Top 8 Best Violin Lessons in Calgary to Learn Violin [2023]

The advantages of playing a musical instrument are well-known; it improves your physical and mental strength and your social circle, and the violin provides the same benefits. You can obtain these benefits by enrolling in a music school in Calgary that teaches violin instruction. They will teach you how to play the violin even if you are a beginner with no prior experience, and they will turn you into an expert.

Learning the violin is one of the most classic and beautiful skills, tempting the amalgamation of sounds. So to provide you with the best teacher for violin lessons, we have listed some of the best violin lessons schools in Calgary.

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1. Imagine Music Lessons


Phone: +1 403-971-7120

Address: 600 Crowfoot Crescent NW Suite 340, Calgary, AB T3G 0B4, Canada

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With Imagine Music Lessons Violin Classes in Calgary, one can get a taste of the full range of this beautiful instrument. Music enthusiasts can learn, practice, and perform their favorite music with the help of the inspiring teachers at Imagine Music lessons. Imagine Music realizes that people want to play and practice the violin in their own way and so they have developed a step-by-step approach to studying the theory of music behind it.

The school encourages customization and collaboration to tailor the lessons to a person’s needs to acquire lifelong skills at a person’s own pace. Beginners can improve their violin skills with elementary classes, while intermediate and experienced musicians can participate in some much-needed exercises which will future polish their violin skills.

Customer reviews:

“I am LOVING this e. I’m sure if someone was to sneak downstairs while I’m playing (practicing) to my favorite tunes…they’d see me there with a huge \smile. Peter is a great teacher, and I’m enjoying learning.” (Google reviews)

“I have enjoyed my time teaching with Imagine Music very much.  The office is run efficiently, and Imagine Music creates a lovely sense of community among teachers and the students.” (Google reviews)

2.  Chinook School of Music


Phone: +1 403-246-8446

Address: 3522 19 St SW, Calgary, AB T2T 4X6, Canada

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Chinook School of Music provides violin lessons and other instruments and vocal music lessons. They have a highly qualified, award-winning instructor staff committed to instilling a lifetime love of music in each student by nurturing their innate abilities. They teach a variety of musical techniques and genres.

They allow students to develop and grow as musicians and people in this progressive environment. The Chinook School of Music has a system of online classes with the same effeteness of teaching the violin.

Customer reviews:

“Lone Chu has been a fantastic instructor and his lessons continue to be a highly anticipated, joyful experience for our child during a difficult year.” (Google reviews)

“We’ve always had the best experience at Chinook School of Music. Our children have loved their music programs. The teachers here are first class!” (Google reviews)

3.  Mima and Cello Music School


Phone: +1 403-399-2255

Address: Mima and Cello Music School, 47 Woodmont Dr SW, Calgary, AB T2W 4L3, Canada

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Mima and Cello Music School provides professional and personalized one-on-one violin lessons. Mima, the teacher, has impressive credentials, including being a licensed online music teacher and a Royal Conservatory of Music Certified Advanced Specialist teacher.

You can take advantage of online virtual classes to learn violin with an experienced Royal Conservatory of Music Advanced Specialist Certified Teacher. Mima and Cello Music Schools offer various programs tailored to everyone’s needs at reasonable prices.

Customer reviews:

“Mima has been an amazing teacher and mentor to my daughter who has been taking violin lessons for more than a year now. She’s always professional and positive, ready for her students.” (Google reviews)

“Mima is a well-trained, patient, friendly and motivating teacher that will calmly guide you to your personal goals of music and beyond.” (Google reviews)

4.  Leroux Studios


Phone: +1 403-284-3206

Address:  2114A 14 St NW, Calgary, AB T2M 3N5, Canada

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Leroux Studios create an atmosphere that is fun, friendly, and easy for students to learn. They ensure to provide personalized and special consideration to the student. They have instructors who have graduated from the best educational centers globally, have experience performing in various studios, and have conducted numerous solo, chamber, and orchestral concerts.

Leroux Studios is an outstanding music studio, a wonderful group of instructors that are both competent and engaging, as well as delightful.

Customer reviews:

“I’ve been a student of Riley’s for about 2 years. As an adult learner, the lessons have been fun and well suited for my needs. I highly recommend checking out Leroux Studios if you’ve always wanted to learn a musical instrument and have not done so, yet.” (Google reviews)

“A great range of talented and personable instructors and lovely people to work with. My daughter has been having lessons there for a while and just started learning a second instrument because she enjoys it so much. Their prices are also very reasonable. Strongly recommend!” (Google reviews)

5.  Nirvana Academy of Violin


Phone: +1 403-400-5927

Address: 101 14 Ave SW, Calgary, AB T2R 0W3, Canada

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Nirvana Academy of Violin in Calgary is working on enhancing the violin skills of adults and children. The academy’s goal is to provide a healthy, vibrant, and professional environment for students to learn violin and music in Calgary. They have one of the best violin instructors. Whether you’re a novice, trying to improve your violin talents, or aspiring to be a violin teacher, we’ve got you covered.

