Top 8 Best Sandwich Shops in Calgary AB, [2023]

Calgary is known for its vibrant food scene, and nothing satisfies hunger cravings quite like a delicious sandwich. Whether you’re on the go or looking for a sit-down meal, Calgary has no shortage of top-notch sandwich shops to choose from. Are you a sandwich lover searching for the best places for sandwiches in Calgary to indulge in this classic comfort food in City? Look no further! With so many unique and delicious options, it can be overwhelming to decide where to go. That’s why we’ve put together a list of the best sandwich shops near me in Calgary to help you satisfy your craving for the tasty sandwich.

1-  Meltwich Food Co:


Phone: +15873531820

Address: 80 Mahogany Rd SE Unit 1820, Calgary, AB T3M 3K9


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Meltwich Food Co. is a restaurant serving grilled cheese sandwiches, burgers, and comfort foods. A casual atmosphere permeates the restaurant, which serves dine-in, takeout, and delivery. Additionally, they serve side dishes like poutine, onion rings, loaded fries, and vegetarian and gluten-free options. All their burgers are made from Angus beef, certified as being raised without antibiotics and Halal. In addition to their Philly cheese steaks, they use a Canadian-made Brioche bun with a rich, sweet taste and a buttery crumb. Especially for them, they make a unique blend of sourdough and multigrain breads – great breads for cheese and toppings.

Meltwich uses seven kinds of cheese right now, but they’re always trying out new ingredients and experimenting with how different cheeses affect those ingredients, so you can bet that in the near future, they’ll be introducing even more deliciously melty cheese varieties. They use only ingredients of the highest quality, such as Certified Angus beef that has been raised without antibiotics, Kennebec potato fries, and Quebec cheese curds. It may cost you a bit more to purchase these ingredients, but you and your tastebuds are worth it. In addition to adding tasty twists to their modern comfort food, they’re always looking for more efficient processes and technology to help them serve you better, faster and more efficiently. Nothing beats the taste of a freshly made, perfectly cooked sandwich after the first bite. Their love of food is deeply rooted in how it makes them feel – at ease, happy, and peaceful. You can say that Meltwich is a shop  with the best Calgary sandwiches

What do clients think?

Amazing!! We got the southern chicken sandwich. Large portion and delicious! The Reece’s shake was so good. We also got onion rings that we loved. Service was so impressive. Fast, polite, and friend! Would 100% eat here again ! Highly recommend (Google reviews)

The food the service are great. The stuff is so friendly and even will help you to get the best sandwich you will ever taste and everything is fresh.
One last point, this branch tastes different (Google reviews)

2- Lazy Loaf & Kettle:


Phone: +14032707810

Address: 8 Parkdale Crescent NW, Calgary, AB T2N 3T8, Canada


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The nine-grain, homemade Kettle bread recipe didn’t develop overnight, as you’ll discover when you try it. Lazy Loaf and Kettle was built by Michel and Helen Labonté using recipes passed down from generation to generation and inventing some of their own. With an old-fashioned work ethic and a sense of hospitality, the Labontés began their baking business as a home-based business in 1989. Upon moving to Parkdale Crescent in 1994, they began serving a regular, devoted customer base.

In the last 20 years, the Lazy Loaf has grown from 2 to 30 employees, proving Labontés’ strategy of sticking to home-grown ingredients was correct. Customer loyalty and commitment to the business are due to the old-fashioned cinnamon buns, homemade soups and sandwiches, and baked goods from Grandma’s recipe box. Calgarians love the Loaf’s locally roasted coffee and fresh sandwiches, which makes it one of the city’s favourite restaurants.

What do clients think?

I know this place very well. I’ve eaten here for years and they are a popular spot for food deliveries for work meetings. Their sandwiches are fantastic. Their backed goods are also very good. Can’t remember when I last had bread there but good too. Their espresso is excellent. It’s a great local eatery and highly recommended.(Google reviews)

I love this place. Great food and a wonderful “your friendly local neighbourhood cafe atomsphere”. Had the pulled pork sandwich with a beet and mandarin salad and a hot chocolate (love the sprinkles). And of course I could not walk out without a 🍪 cookie to go. All around Yum. …(Google reviews)

3- Spolumbo’s Fine Foods & Deli:


