Top 8 Best Swimming lessons Schools in Calgary

Best Swimming lessons Schools in Calgary: Swimming is an indispensable life ability. Swimming lessons promote confidence, encourage physical activity, provide the capacity to escape potentially life-threatening circumstances, and allow you to fully enjoy trips to the beach and beach vacations.

Swimming schools in Calgary offer lessons in additional skills, including diving and distance swimming lessons. You can easily join these schools just by registering. All the details can be seen on their website. Here we are sharing with you all the basic details of the best swimming schools in Calgary.

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 1. True Blue Swim School


Phone: +1 403-692-3855

Address:  1607 90 Ave SW, Calgary, AB T2V 4V7

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If you are a skilled swimmer, it allows you to freely explore the world of water, resulting in genuine joy and enduring memories of carefree enjoyment with family and friends. True Blue Swim School is a specialist swim school that produces self-assured swimmers that make rapid progress.

The unique approach produces self-assured swimmers who enjoy being in the water and achieve quick results. Their upbeat, modern programme emphasizes practical water skills, such as deepwater safety. They prioritize customer service. If there are any issues, they promise to respond and correct them.

Customer reviews:

“This program is hands down the best swim program going around. The training that goes into delivering this program is outstanding! The swim instructors are amazing and sure know how to handle all kinds of situations! This program caters to any swim level!” (Google reviews)

“The staff are fantastic. Great interaction with the instructors and our daughter loves going” (Google reviews)

2.  Swim Kids​​​ Calgary


Phone: +1 403-831-2591

Address: 3503 114 Ave SE, Calgary, AB T2Z 3X2, Canada

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The Swim Kids Calgary programme is designed to teach you how to safely enjoy the water by providing you with the skills you need to respond independently in any situation, whether planned or unplanned. They provide swimming training classes to children and adults. Parents can enjoy the water as well, knowing that their children are prepared for any situation.


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They guarantee to help your children become confident and competent swimmers by breaking free from traditional ways. They feel that swimming lessons may teach children much more than how to splash about and blow bubbles.

Customer reviews:

“Bravo Ms. Holly and Ms. Danielle! They both did an amazing job at teaching Andreas how to swim. He is so much more comfortable in the water now. He loved lessons and misses them already. We recommend Swim Kids to anyone who has kids that need to learn this important skill!!” (Google reviews)

“Holly is absolutely amazing.  She taught our little guy how to roll and float on his own.  I am so happy he was able to learn these skills and feel more comfortable being around water with him.  I highly recommend Holly!!” (Google reviews)

3.  Vecova’s Aquatics, Health and Fitness


Phone: +1 403-284-1121

Address: 3304 33 St NW, Calgary, AB T2L 2A6, Canada

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Learning to swim skill is a fantastic method to increase your self-esteem. Vecova’s Aquatics, Health and Fitness can assist you in developing this talent by scheduling the finest swimming lessons for you. For children, teenagers, and adults, they provide lane and cohort swimming, as well as group or private swim classes.


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They think that everyone should live an active and involved life that allows them to make meaningful connections and contribute to society.

Customer reviews:

“The pool is warm and the instructors help make it approachable for littles. If you’re able to get into a class, it’s a great experience for parents & kids.” (Google reviews)

“We take our 6 month daughter swimming here because it has a heated pool. Great warm temperature. It can be busy though. The change rooms are a bit dated and showers can get really hot so sometimes can’t shower baby after being in the pool.” (Google reviews)

4.  Bowview Outdoor Pool


Phone: +1 403-221-3571

Address: 1910 6 Ave NW, Calgary, AB T2N 0W3, Canada

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The Bowview Outdoor Swimming Pool has all the best facilities for you to learn to swim. It has two pools that remain open 24 hours a day, all pools are heated, filtered, and sanitized. You may register online for public swims, lane swims, and private swimming classes using the Calgary Outdoor Swimming Pool Association’s new, centralized booking system. Walk-up customers may be able to get a limited number of tickets.

Showers with temperature control are offered, as well as premade snacks and beverages. They have the best and qualified lifeguards which are on duty always in all pools for any emergency.

