The 8 Best Stores for Undergarments in Calgary [2023]

Everyone should be aware of wearing undergarments in daily life. These undergarments must not only be comfortable but also protect our outer clothing from getting spoiled. The human body produces various types of body excretions such as sweat, urine, semen & vaginal discharges. A good quality undergarment can protect your clothes from embarrassing stains. We know you must be in search of a reliable undergarment seller and that’s why we compiled the list of the 8 best stores for undergarments in Calgary.

Undergarments not only protect our clothes from body fluids but additionally have a number of different functions. For instance, brassieres are a renowned product to provide and protect women’s breasts. Similarly, male genitals can be given additional protection using briefs and boxers. Apart from support and protection, the undergarments can also keep us warm and protected from harsh outside environments. If you’re an athletic person or love to take part in playful activities, you’re already aware of the benefits of sports bras in terms of support and protection.

Without further to do, let’s dive into our list of the 8 best stores for undergarments in Calgary to cover your every undergarment situation needs.

1- BraTopia


Phone: +14034571303

Address: 102 4 St NE, Calgary, AB T2E 3K8, Canada

What’s Special?

  • Excellent Quality Bra Collection
  • Branded Variety of Underwear
  • Lingerie Essentials
  • Swimwear & Sportswear
  • Tank Tops, Bridal & Hosiery Accessories
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BraTopia is a well-known and popular undergarments shop in the Calgary region. They have the most magnificent collection of all world-popular brands’ undergarments. Located in a very prime area, BraTopia delivers its customers the most durable products ranging from lingerie, sportswear, and swimwear. All of your favorite brands are present in one place including Fantasie, Freya, Goddess, and Playful Promises. The outclass customer service in a super comfortable environment is what you need to have the best undergarments shopping experience ever.


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Get inspired by the best-in-class hosiery and tank tops you can buy. All of their available undergarment material is manufactured with very comfortable and long-lasting fabric. The moment you step into the BraTopia store, you’ll be inspired by the number of options you have to choose from. In the underwear section, you can buy the thongs, leakproof, briefs, and shorty types. Reshape your abdomen with the astounding corset & shapewear. BraTopia is your one-stop undergarment store for your everyday sleepwear and sportswear needs.

Customer Feedback

I had the best experience here yesterday! I booked an appointment on a whim. I’m plus sized and I’m always nervous going into new places; I’ve had many experiences that were not positive. When I went inside, the greeting was friendly and immediate. The shop is bright, cheerful, clean, and nicely organized. Even though I had only booked 20 minutes prior, they had a fitter ready for me. I wish I could remember her name, because she was absolutely amazing. (Google Reviews)

Incredible one-on-one experience. The staff doesn’t rush; they take their time to measure and search for the right thing based on what you need/want. I always have a great experience here. Good bras for high sizes are always pricey but I’ve found it to be well worth it! Thanks for being my go-to store. I always recommend BraTopia. (Google Reviews)

2- Victoria’s Secret


Phone: +14032652660

Address: 6455 Macleod Trail SW, Calgary, AB T2H 0K8, Canada

What’s Special?

  • Exquisite & Branded Lingerie Collection
  • Sleepwear & Sportwear
  • All Occasions Bra Combos
  • Accommodating & Helpful Staff
  • Huge Bikini & Undergarments Selection
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Everybody knows the classic touch of Victoria’s Secret in terms of best-class lingerie and undergarments store. This store is one of the highest-rated stores to have the best collection of undergarments in the US and Canada. Throughout its history, the store has made the promise to deliver an exquisite range of all kinds of panties, bras, sports, and beauty undergarments. Victoria’s Secret is continuously growing in Calgary with hundreds of delighted customers. The activewear known as Victoria’s sports is another line to provide ample support and protection.

Victoria’s Secret has an exclusive range of reusable period pink panty lines to help cope with the problems of menstrual stains. Moreover, their astounding bra corset and tops can make your beach vacations more fun and attractive. You can shop any undergarment by multiple size differences and measures including major, medium, and light lift levels. Another amazing product they have is the strapless bras thus providing a comfortable bra-wearing experience with more style. Victoria’s secret has an impressive selection of briefs, Brazilians, and matching sets of panties according to your needs.