Phone: +14032646452

Address: 1308 9 Ave SE, Calgary, AB T2G 0T3


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Spolumbo’s Fine Foods & Deli is a Calgary landmark with superior quality, tradition, and community involvement. Their fresh, authentic ingredients and Italian classics keep their customers satisfied and returning. You can choose from spicy or mild Original Italian Sausage, Maple Breakfast, Chicken Apple, and dozens of other delicious choices! In the heart of Calgary’s historic neighbourhood of Inglewood, their flagship 100-seat deli offers a wide range of sausages, sandwiches, catering platters, and daily specialties made with only the freshest ingredients. They have a vibrant 100-seat room that bustles with happy guests, owners, and staff every day. Authentic Italian comfort foods, fresh daily and served with love and pride, are displayed in their sausage showcase and sports memorabilia.

Whether you are hosting an event or setting, Spolumbo’s has delicious options! Catering events, corporate functions, team lunches or even a family get-together – whatever your taste and budget, they have something for you! The dedicated and experienced members of their catering team strive to make your experience with them memorable! If you need awesome food for your guests or if you need them to take the lead, they have flexible options to suit your needs. Alternatively, you can place a catering order over the phone or online. They offer trays, sandwiches, hot options, and desserts as part of their catering menu. If you prefer to serve yourself, their online ordering portal allows you to create a menu and calculate the food you need. They offer pick-up and delivery options.

What do clients think?

Always enjoy the food. Today we enjoyed the lunch special of chicken parmesan sandwich. Very yummy! 2023-03-13(Google reviews)

Spolumbo’s is another Calgary institution that’s been around forever and hasn’t lost a beat with both quality and service. Stopped in for the classic 9th Ave sandwich to go, which was excellent, had to split it with my gal and she just loved it, which left me wanting even more! The sausage counter is amazing because of the choices you have and they have an excellent burger patty that’s both cheap and very tasty barbecued. I believe the patty is a mix of both pork and beef with herbs added for a surprisingly delicious combination. They also have ready to go meals like meatballs, lasagna, barca, and other assorted goodies. Absolutely the best deli in Calgary by a long shot!(Google reviews)

4- Alumni Sandwiches:


Phone: +14034557255

Address: 725 17 Ave SW, Calgary, AB T2S 0B6


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Located in the heart of Calgary, Alumni Sandwiches is a delightful casual diner serving a wide range of sandwiches, salads, and cocktails in a charming vintage-style space. Renowned as one of the finest sandwich shops in Calgary, Alumni Sandwiches boasts an elegant decor that pays homage to the old-school diners of yesteryear while incorporating modern touches. Their full menu features an exceptional selection of sandwiches crafted with gourmet ingredients and artisanal execution. Their cocktail menu is also impressive, offering a range of outstanding cocktails that will tantalize your taste buds.

Alumni Sandwiches provides catering services for all special occasions and even offers gift cards for your loved ones. They have covered whether you prefer to dine in or pick up. They also offer their patrons dairy-free, vegetarian, and gluten-free menu options. Their specialty lies in the delicious hot chicken, coleslaw, tuna salad, yogurt caesar, and chicken parmesan sandwiches. With their exceptional service, high-quality food, and fantastic atmosphere, Alumni Sandwiches are definitely worth a visit.

What do clients think?

Great sandwiches with good portion sizes! Add a retro diner feel with friendly, helpful staff, and you’ve got Alumni Sandwiches. The menu is great value and if you want to call ahead, you can get curbside pickup of your meal. Definitely worth a visit. Also, happy hour is 3-6pm with cheap beer and cocktails ($4-5)… Enjoy!(Google reviews)

A breath of fresh air. This quirky little place serves quality drinks and food for a very good price. The drinks were well done and their prices crush the competition. The fried mozzarella, the sandwiches and the apple pie were all amazing. The staff was nice and the bartender was very tentative. I highly recommend this as a great hangout spot and date night spot that doesn’t break the bank but provides a fun experience and good quality.(Google reviews)

5- Thi Thi Vietnamese Submarine:

Website: N/A

Phone: +14032655452

Address: 209 1 St SE, Calgary, AB T2G 2G3

Menu: N/A

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Nestled in an unassuming strip mall in the heart of Chinatown lies Thi Thi Vietnamese Submarine – a charming little hole-in-the-wall boasting some of the most delectable Banh Mi’s in all of Canada. Run by a local Vietnamese family, this sandwich shop is truly a labour of love. From taking orders to crafting each sandwich with precision, the owners have perfected the art of making mouthwatering subs that keep customers coming back time and time again. Despite the long lines that often snake out the door, the owners remain unfazed and always take the time to chat with their loyal patrons – many of whom they know by name.


