Chloë Chapdelaine

Chloë was born on March 7, 1998, in Medicine Hat, Alberta, Canada. She was raised in Medicine Hat, Alberta, but now travels the world as a photographer/videographer. Chloë has lived a normal life, she often volunteered and participated in other outside activities like acting, piano lessons, student council etc. when she was young.

At 17, Sophia was already a runner-up at Miss Teenage Canada and won Miss Teenage Alberta. Shortly after, a modelling agency hired her with a contract.

Chloë loves to talk and meet new people, she is a complete extrovert. So when she moved from Medicine Hat to Calgary, Alberta, Chloë learned just how amazing living in a larger city was for her well-being. In one of her blogs, she mentions this,

‘Calgary has over a million people, and I soon discovered how amazing it can be living in a city where you’re never truly alone (I even shared my house with three other people).’

Living in a trailer outside of Foremost, Alta., 18-year-old graphic design student, Chloë Chapdelaine, was hit with artistic inspiration. The moose crossing sign didn’t seem right.

“I took my Sharpie and I sat down and I drew out a brand new moose. And I ended up mailing letters to as many different departments of the government and transportation as I could just like hoping to hear back,”


Chloë transitioned to spending more time behind the camera after spending years in front of it as a promotional and commercial model. She offers her services worldwide, which are, commercial and travel/ lifestyle photographer/videographer.

She is available for dedicated feed posts, stories, giveaways, blogs, story takeovers, lives, and more on her Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, and online blogs. Her primary focus is on luxury lifestyle, travel, and fashion.

‘I’m a visual learner and love to sculpt. Instagram is my favourite social media app because it’s all about what you can see, and although I’m with a modelling agency, I prefer to be the person behind the camera.’

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