Customer Service

Mary Fleur was the sweetest and most helpful person I could have hoped for!!! She was with me through my whole shopping experience and made excellent suggestions!!! Ended up getting all of them!!! Thank you so much Mary Fleur for all your help <3 all the girls there are so kind and welcoming!!! I HIGHLY suggest this Victoria Secret (Google Reviews)

Everyone there was so welcoming and friendly.  Had a bra fitting and then must have tried on about 10 bras size up size down. Also, different styles. Learnt a lot, very happy with my purchase (Google Reviews)

3- Knickers ‘n Lace


Phone: +14032251413

Address: 10816 Macleod Trail #208, Calgary, AB T2J 5N8, Canada

What’s Special?

  • Excellent Bras & Underwear
  • Sleep & Loungewear
  • Bridal Accessories & Care
  • Maternity & Nursing Products
  • Shapewear & Hosiery
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Knickers ‘n Lace brings the essence of lingerie and undergarments to a whole new level. We choose this amazing store on our list because of its easy-to-access store location and super-friendly atmosphere. They are proficient in making your undergarments and other dresses look beautiful on you. Casual and boutique lingerie is getting a lot of attention from Calgarians. Knickers ‘n Lace eliminates the hustle of searching for more sturdy and reliable undergarments. They are serving the region for more than three decades and are now proficient in offering top-notch products at the best price.

If you’re someone looking for a place to get undergarments tailored according to your body size, consider this place your top priority. The Knickers ‘n Lace store provides quick and easy appointment services for accessing the fitting rooms. From petite to N-Cup bras, the store has everything you need to get from a quality store. You’ll be able to get one-on-one consultations with qualified and knowledgeable staff. The sexy wear and hosiery collection attract a number of customers who keep returning for the astounding quality undergarments.

Customers Feedback

Karen is the absolute best!! She was so knowledgeable and professional.  She made me feel welcome and comfortable. I’ve never had such pretty bras that fit and flatter me so nicely. The way she interacted with her colleague Myra was so fun. The owner was super nice too! Highly recommend Knickers and Lace!! This will be the only place I’ll shop for bras!! (Google Reviews)

I had such a positive experience today finding some beautiful pieces with the help of Sarah, couldn’t ask for more. She is such an easy person to work with, great energy, never feels awkward having her check in, helped me find the exact thing I was looking for in about an hour.

If you’re lucky enough to book with her I’m sure you’ll have a similar experience, she’s effortlessly natural in this type of setting. The lingerie I picked out was a really quality materials as well, they have decent range of sizing and styles available. (Google Reviews)

4-La Vie en Rose


Phone: +14032564028

Address: 85 Shawville Blvd SE #550, Calgary, AB T2Y 3W5, Canada

What’s Special?

  • Durable Undergarments & Beach Wear
  • Variety of Bra & Panty Styles
  • All Sizes of Slim Suits & Corsets
  • Welcoming Environment & Staff
  • Swim & Bathing Suit Collection
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La Vie en Rose is another top-notch contender in the line of best undergarments shops in Calgary. The store is situated at a number of different places throughout the Calgary region. All of their outlets are well-equipped with the top lingerie and undergarments brands. They have a qualified staff appointed at the spot to assist you in finding the best possible products according to your body size. Moreover, la Vie en Rose offers free size and compatibility consultations to help you match with the modern and comfortable undergarment styles and fittings.


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Enjoy the utmost cozy sleepwear collection at la Vie en Rose. The elegant undergarments styles are astounding gifts if you’re planning to give your special one or a friend. The store also possesses an amazing collection of swimwear with a full consultation about the teenager and adult sizes and fittings. The exceptional undergarment products coupled with the most reliable and strong fabric material are what make la Vie en Rose a worth-visiting place for your lingerie and undergarments needs. The staff is excellent in managing the orders and customers with a knowledgeable set of operations.