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The friendly staff is genuinely curious about their customers’ well-being and takes pride in creating a casual, comfortable atmosphere that keeps guests coming back for more. Their menus are available in English and Thai, making it easy for everyone to navigate their selection of sandwiches and submarines – all for less than $10. And for those who like a little kick to their sandwich, they offer spicy peppers as an add-on. Moreover, Thi Thi Vietnamese Submarine Shop is fully wheelchair-accessible, making it a great dining option for all. So if you’re looking for a mouthwatering Banh Mi that won’t break the bank, be sure to swing by Thi Thi Vietnamese Submarine Shop.

What do clients think?

The very best yet affordable Vietnamese sub in Calgary. It’s a small place and a family business. Very nice owners. You won’t be disappointed. Prepare to be in the line for a while if you go during rush hour !(Google reviews)
Wow I absolutely loved the super chicken & beef sub. Just an explotion of flavour!! So so good. The prices are so good the service is amazing, has a family vibe to it. 100% recommend.(Google reviews)

6- Keith’s Deli:


Phone: +14032525100

Address: 6100 Macleod Trail SW, Calgary, AB T2H 0K5


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Keith’s Deli has been satisfying sandwich cravings for over half a century with its signature hot and cheesy subs. Established in 1972 in Chinook Centre and now located in Chinook Plaza, this family-owned and operated deli has been delighting diners with its mouthwatering creations for generations. Conveniently situated just across the street from Chinook Centre, Keith’s Deli is the perfect spot to grab a quick and satisfying bite to eat. Open from 9 am to 5 pm Monday through Friday and 9 am to 4 pm on Saturdays; it’s the ideal lunchtime destination for busy professionals and hungry shoppers alike.


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At Keith’s Deli, every sandwich is served hot with melted mozzarella and cheddar cheese, crisp lettuce, and a dollop of mayonnaise and mustard – all piled high on your choice of a fluffy white or hearty whole-wheat bun. The perfect combination of flavours and textures keeps customers coming back for more. So if you’re in the mood for a delicious, hot and cheesy sub, be sure to swing by Keith’s Deli. With over 50 years of experience crafting mouthwatering sandwiches, you won’t be disappointed.

What do clients think?

A MUST! If you are a hard working man or woman, it is your duty to treat your self to a keith special, obviously with extra or large meat. This place sells amazing sausage with their main attraction being the legendary and well priced keith special. A double down sausage sandwich that will keep you coming back for more.(Google reviews)

Proper good old sausage sandwiches. My wife took me here because of her good experience, and we will be back. Has earned their reputation, can’t stick around 50 Yeats without being awesome and consistent.(Google reviews)

7- Myhre’s Deli – Sandwiches & Poutine:


Phone: +14032446602

Address: 1411 11 St SW, Calgary, AB T2R 1G7


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In 2002, Myhre’s began serving Montreal-smoked meat and giving diners the full meat-shop experience. A lot has changed since the Palace of Eats first opened its doors. Myhre’s keeps evolving to meet customers’ needs, from name changes to new menu items (they recommend Jump-Off Chicken). The proprietor, Brad Myhre, has created a place where Calgarians can enjoy an authentic deli lunch – without travelling for four hours. Even the most skeptical Montrealers have asked for seconds because of their commitment to serving authentic, Montreal smoked meat and poutine.


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From 1918 to 1964, The Palace of Eats served Calgarians lunch on Stephen Avenue with mahogany paneling, which Myhre’s Deli salvaged from the building and put into their deli shop. You’ll find classics like the Grilled Reuben, their Traditional Cut Montreal smoked meat sandwiches, and their Smoked Meat Poutine at Myhre’s. Their menu includes classic sandwiches and creations like the Brooklyn Reuben, Jump-Off Chicken, and Nathan’s Famous Quebec Dog. Each sandwich is served with fresh coleslaw and a kosher dill pickle. They’ve got craft sodas from Boylan Bottling, which has been making effervescent beverages since 1891. Additionally, they offer San Pellegrino, Coca-Cola, and iced teas on a rotating basis.

