Canadian Kadeisha Buchanan won her fifth Women’s Champions League

Canadian Kadeisha Buchanan won her fifth Women’s Champions League

The final of the Saturday may have been Buchanan’s last game in Europe with Lyon because of the contract which expires by the end of June.

The Gold medalist of the Olympics has the distinction of winning four French League Championships with the club.

French continued its collective efforts and after 33 minutes, the French side was up-3.0

“We felt strengthened from all the members of the team, I think everyone was 200% motivated,” said Amandine Henry the player of the match who successfully scored a stunning opening goal.

“We were determined since the beginning of the season to passionately strive to win this trophy back. So it was our team’s wish to make our mark on the field. And I think it was more our mental strength than physical that ensured our success,” said Amandine Henry.

Sonia Bompastor became the first woman as a manager as well as player to win the competition.

As coach or as a player, the feelings are the same regarding intensity. Because you know it was because of everything that was done properly to hit this objective.

Sonia Bompastor provided guidance to Lyon in the first two Champions League titles at end of her career.

“it is experience that makes difference between playing and coaching. The reason why we are happy tonight is that we were able to showcase exactly what this team is made of.”

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