5 Best weight loss centers in Edmonton

When it comes to losing weight, it is not about starting a new “diet” or a new “program.” It would help if you changed your lifestyle, which involves eating healthy foods, exercising regularly, and reducing stress. Also, medications used to treat other conditions can make losing weight more difficult. Your healthcare provider should be contacted if you have questions about your medication or are concerned about your weight.

As a person trying to lose weight, it is natural to want the weight loss process to be as rapid as possible. Managing long-term weight loss most effectively involves losing one to two pounds a week at a steady pace for a sustained period. Although many eating plans intended to help you lose weight leave you feeling hungry or unsatisfied, they cut out major food groups.

Healthy eating plans might be hard to stick to for these reasons. You can lose weight safely if your doctor recommends it, but there are other answers to some health problems. If you are Looking for weight loss centers near me in Edmonton, This list of the most reputable and best weight loss centers in Edmonton is for you.

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1- World Weight Loss:

Website: worldweightlossinc.ca/

Phone: +18663541226

Address: 6505 104 St NW, Edmonton, AB T6H 2L2, Canada

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With advanced technology and health experts working together, World Weight Loss creates customized weight management programs for you. You can reach your goals with the support you need! With 3D Body Scan technology, their programs provide a customized approach based on your unique characteristics. Your goals and understanding of your body will help you decide what you can expect.

Using the World Weight Loss app, you can track your progress in real-time by checking how exercise and nutrition contribute to your weight loss goals. With the World Weight Loss app, members can track their exercise routine, measure calories, and see how their bodies are changing. World Weight Loss can make it easier for members to reach their health and weight goals. They provide the same level of personalized and exceptional care to every member at World Weight Loss.

World Weight Loss received the 2023 Quality Business Award for being the best weight loss center in Edmonton. Whether in person or online, World Weight Loss strives to assist all members. Members of World Weight Loss are helped to define individual goals and create optimal nutrition and exercise plans through in-person or virtual meetings. World Weight Loss believes BMI needs to be more complex to be useful for understanding weight loss.

It has long been used to gauge an individual’s weight status. World Weight Loss members can measure their body composition using 3D Body Scan Technology rather than BMI. They are happy to offer body composition assessments to anyone who walks through their doors. In order to reach your weight loss goals, they use 3D Body Scans to predict better how nutrition and exercise will affect you. By doing so, they can tailor their programs to meet your needs best.

What do clients think?

100 % professional, organized, classy, open, clean and spacious. Super friendly, helpful and knowledgeable staff. This is the place to come if you want results and over the top professional help. Matthew is an amazing coach….gives personal tailor-made programs, recommendations, advise and suggestions. Top quality products are sold at his clinic. You will not be disappointed by choosing World Weight Loss Clinic for the help you need. Spread the word and tell a friend. Let’s get this place to go viral….(Google reviews)

I tried the salted Carmel Bites and oh my god they are so good. Better than any protein bar I’ve ever tried. I also tried the green tea energy booster and it great it gave me loads of energy. The clinic is so upscale and clean it’s a really beautiful business. I had the free body scan and the technology is so beyond what any clinic is doing these days that it is definitely worth going to try. (Google reviews)

2- Ewyn Weight Loss Studios:

Website: ewynweightlossstudios.com/

Phone: +17803413551

Address: 18922 87 Ave NW, Edmonton, AB T5T 6J1, Canada

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In weight management and nutritional health products, Ewyn Weight Loss Studios is the newest leader. As a weight loss clinic, EWYN facilitates their clients’ weight loss goals so that they can lead healthier lifestyles. Diet plans, weight loss products, and one-to-one health coaching are all designed to reduce weight effectively and make you feel great. To achieve your goals and live a healthy lifestyle, EWYN’s mission is to equip you with the tools you need to be the best you can be. They are creating a place where people of all ages can lose weight and live a healthy lifestyle at Ewyn Studios.

With over 70 years of combined health and weight loss experience, their team has a wealth of knowledge and expertise. Ewyn Studios’ goal is to give you the tools and knowledge to lose weight and stay healthy. Health supplements designed specifically for the program are also available for clients through EWYN. Personalized one-on-one support is provided to all clients by certified Health Coaches who are dedicated to their success. EWYN strives to give you the tools to achieve your full potential through the concepts of living a healthy lifestyle and setting positive goals. Providing free weight loss assessments is one of their services.

What do clients think?

I have been following the program for months now and 100% I feel awesome!!! The meal plan is easy to follow, nothing fancy at all.. On top of that, the coaches walk you thru the lifestyle. Ewyn is all about health!(Google reviews)

I had the most incredible with EWYN Weight Loss Studios Edmonton. The coaches are so knowledgable and I l learnt so much with the program all while losing weight. Currently maintaining my goal weight and I couldnt be happier!(Google reviews)

3- High-Definition Fitness:

Website: highdefinitionfitness.ca/

Phone: +17806956057

Address: 12726 St Albert Trail NW, Edmonton, AB T5L 4S5, Canada

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Located in Edmonton, Alberta, High Definition Fitness offers personal training at its private athletic training facility. In addition to training physique, bikini, bodybuilding, and all types of competitive, professional, and recreational athletes, HDF also offers personal training for those who wish to be the best version of themselves. Whenever they work with a client, they treat them as if they were world champion competitors. You will receive a specialized nutrition and training program tailored to meet your unique goals and challenges. For this reason, they spend time getting to know every client before developing customized training and nutritional programs.

