Cats Can Memorize The Name Of Their Friends

New delightfully surprising news reveals that cats can memorize the name of their friends and
can tell when you call them by the wrong names.

If your Cat does not come to you when you call her, it does not mean she is not listening to you
but she is simply ignoring you. Recent studies suggest that there are certain similarities between dogs and cats in terms of
recognizing language skills.

A team of Japanese researchers reported in an article in 2019 in the Journal Scientific Reports
that cats could recognize their own names in a series of spoken words.
Now new research from some of the same scientists reveals that this understanding of names also
extends to feline friends of a house cat.

Research published on April 13 in Scientific Reports, researchers quizzed 48 domestic cats, 29 of
the cats were from Japanese cafes and coffee shops where they interacted with the customers
while the 19 were from private residencies where they cohabitated with three or four cats and in
this research, it was revealed that they understand their names as well as the names of their
friends without explicit training.

Francis Kahn

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