Customers Feedback

Great experience! Went bra shopping today, everyone was so welcoming and kept asking if I was doing okay. Christina showed me a variety of bra styles and I am very pleased with what I got. I was even offered a bra sizing. Overall, great store I always come to shop here. (Google Reviews)

I went in today and was immediately greater by staff. So, I approached her and told her I had not been in a store before and would like help finding something in my size, I am a bit over weight. She gladly helped me. I was able to find pieces to make 3 bathing suits.  Since I found them all on a discount rack, I hot such huge savings. I believe Angelica (employee 863034) was her name. (Google Reviews)

5- La Senza


Phone: +14032475375

Address: 3625 Shaganappi Trail Northwest C011A, Shaganappi Trail NW, Calgary, AB T3A 0E2, Canada

What’s Special?

  • Instore Shopping & Pickup
  • Classical & Trendy Undergarments
  • All Variety of Bra & Corsets
  • Excellent Collection of Top Brands Lingerie
  • Easy Return & Super-friendly Staff
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La Senza offers one of the explicit ranges of undergarments at various locations throughout Calgary. The store is well-reputed among the Calgarians in terms of clean atmosphere & friendly staff. You can get almost every kind and size of undergarments under the same roof. They have more than 15 brand collaborations in terms of providing customers with the lingerie they need. The store staff will let you pick and try all of the available options based on your body fitting and size.

From giving quality undergarments size and type consultation to best-in-class and reliable products, La Senza is here for you. Step into these amazing undergarments and lingerie stores today and get the benefits of utmost care with a premium line of products. This popular store is helping a lot of customers who are especially delighted by the amount of work and passion La Senza invests to produce aesthetically beautiful undergarments. The beautiful masterpiece bras and sportswear are waiting for you at La Senza.

Customers Feedback

These girls at this la senza in market mall are probably the best I’ve ever experienced – and it’s not just one time, it’s every single time I visit! But I have the most to say about Sarah, she still took the time to bring me options, help me with an exchange and go above and beyond to make sure I left happy – while I was waiting in line, she was so differently personable with every single customer and that was just something to admire as you typically don’t see that in customer service. (Google Reviews)

Friendly staff, they seem to be able to tell if you need space or when you need help which is great, because you feel comfortable shopping here. (Google Reviews)

6- Body by Chai


Phone: +14032437138

Address: 718 17 Ave SW #7, Calgary, AB T2S 0B7, Canada

What’s Special?

  • Complete Undergarments Consultation
  • Excellent Quality Bra & Lingerie Products
  • Luxury Fitting & Finishing Service
  • Private Shopping Event Boutique
  • Bra Conversions & Size Adjustments
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Every woman loves the looks of aesthetically pleasing lingerie and undergarments. Body by Chai is a highly rated and well-reputed undergarment shop in Calgary. They can make your shopping experience much less intimidating with an excellent choice of products. The creative designers strive to deliver custom-made and branded lingerie items such as bras, panties, sportswear, and sleepwear.  Say goodbye to the hustle of finding perfectly sized undergarments by visiting Body by Chai. They can expertly make every undergarment of your size in 45 minutes through appointment.

Body by Chai promises its customers to have a fruitful shopping experience. You can get all kinds of undergarments at a very reasonable price and in the right size. To have you covered in every aspect, Body by Chai has developed all of its outlets in a welcoming environment. The staff is highly proficient in serving you with high-class material undergarments that have complete longevity and strength. Body by Chai is by far the friendliest store due to its excellent customer communication. The awesome skillset combined with the vast undergarments store is an ideal place for your next shopping visit.

Customer Feedback

I wish I could give more than 5 stars. EVERYONE needs to visit Body by Chai. I had such a great experience getting fitted – it was judgment free, easy and so much fun. Chai knows her stuff (years of experience and knowledge!) and every bra she recommended fit like a glove. I really appreciated how she picked up my style and what I was looking for, and even took the time to explain the fit, features and material of each bra (not to mention how to properly wear them). (Google Reviews)

Wow, I recommend Chai to everyone. I was sized incorrectly at another boutique and she sized me to my right bra and made the experience amazing. She is fair in her return and refund policy, and really takes the time to make sure you feel comfortable and satisfied with your purchase. As a customer it translates clearly how much she prioritizes client care and satisfaction over business and money. (Google Reviews)

7- About the Bra


Phone: +15873536227

Address: 3534 Garrison Gate SW, Calgary, AB T2T 6N1, Canada

What’s Special?

