Legendary Pro Wrestler Bret Hart Became Sentimental Over His Induction into Canada’s Walk Of Fame!

Pro Wrestler Bret Hart AKA – The Hitman

Image Credit: CTV News

Bret Hart AKA  The Hitman, recently made his way into Canada’s Walk of Fame. Pro wrestler became emotional and voiced his deep feelings to the audience.

Brat had the honor of becoming the first inductee of Canada’s Walk of Fame from sports. 

Reflecting upon his emotional state, he said in an interview with CTV’s show ‘Your Morning’ that he had the honor of becoming WWE’s Hall of Fame twice.

Still, this induction is exceptional and unusual as it exemplifies the whole Canadian nation.

He exclaimed with joy, 

“In the WWE, I’ve been in a hall of fame twice, which has always meant a lot to me. But this is higher or bigger than that because it represents the whole country.” 

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Hart has aspired to become a professional wrestler since his childhood. He had an exceptional and phenomenal existence in the ring. 

In his 26 years journey in the ring, he would leave his fans and audience baffled and amazed by his extraordinary skills.

Talking about wrestling, he once asserted that wrestling is similar to a story where one is supposed to act and express himself in addition to showing athletic aptitudes.

He asserted, 

‘For me, I was always a storyteller. I always sat down with my opponent and told him what we were going to do. I’ll always remember being appreciated in the wrestling business for being the guy that could tell these great stories.’ 

The Hitman had won the WWE Championship five times during his 26 years long career. Additionally, he was honored to be World Championship Wrestling (WCW) heavyweight champion twice.

Hart is a super patriotic wrestler. He would always carry the Canadian flag with him to the ring.

Talking about his motherland, he reflected,

‘It’s a humbling thing to be a television hero as I was for so many years on TV every Saturday from Canada.’

He announced his retirement in the year 2000 after he got a serious injury during a match. Two years after he paid farewell to his wrestling career, Brat was hit by a stroke that resulted in paralysis of the left side of the body. 

Speaking to the Calgary Sun, he expressed,

‘And all the Canadian wrestlers like Natalya or Edge were influenced by me.’

He displayed gratitude and love for his fans and fellows!

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