What do clients think?

Hands down the best poutine in the city and the best smoked meat sandwich in the city. Super impressed by it all. The staff are there to help you out with the menu and are always aware of your water levels. Just an amazing place with amazing people 10/10. Just wish they were open for longer :,((Google reviews)

Really nice place! Great service! The poutine was perfect, nice gravy, real cheese curds and just right on the salt. The sandwich was very nice, great meat portion and the bread was perfect. The coleslaw was special, it has some garlic! Fresh and crunchy. The pickle was really fresh and crunchy as well. Great job guys!(Google reviews)

8- Jon Smith Subs Canada:


Phone: +15874803366

Address: 180 Legacy Main St SE Unit 160, Calgary, AB T2X 4R9


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Every day, Jon Smith Subs prepares everything they serve in their stores. All of their sirloin steaks and chicken breasts are prepared to order by trimming, slicing, seasoning, marinating, and grilling them to perfection. You will experience total quality from their wonderful employees. They exceed your expectations by using only the finest meat, sliced daily, double-wrapped, and expertly handled. They cut the best farm-fresh vegetables daily and keep them chilled and crisp. All their wonderful sub rolls, including whole wheat and Italian style, are baked fresh daily with only the finest grains and flour.

Jon Smith Subs offers plenty of options to suit everyone’s taste. Subs are something they take seriously here! To ensure every part of your sub is as mouthwatering as possible, they use daily-cut farm-fresh vegetables and freshly baked Italian-style and whole wheat sub rolls. You can choose between platters and individual lunch bags. There’s something for everyone on their plentiful menu! You won’t find a better variety anywhere else! The marinated steak with vegetables from Jon Smith Subs is grilled on a real grill as soon as you order them. Their food is not microwaved! Steam is not their thing! Pre-cooking is not done! There is no preheating! The best steak sub in the world is grilled just for you! Because you are choosing from the most popular subs, Jon Smith Subs Catering will surely please a crowd. You’ll be impressed by their unique flavours, high-quality ingredients, and always fresh preparation. If you’re a chicken sandwich lover, be sure to try out this eatery known for serving up the Calgary best chicken sandwiches around.

What do clients think?

Great local spot! It is awesome when a new and unique place to eat is available compared to the same old classic places most people eat at. This location is clean, tastefully decorated and the staff is very nice. The food itself is also great quality, fresh ingredients but the kicker is THE BREAD! I don’t know how they make it taste so fresh and soft but that really impressed me. I got the Cubano and it was one of the best I’ve ever had. Highly recommend you try it.(Google reviews)

Great subs. Feels like the subs take long BUT since everything is freshly made, it is not a big deal. The subs were amazing. Tried the Gator, the Cuban and the Crispy Chicken. All were delicious and huge.(Google reviews)

To sum up:

When it comes to the best sandwich shops in Calgary, there’s no shortage of delicious options to choose from. Calgary has something to offer, whether you’re in the mood for a classic deli-style sandwich or a trendy vegan option. So whether you’re in the mood for a classic ham and cheese or something more adventurous, these sandwich shops near me in Calgary are worth checking out.

You won’t be disappointed.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

What makes a good sandwich?

A good sandwich is all about balance. It should have a variety of textures and flavours, with each ingredient complementing the others. The bread should be fresh and flavorful but not overpowering. And the sauce or spread should tie everything together without being too heavy or dominant.

Are these sandwich shops affordable?

Yes, these sandwich shops are reasonably priced, with most sandwiches ranging from $10-$15. However, prices may vary depending on the sandwich and the location.

What should I look for in a sandwich shop?

When choosing a sandwich shop, look for places that use fresh, high-quality ingredients and make everything in-house. It’s also a plus if they offer unique or creative sandwich options. And of course, don’t forget about the bread – it should be fresh and delicious.

What are some popular sandwich fillings?

Some popular sandwich fillings include meats like roast beef, turkey, ham, and cheeses like cheddar, Swiss, and mozzarella. Vegetables like lettuce, tomato, and onion are also common.

Do these sandwich shops offer takeout or delivery?

Yes, all the sandwich shops on our list offer takeout and delivery options. Check their website or give them a call for more information.

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