  • Astounding Bras & Briefs Selection
  • Body Shaping Corsets & Garters
  • Bodysuits & Undergarments
  • Hosiery, Slips & Layering Pieces
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About The Bra believes in maintaining the dignity and privacy of its customers with excellent fitting and stylish undergarments. The extraordinary store has everything you need whether you want an astounding bikini set or go for slim suits and corsets. The reason why we included this store in our list is the excellent customer support and free fitting services according to individual personalization. About the Bra is your one-stop shop to buy all kinds of hosiery and bra ranges including their types and sizes in the store.

About The Bra provides a little more sensual to its valuable customers by introducing a beautiful; collection of body corsets. They are not only the ideal slim-fit undergarments but also help to maintain your physique and shape. The legwear is something extraordinary and you’ll love the sleek and comfortable feel of skim-friendly material. The strapless and wireless offered by About the Bra store is what you need for a more comfortable and relaxing undergarments experience on every occasion.

Customers Feedback

Absolutely fantastic service. I have a torn rotator cuff and I was looking for a bra I could wear that would not cause me pain and that I could easily take off. The service was incredible, the lady was very knowledgeable on my injury and what bras/ styles/ sizes would aggravate my injury. She gave me advice and was so nice to chat with. I will definitely be back! (Google Reviews)

My teenage daughter has had a heck of a time finding a bra that fits her slim frame and ample cup size. Stephanie greeted us right away with a warm and friendly smile.  For the next hour, she worked hard to find the perfect bra for my kiddo. She was extremely patient and very knowledgeable. We were quite impressed with her level of customer service. We will definitely be back! (Google Reviews)

8- Crimson Lingerie & Apparel


Phone: +14034548244

Address: 240 Stewart Green SW, Calgary, AB T3H 3C8, Canada

What’s Special?

  • Top Notch Bra & Undergarments Brands
  • Plus-Sized, Strapless & Plunge Neck Bra Styles
  • All types of Long-lasting Panties
  • Bustier & Luxe robes Collection
  • Clothing & Bridal Shop
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The last but not the least addition to our list of popular undergarments shops in Calgary is Crimson Lingerie & Apparel. The store is established with the passion of giving you the undergarments of your dreams. Every product is exquisitely comfortable and offers great support to your body. Whether you want to shop some quality undergarments for yourself or for someone special, Crimson Lingerie & Apparel has everything stacked up under the same roof. The store is equipped with every globally available bra brand.

Get comfortable in the most amazing and top-of-the-line panties collection available at Crimson Lingerie & Apparel. You can avail and try the strings, things, or any other type that is quite affordable and long-lasting. The store has a special collection of nursing and post-surgery bras to help you support and provide ease in the hard times. Recently, Crimson Lingerie & Apparel has launched a new Saxx for men’s collection of innovative Ball-park design underwear to prevent chafing and enhance comfortable movement.

Customers Feedback

This is the second time I have shopped at Crimson and I absolutely love it! Pretty and comfortable, I wear my purchases all the time. The women there are very helpful and know what they are doing. It is easily my main source for lingerie. (Google Reviews)

I have been into a few bra boutiques around Calgary and I always get the sense that I am not the right age for the store- this store did not make me feel that way. Aisha was able to help me find bras that fit me like a dream and are super attractive. She made me feel comfortable and listen to what I was looking for. I was impressed with their selection and variety of bras. They were also very reasonably priced- most times in specialty shops I expect to pay top dollar. (Google Reviews)

Final Verdict

When it comes to finding a reliable undergarments store in Calgary, you may end up with a poor-quality product store. There is no use in spending hundreds of dollars on undergarments that can’t even provide you comfort in the long run. To make things easy for you, our compiled list of the 8 best stores for undergarments in Calgary will help you make the right choice. Our enlisted stores are jam-packed with branded and highly valued undergarments for every occasion coupled with good ease of use and reliability.

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