Customer reviews:

“So fun! Lots of toys and life jackets available with the entrance fee, only 5 bucks each person! Amazing price! Lifeguards are very attentive and willing to help. There’s also a concession if you need some snacks.” (Google reviews)

“So great to swim in an outdoor pool. Did lessons everyday mon to fri. Kid learned a lot. Chairs around deck so you can watch on deck. Locker room clean. Warm showers. Classes are staggered so not many are in locker room at once.” (Google reviews)

5.  K & K Swim School – Calgary


Contact: [email protected]


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Balzac – Days Inn Balzac

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K&K Swim School is Canada’s biggest private swimming school. Since 2014, it has been inspiring love and enthusiasm for swimming. The instructors emphasize personal achievement with their unique philosophy, which focuses on every person’s skills and requirements in the water. The classes allow swimmers to advance at their own pace while also increasing their self-confidence and well-being in the water.

K&K’s major purpose is to instil a deep affection and admiration for the water in the swimmers while also assisting them in overcoming any phobias they may have. The swimmers grow strong, independent, and self-assured, and they value their bond with the water above all else.

Customer reviews:

“I have had my son in K&K for a few sessions. Each time he has learned so much and gained such confidence in his swimming. I highly recommend the lessons – from the initial communications, organization, instructors and lesson plans – everything is fantastic. Highly recommend to anyone!” (Google reviews)

My daughter has loved her swimming lessons with K & K Swim School. She has made amazing progress in her swimming from beginning with no experience. We have had two different teachers and both were excellent. I cant see how she would learn as quickly being a large class of kids. (Google reviews)

6.  UCalgary Aquatic Centre


Phone: +1 403-220-6755

Address:  Kinesiology Complex, 2500 University Dr NW, Calgary, AB T2N 1N4, Canada

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Enriching people’s lives by providing high-quality programming and educational opportunities that promote and encourage all people to be active for the rest of their lives. Swimmers have the option of purchasing a yearly Active Living membership or paying a drop-in fee.

UCalgary Aquatic Centre offers swimming lessons for people of all ages. In the fall, winter, and spring, children’s swimming lessons are held on Saturdays. Adult swim lessons are held on Saturday mornings and Monday and Wednesday evenings. Sundays are set aside for children and youth who require special accommodations.

Customer reviews:

“Very organized and well managed for swimming. Great pool!” (Google reviews)

“Fantastic facilities! Always clean and the staff are generally pretty pleasant once you get past the Athletic center desk. Check to schedule to make sure there are the facilities you need (laps/no lap lanes).” (Google reviews)

7.  AquaMobile Private Swimming Lessons Calgary


Phone: +1 888-950-7946

Address:   AquaMobile Home Swim Lessons
Calgary, Alberta T1Y, Canada

AquaMobile Swim School offers private swimming instruction to people of all ages and skill levels in Calgary and the surrounding areas. Their helpful and cheerful staff will set you up with at-home swimming classes taught by local instructors. Before your first lesson, AquaMobile swim instructions will carry out a skills evaluation to help craft custom lesson plans designed to help you reach your goals. As a result, during the initial private swim session, the swimming lesson experience will be successful and pleasurable.

AquaMobile Swim School lets you learn in a stress-free and safe environment. An experienced local instructor will teach you and/or your child in the comfort of your home or condo pool.

Customer reviews:

“I would recommend AquaMobile to everyone. With AquaMobile you are learning everything precisely. With the bios online I knew exactly what experience the instructors had, if they’ve been working with children previously – I knew exactly what I was getting. Without a doubt, my children progressed at triple speed vs. enrolling with the city pool.” (Google reviews)

“My son loves the instructor and he’s learned so much. She relates really well with my son, always arrives on time and is professional. From the 3rd class he was swimming by himself, floating by himself. We are very happy that we found AquaMobile.” (Google reviews)

8.  Just Keep Swimming Calgary


Contact: [email protected]

Address: 8100 John Laurie Blvd NW, Calgary, AB T3G 3S3, Canada

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Just Keep Swimming is a non-profit organization dedicated to educating children and adolescents with neurological or developmental problems on how to swim fluently and comfortably, play safely in the water, and exercise in the water.

Just Keep Swimming provides a variety of programmes, including Swim Skills lessons for children aged 5 to 14, Swim Fit Small Group Lessons for teenagers and adults, and Private Swim Lessons for individuals who want or need one-on-one assistance in the water.

Customer reviews:

“William has been telling the world about how much fun he has been having in swimming lessons.  I’ve been blown away each week, watching his courage grow and his skills expand and can’t believe the gains he’s already made only three lessons in.”  (Google reviews)

“We LOVE the program for the boys, they have improved so much and the two coaches we have this session are fantastic with them!” (Google reviews)

Final Thoughts:

Swimming schools in Calgary give you easy access to learn and practice swimming. All kinds of swimming lessons are available for adults and children. Some schools offer you online lessons and you can also hire private instructors. Enjoy your swimming activities!

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