Nirvana Academy of Violin is the ideal location to suit your requirements. A highly qualified and competent music instructor designs and supervises their violin classes.

Customer reviews:

“The violin is not an easy instrument to learn, but Nirvana makes it fun to learn, and teaches it always with a smile. Her teaching is very well balanced since it includes a “technical” part (scales, arpeggios, posture, etc.) and a “fun” part (the pieces from the Suzuki method, which is excellent for kids).” (Google reviews)

“Nirvana and her teachers are excellent! It still amazes me how captivating and concise their teaching skills are! Thank you for improving my technique and allowing me to peruse the higher levels of violin with passion and confidence!” (Google reviews)

6.  Adagio School of Music


Phone: +1 403-975-6308

Address: 9705 Horton Rd SW, Calgary, AB T2V 2X4, Canada

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At Adagio School of Music is they have created an amusing environment for people to learn the violin. Learn to play your instrument in the most conducive environment possible. You’ll have uninterrupted one-on-one time with your instructor in their home studio. Adagio School of Music invites you to enjoy the benefits of studio music training.

Adagio School of Music will polish your skills to an expert level if you are serious about learning to play the violin.

Customer reviews:

“Adagio school of music by far is the best music school in Calgary, Fatima is very prepared in the file of music. I have a 3-year old that is been guided by Fatima into the music world and she loves it!
I am very satisfied with the program. Very recommended!” (Google reviews)

“I recommended Adagio is the best school of music in Calgary, I’m very successful.” (Google reviews)

7.  West Hillhurst Piano and Violin


Phone: +1 403-689-6485

Address: 2329 Bowness Rd NW, Calgary, AB T2N 3L6, Canada

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West Hillhurst Piano and Violin has Violinist Mrs. Lym, who is a pupil of Michael Barta. She is a Royal Conservatory of Music-trained Suzuki instructor. Her teaching approaches are a unique combination of Suzuki and Shinozaki. (This technique is used widely in South Korea, Japan, and China.) Suzuki places a greater emphasis on learning music by ear, whereas Shinozaki places a greater emphasis on theories and literary techniques).


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West Hillhurst Piano and Violin Studio do their best to assist you in learning the violin. You can easily register to attend the training session with them.

Customer reviews:

“Mrs. Lym is exceptional teacher. She stared teaching with our son when he was 4years old she spends great deal of time on fundamentals to ensure the foundation is solid using popular Suzuki method plus shinozaki method it’s been a great experience for our family Thank you.” (Google reviews)

“Kim Lym is an excellent teacher. I started piano as an adult not having played in over 25 years. She was patient and built a lot of confidence in me by teaching me the fundamentals and telling me to have fun with the music!” (Google reviews)

8.  Musicworks Canada


Phone: +1 403-516-1003

Address: 8120 Beddington Blvd NW Bay 103, Calgary, AB T3K 2A8, Canada

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All music instructors at Musicworks Canada ensure that students of all ages receive high-quality music education. The instructors at Musicwork Canada have a lot of experience in the field of teaching violin. They offer customized 1-on-1 music lessons tailored to each student’s learning style and speed. The tutors are delighted to be a part of your musical education. If you cannot attend a class, they will provide make-up lessons.

Musicworks Canada believes that music is at the heart of everyone. It has a rich history and continues to have an impact on the people of Calgary on a daily basis enhancing the love of the violin. You will never miss a lesson if you make an advance arrangement with the front desk.

Customer reviews:

“Musicworks Canada is an amazing store. Staffs are knowledgeable and friendly! Having great experience and highly recommend for young kids!” (Google reviews)

“My kid is in music preschool program and he is always excited to be there. Their lessons are always very well structured and planned. Highly recommend to people who want their kids to learn music even they are super young!” (Google reviews)

Final Thoughts:

Violin classes in Calgary are unlike any other, with violin teachers that will assist you not only in falling in love with the violin but also build your body strength and balance. They strive to bring out and highlight your artistic and musical abilities. These aren’t your typical violin institutes. They use a one-of-a-kind teaching method that allows pupils to take up the instrument faster than other students.

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