Their Trainers are certified and experienced and will provide personalized fitness training based on the needs of each client. The personal trainer focuses 100% of their attention on you during your one-on-one session. With their expertise, they can tailor your training to suit your abilities, interests, and needs. In order to help you reach your maximum potential, they provide the most effective fitness training possible and, in the process, guide you toward developing long-lasting, healthy habits. You can feel comfortable in their facility and with their trainers as they assist you with achieving your goals.

What do clients think?

Not a big place by any means, but despite that it’s the nicest and cleanist gym in the city. The owners are great, and they definitely care about the place. It has equipment catered more to bodybuilding, and that’s perfect for me. I would recommend it for sure. (Google reviews)

Great gym. A little small but you’ll find everything you need here. They have a good variety of equipment and also have attachments you probably won’t find at most gyms in town. (Google reviews)

4- F.R.E.E. Fitness:

Website: freefitnessinc.com/

Phone: +17806787013

Address: 11507 120 St NW, Edmonton, AB T5G 2Y4, Canada

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Located in Edmonton, Alberta, F.R.E.E. Fitness houses a team of qualified personal trainers, a boxing instructor, and a physiotherapy clinic under one roof. Using a sliding fee scale (Pay How You Feel), their team of personal trainers allows their clients to decide the amount that they will pay for their services based on not only the value of the services but their budget as well.

Through their innovative and unique “Pay How You Feel” business model for personal fitness training, the team at F.R.E.E. Fitness has impacted the lives of more than 500 clients since its inception in 2016, eliminating the most common financial barrier to better health. They aim to provide individualized training based on “Pay How You Feel” in Edmonton, Alberta, to as many people as possible.

They have developed a unique personal training model exclusive to F.R.E.E. Fitness. Their fitness program helps you reach your goals through various training options. They customize each workout and program to help you achieve your goals. They take a holistic approach to training to improve self-confidence and overall health and increase lean muscle and body composition. They encourage their clients to rise to their physical and mental limits to meet new challenges. Their online workouts and programs also allow you to achieve your goals from the comfort of your home.

What do clients think?

I’ve been boxing with Albert now for almost a year now and having a blast every week. Not only is Albert attentive but also very knowledgeable in boxing. He helps me tweak my form so I can improve each week. Not only is it a great workout but can be a very technical class, which I like. I highly recommend anyone to check out Albert as well as the great gym he’s coaching out of at F.R.E.E Fit. (Google reviews)

I was struggling to find a gym where I can feel comfortable while working out and I am happy to find FREE Fitness as it is definitely the perfect place! I’ve just started training with Tony and he is amazing! He is so knowledgeable and explains why I need to do a specific workout and its benefits to my body.

I have been learning a lot from my training sessions with him! I have this goal to lose weight and build more muscle and the workouts are helping me achieve this goal. I feel that I am getting stronger everyday! I am also more motivated to have a healthy diet and lifestyle and watch out what I put into my body. Would definitely recommend Tony as a trainer and this gym!(Google reviews)

5- Edmonton South Fit Body Boot Camp:

Website: fitbodybootcamp.com/

Phone: +17807174782

Address: 4720 99 St NW, Edmonton, AB T6E 5V5, Canada

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A proud member of the Inc. 5000 list, Fit Body Boot Camp is one of the fastest-growing companies in the country. Their goal is to maintain the outstanding service they provide to their clients and franchisees daily so they can continue to earn this honor. Fit Body Boot Camp is unlike any other gym or fitness center you’ve ever been to.

Each workout is professionally developed and led by one of their nationally certified coaches who is driven to help you reach your goals. Weight loss results that last for a long time and a healthy lifestyle that you can keep are right here! Their fitness boot camp offers high-intensity interval training to women and men of all fitness levels, helping them achieve head-turning body transformations.

Fit Body Boot Camp is not your traditional gym but a fitness program focusing on weight loss and body toning. Among the reasons for their success are their signature Afterburn workouts, streamlined and lifestyle-appropriate nutrition, and their team’s relentless support. With their signature Afterburn workouts, world-class coaches that help motivate and support you, and a nutrition program that makes it easy to lose fat and keep it off, you’re going to lose fat. HIIT and Active Rest Training combined in their signature 30-minute Afterburn workouts burn twice the calories in half the time and keep your metabolism at a higher rate for up to 36 hours afterward.

What do clients think?

I have never ever been a successful gym person, and I very randomly saw an Instagram ad for Fit Body, which led to me joining. I really enjoy it. The vibe is good, any experience level is welcome, and 30 minutes is a perfect amount of class time. And I always leave tired, sweaty and exhilarated. The coaches are all unique and very helpfully focused on form. So glad I joined!(Google reviews)

My son and I have been attending Fitbody for a number of years now. Their instructors are thorough with workouts and the entire team is very flexible, helpful and encouraging. (Google reviews)

To sum up:

Our list of the best weight loss centers in Edmonton will help you healthily reduce your spending. Despite your desire to lose weight quickly, thinking long-term is essential. Losing water weight is quick, but losing fat is slower, and developing sustainable weight loss may take some time. Rather than seeing the goal as a destination, it is better to view it as a journey. Living a healthier lifestyle begins with new eating and exercise habits. Maintaining your weight loss is possible with these habits.

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