possible. Rosso Pizzeria offers a comprehensive menu from breakfast to dinner and drinks.


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All of the pizzas at Rosso Pizzeria have organic non-GMO flour as the main component. The finest taste of Italian cuisine reflects in their Ropini e Salciccia. You’ll be amazed to taste the locally made fennel sauces and mozzarella combined with lemon zest. The pizza Bianca range is extensive at Rosso Pizzeria. Choose this restaurant for your next pizza meal and we’ll guarantee you full fledge taste and service satisfaction.

Customer Reviews

We got the pizza special with truffle oil and mushrooms. The dough is airy and crispy. Very delicious. Arugula beet salad was a good portion. They have a variety of flavored ice creams to choose from. They are busy for dinner so I recommend booking a reservation. The atmosphere is cozy with free parking 😉 we would come again. (Google Reviews)

I got to say I fully enjoy coming here. I’ve always wanted to try authentic napolitana pizza & I found if you don’t mind waiting a bit for your food once it ordered this place is for you. That just tells me its fresh to order & I can tell the cooks and management care about the quality of good cause its excellent every time. (Google Reviews)

6- Franco’s Pizza & Steakhouse


Phone: +17804764333

Address: 12881 50 St NW, Edmonton, AB T5A 3P3, Canada


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In 1980, two brothers Frank and Fred led the foundation of Franco’s Pizza in Edmonton. If you’re looking for a comfortable place to enjoy the best taste, this is for you. You can expect some of the high-class pizza range at an affordable rate. Their hand-tossed pizzas are prepared with pride and by the hands of well-experienced dough masters. They also offer to create your pizza with desired size and toppings.

The specials include ham and pepperoni with an extra twist of salami and shrimp. You must try the new Hawaiian pizza with pineapple and exquisite sauces. Every customer leaves this place with amazing memories and tastes in their taste buds. Franco’s Pizza thin crust Parma and chicken Alfredo are something out of this world. The service is top-notch, and the restaurant follows all the hygienic and personal safety guidelines. Franco’s Pizza has a separate pub so you can enjoy your favorite drinks all in one place.

Customer Reviews

Me and my family came here today for my birthday supper and it was awesome! I wasn’t expecting it to be amazing but the atmosphere was great, decor was beautiful, the music was very nice with an Italian feel, the waitress was sweet and the food was excellent. We had 2 pizzas and a seafood lasagna and everyone thoroughly enjoyed their food. I even got a free piece of delicious chocolate cake because it was my birthday. (Google Reviews)

This place is simply amazing. So peaceful and the ambience is amazing!!!!! The authentic Italian music in the background, the service, the food!!!! It was all amazing!!! Not to mention the robins and their nest right above you. Such a hidden gem that I am now so excited to experience again. (Google Reviews)

7- Pizza Unlimited & Fried Chicken


Phone: +17807577777

Address: 3911 106 St, Edmonton, AB T6J 2S3, Canada


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Behold! Pizza Unlimited Restaurant is a true landmark of getting the taste to perfection. They have a whole range of meat and vegetable toppings to put on your pizza. The chefs are specialized in a variety of signature pizzas. If you happen to pay a visit shortly, make sure to try Royal and Deluxe pizza. Pizza Unlimited Restaurant offers a serene and ambient atmosphere so you can enjoy the taste to the fullest.

Isn’t it amazing to try your favorite combinations at an affordable price? Pizza Unlimited Restaurant gives great deals in terms of fried chicken and cheeseburgers range. A newly added item is the Donair wrap with several vegetarian and non-vegetarian options. To sum it up, we recommend you add this amazing pizza restaurant to your to-do list. That’s how you’ll know how great the service and pizza taste with toppings, cheese, and sauces.

Customer Reviews

If you’re looking for a fantastic pizza and a great price, this is the place. In my experience so far, this place has hands-down the best Donaire pizza in the City. And they charge a very reasonable price for what you get. The pizza is very filling and topping-heavy. If you haven’t had it yet, this is a must-try. (Google Reviews)

Absolutely hands down the best-fried chicken and Donaire poutine in the city! Great service and super friendly staff. This is one of the best spots in the city by far and the best value for those on a tight budget. The portions are always generous. I Highly recommend Pizza Unlimited! (Google Reviews)

8- Famoso Neapolitan Pizzeria


Phone: +17807320700

Address: 11750 Jasper Ave, Edmonton, AB T3K 0N3, Canada


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The moment you step into Famoso Neapolitan Pizzeria, you’ll immediately be delighted by how amazing this place is. The citizens of Edmonton love to come to this place for tasting the excellent pizza range. This restaurant is a fun place for regular meals and events with an exotic touch of outstanding pizzas. Besides, the chefs are well-qualified to prepare artisan pasta and craft cocktails for your friends and family.

The 15 inches Famoso Grande Neapolitan pizza melts in your mouth with its original taste. Pair it with authentic Campania tomato sauce and you’ll have the best pizza experience ever. Similarly, the Margherita and Abruzzo pizzas are filled with plant-based ingredients. There is a separate meat lover category with Italian Ham and Spicy capicola according to your cravings. Make a visit to Famoso Neapolitan Pizzeria and you won’t forget their seasonings and tastes.

Customers Review

Always delicious but today the cook was EXTREMELY ON POINT! Best we’ve ever had there yet. Pizza was FANTASTIC and crust was not soggy. We’ll definitely be back again!! Thanks guys for a great birthday dinner!! (Google Reviews)

Valentine’s Day Dinner at this place was fantastic. Great food, Great server, Great laughs. Was a fabulous visit as usual? Quickly becoming one of our favorite places to dine out. The server even gave us a rose each! How cute is that! Made a fantastic date night with the man. (Google Reviews)

Final Thoughts

Finding what you love in terms of pizza is cumbersome when you don’t have an authentic guide. With our list of the 8 best pizza restaurants in Edmonton, you can have this power. All of these restaurants have original taste combined with chef’s perfections. These places can become your favorite from your first visit because of the exquisite taste and atmosphere.

These popular pizza restaurants in Edmonton are highly rated by customers. Service and customer satisfaction are their priority, and they take no risks in that. With that being said, you’re now ready to take a lead in trying your next favorite pizza in Edmonton.

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