5 Clinics providing the best facelift in Calgary

Clinics providing the best facelift in Calgary: Ageing naturally results in the loss of elasticity in skin and tissues. The skin becomes loose with age, and fat deposits accumulate in the neck and other areas that are unflattering.

In turn, this results in sagging and wrinkles. Facelifts, or rhytidectomy surgeries, lift and tighten these facial tissues during surgery.

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Facelifts involve removing excess skin, smoothing wrinkles, and tightening facial tissues. Although these can be performed at the same time, the procedure does not include a brow or eye lift. Facelifts only target the lower two-thirds of the face and often the neck or décolletage as well. Various reasons motivate people to get facelifts. To disguise signs of aging on the skin is a common reason. It is, fortunately, possible to remove these issues with the best facelift in Calgary. We hope you find this article useful for choosing the right cosmetic clinic for your facelift.

1- Dr Kristina Zakhary 

Website: facialcosmeticsurgery.ca/

Phone: +1 403 775 2583

Address: 2303 4 St SW #404, Calgary, AB T2S 2S7, Canada

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Dr. Kristina Zakhary specializes in facial plastic and reconstructive surgery with over 20 years of experience. Dr. Zakhary is one of Calgary’s top rhinoplasty and facial surgery experts. Thousands of patients have improved their appearance and confidence through Dr. Kristina Zakhary’s facial cosmetic surgery operations. She can perform several facial surgeries at once, providing her clients with holistic and natural results. To ensure a clean appearance, Dr. Zakhary also finds the best location for the incision. Dr. Zakhary uses the Optimum Mobility Facelift technique in order to ensure a safe healing process and to avoid shaving the hair. For the best Calgary facelift, she also removes excess fat.

Additionally, Dr. Zakhary performs all of her surgeries under general anesthesia so that her patients are as comfortable as possible. Because of the anesthesiologist’s payment, you should expect higher costs. From $99 per month, Dr. Zakhary offers flexible payment schemes and financing options. In addition, she has received numerous awards for excellence in plastic surgery, including the Consumer Choice Award and Readers’ Choice Award. Dr. Zakhary offers convenient online forms or convenient phone consultations for those who wish to take advantage of her services. As a result, the clinic isn’t easy to reach since it’s only open during the week, excluding Wednesdays.

What do clients think?

I went to the clinic of Dr. Zakhary this past week as I was needing my skin to be refreshed after some difficult work days. I had the hydrafacial treatment and it was AMAZING. I actually was so surprised at how good of a result it was from one simple treatment. I immediately received compliments on my skin. I also purchased the post-treatment package to help with the results which was so helpful as the sunscreen is lovely! I highly recommend this treatment as a “pick me up” and I will for sure be back for another one.(Google Review)

I’ve had a rhinoplasty to try to fix my wide nose bridge that left me in a lot of pain for a week after the operation. This time with Dr. Zakhary when I came to even out the cartilage below I was completely pain-free after 2 days. It’s been 2 weeks and it’s healing quite quickly, looks very promising!(Google Review)

2- Jeffrey C Dawes MD 

Website: beautifulnaturalyou.ca/

Phone: +1 403 571 3141

Address: 47 Sunpark Dr SE #102, Calgary, AB T2X 3V4, Canada

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In Calgary, Alberta, Jeffrey C. Dawes, MD practices plastic surgery as a Board-Certified surgeon. His rigorous training and expertise allow him to achieve excellent outcomes for his patients. He is renowned for his meticulous attention to detail, regardless of whether a patient seeks skin cancer treatment, reconstructive surgery, wrinkle removal, or aesthetic surgery. He has extensive experience in cosmetic surgery, major facial trauma, hand injuries, breast reconstruction, and microsurgery. With 17 years of post-secondary education under his belt, Dr. Dawes opened his practice in 2010. As well as laser treatments and dermal fillers, Dr. Dawes’ clinic also provides noninvasive treatments like laser treatments and dermal fillers. Even after facelift surgery, you can maintain and improve your youthful look with facials and chemical peels.

At the University of Calgary, Dr. Dawes dedicated five years to intensive surgical training in the highly-competitive aesthetic and reconstructive plastic surgery program. Consultations with Dr. Dawes are conducted before any treatment is given, and he advises you on whether you require surgical or non-surgical treatment. In fact, he even developed Rejuvanalysis, a consultation to treat almost all signs of aging. To book an appointment, use its online forms or call the clinic if you would like to avail of any of its services. The clinic of Dr. Dawes is only open Monday through Friday, so plan ahead before setting up an appointment.

What do clients think?

