Canadian Comedian Daniel Stolfi Finds Humanity In His Cancer Treatment

Cancer, Comedy And Humanity - Daniel Stolfi

Canadian Comedian Finds Humanity And Humor In His Cancer Treatment

Usually, there are no such things as feelings of fantasy associated with cancer but on the contrary, its name is itself a nightmare. But it goes wrong when it comes to the personal experience of award-winning actor, producer, and comedic performer Daniel Stolfi who finds humor and compassionate feelings towards humanity after having gone through it.

He passed through this harrowing experience with stage 3 non-Hodgkin’s T-lymphoblastic and finally emerged with a beautiful and long-desired experience of life. When he was in his 20, he was eagerly learning about how to develop the skill and capability of making others laugh. All of sudden, he fell victim to cancer, and now he got from cancer what he long desired.

It has been more than 12 years since he has been living cancer-free and officially cured life. Toronto-based actor assembled all the notes he has written during the course of his treatment which include all the necessary and worth remembering details of his treatment. He wrote shocking, startling, poignant yet loving, funny, entertaining events in his book in which he gives candid detail of the life before, during, and after cancer. He also includes the experience of hair loss, digestive issues, Chemo, fear of sterility, and all the experiences he felt during the disease.

The Comedian Vs. Cancer, The Show Must Go On is a highly pleasing and entertaining book that is a collection of both bitter and sweet experiences a person has gone through during his cancer treatment.

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Stolfi penned a stage play namely Cancer Can Not Dance Like This at the time when his experience was still going on and this play happened to be an award-winning play. Based on the reputation of this play, he came on the stage and raised more than $100,000 for different cancer-based hospitals and charities.

Stolfi says that right before becoming a victim of cancer he was doing his utmost to translate his dream of becoming a professional comedian into a living reality. “I was physically fit, athletic, going to Gym and played soccer. I took care of my life and didn’t smoke.” Said Stolfi in his recent interview,

“I was living life to the fullest extent; I was lapping and jumping with no issue at all.” two weeks later, he felt difficulty in breathing after a brutal cough that made him lethargic, and exhausted. Initially, he felt it was a nasty flu and a local doctor diagnosed him with a “sinus infection and when I asked the doctor to listen to my lungs, he looked at me as if he got angry at my suggestion,  he gave them a check and said they were clear.

My lungs were not clear but filled with fluid. Till that Stolfi had no idea what a big tragedy was likely to hurt his health. Then a more sympathetic doctor came to him and carefully checked his lungs and immediately sent him to the hospital. “Deep down inside, I realized something horrible was happening to my health, but when the doctors finally told me I was suffering from cancer, the shock was devastating about which I could not even imagine.

With that horrible news, Stolfi was vulnerable, devastated, and scared and called his mom and dad.

At that moment, he sidelined his career, during his treatment, his parents instilled hope, resilience, encouragement, and strength to overcome the darkest moments of his life.

Since the day of the start of his treatment, he kept pen and diary and continued to write each moment of the experience he went through keeping in view the great objective of helping others to overcome this fatal and deadly disease.

Recalling the days he faced the threat of death, he says cancer was such an event in his life that interrupted his life for a short period of time.

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