Canadian National Figure Skater: Zaheen McKnight

Raised across two continents, Europe and North America, Zaheen McKnight has spent his life cultivating opportunities for himself and others. He is an entrepreneur and an aspiring actor based in Canada. Zaheen’s most unique opportunity involved diving into the world of figure skating. Most skaters begin their training at the ripe age of 4, but Zaheen began at the age of 11. The late entry did not stop him from competing at the national level, representing Alberta, and earning a seventh-place finish at the 2020 Canadian Tire National Skating Championships. Having competed in the discipline of Ice Dance for nearly a decade now, you can easily see that he is on an upward trajectory, and he is only improving.

Zaheen’s artistic passions are reinforced further when he is away from the ice. He has been active in the drama field for most of his life, whether that be at a school level, a community level, or a private production level, and has always secured a lead role in every play he has been part of. As an experienced storyteller and artist, Zaheen McKnight is passionate about captivating audiences and engaging them in a way that allows them to suspend their disbelief. Within the world of film, he strives to capture the hearts of a larger audience.

Zaheen is always striving to be of service to others. Since the epidemic began, he has focused on finding ways to help. He decided to establish a business that would deliver everyday essentials right to people’s homes, eliminating the need to go to crowded places. He states, “I suppose it could be compared to Amazon in a way, but it was designed to be more personalized and carry only the essentials necessary for everyday living.” Zaheen believes that “it is within the servitude of others where I truly find happiness and fulfillment” and it is clear to see that he is on a mission to back up his words.

A man of many talents and dreams, Zaheen McKnight has been acknowledged on the national stage, and continues to create more positive influence through multiple avenues, either through his social media, artistic work, or simply in person.

Charlotte Hutton

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