My experience with Dr Dawes was absolutely AMAZING!!! He is such a wonderful Dr. I knew instantly that I wanted him to do my breast augmentation after my consultation. He is so easy to talk to , makes you feel comfortable, and goes over absolutely everything. He takes the time to listen and address any concerns you may have. He is genuine & has the greatest staff. I will choose Dr Dawes for absolutely any procedures I may have in my future. I couldn’t be more happy with my Breast Augmentation. 🙏🏻 (Google Review)

I have been having trouble with my skin for many years,acne and rosacea. My friend recommended me Dr. Jeffrey C. Dawes clinic. I am lucky to have appointment with nurse Laura. She is very professional and very attentive. She recommended me Deep Resurfacing Procedures to nose and a micro laser peel to the rest of the face. I had amazing result. Very happy. I would highly recommend nurse Laura. She is paying attention and make a lot of explanation.(Google Review)

3- Macleod Trail Plastic Surgery 

Website: macleodtrailplasticsurgery.ca/

Phone: +1 403 452 7953

Address: 7425 Macleod Trail SW, Calgary, AB T2H 0L8, Canada

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The board-certified plastic and reconstructive surgeons at Macleod Trail Plastic Surgery are Dr. Hymphreys, Dr. Whidden, and Dr. Byers. They are known for their outstanding surgical outcomes and compassionate care because their Royal College-certified plastic surgeons have extensive training and years of specialized experience. No matter which procedure you choose for your face, breasts, or body, or even a customized combination, nothing is more important than making you feel the best version of yourself.

They have a team of hand-selected medical professionals and administrative staff at MacLeod Trail Plastic Surgery whose mission is to provide you with the best care possible. A variety of surgical procedures can be performed at the clinic, including those for the face, breasts, and body.

Even though Macleod Trail Plastic Surgery does not provide facelift surgeries, it still offers minimally-invasive ones. This is because the clinic offers JUVÉDERM fillers. JUVÉDERM Volift, a filler that restores volume and lifts sagging skin near the nasal bridge and upper lip, is among its fillers. Additionally, it contains JUVÉDERM Ultra, Ultra Plus XC, and Voluma XC for volume enhancement.

Besides treating other effects of aging on your skin, Macleod Trail Plastic Surgery provides medical aesthetic services. You can schedule weekday appointments through this clinic’s phone line or online forms if you are interested in getting a facelift here. You’ll be able to contact your doctor directly from the start of the visit thanks to the clinic’s provision of their numbers.

What do clients think?

I’ve been going to Marlee for a few months now for laser treatments and I recently had a facial with her. Every experience I’ve had there has been wonderful (including the best facial ever!). My skin is feeling better than ever. Marlee is professional but warm and welcoming, and she clearly knows her stuff! The clinic itself is great too, always spotless and serene. I highly recommend booking in with Marlee!

(Google Review) Dr. Byers is so kind, friendly and very understanding. He listens to his patients and answers all the questions so well. He is really an awesome doctor. I had my tummy tuck surgery and it went so well and smoothly. Everything was handled greatly. The nurses are like family. The entire team who did my surgery I want to thank each and every person with all my heart. You guys are amazing! Macleod trail plastic surgery and dr. Byers and team highly recommended 👍 Thanks so much for everything you guys did to make me feel good and look good 😊(Google Review)

4- Preventous Cosmetic Medicine 

Website: preventouscosmetic.com/

Phone: +1 403 229 0129

Address: 1635 17 Ave SW, Calgary, AB T2T 0E5, Canada

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You may find Preventous Cosmetic Medicine to be the perfect facelift clinic in Calgary if you’re not ready for a surgical facelift yet. Among the non-invasive and minimally invasive treatment options offered at this clinic are laser therapy, therapy, and fillers. No matter how stubborn you may think your skin issues are, you can achieve flawless skin.

With the assistance of their Calgary dermatologists and nurses, they will thoroughly assess your overall health and pinpoint the root causes of your skin problems – an essential first step in developing an appropriate treatment plan for you. With the help of aesthetic physicians, nurses, skincare specialists, and laser technicians, they’ve built a team that excels at what they do. With a mission of helping patients look and feel better about themselves, they are proud to be leaders in the field of Canadian Cosmetic Medicine and Facial Rejuvenation. Advanced skincare solutions are provided to their patients along with completely personalized service.

Prevents Cosmetic Medicine provides individualized skin health solutions based on individual needs. They offer in-person and virtual consultations to ensure Preventous Cosmetic Medicine caters to each client’s needs. Therefore, anyone who wants to take advantage of the clinic’s services receives valuable information and advice. By connecting clients to financing options, Preventous Cosmetic Medicine goes the extra mile to provide convenience to its clients.

Most likely, you’ll need it because the clinic’s skin tightening treatments require multiple sessions. With leading skin care treatments and technologies as well as hand-picked physicians, nurses, and client care staff, they subtly enhance what is already there. For maximum discretion, luxury, and comfort, they have considered every detail of their patients’ experiences.

What do clients think?

Preventous is the best of the best when it comes to cosmetic dermatology! All the staff are kind, knowledgable and courteous. I’ve had several treatments done by Suzanne and have always been made to feel very comfortable during treatment and have been super happy with my results. Would highly recommend this clinic! (Google Review)

I am impressed with Preventous’ prep to take care of their patients. Sanitizer, mask, robes, and snacks were provided and physical distancing was well-practiced. It was my first time visiting a cosmetic clinic and every single staff member was welcoming. Jessica performed my treatment and she was beyond knowledgeable, professional, and friendly. She always ensured that I was comfortable and took the time to listen to any concerns I had. I am so happy that I chose Preventous and will continue to visit for any future treatments I wish to have!(Google Review)

5- Ryan C Frank MD 

Website:  ryanfrankmd.com/

Phone: +1 403 245 1228

Address: 333 24 Ave SW #Suite 300, Calgary, AB T2S 3E6, Canada

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Fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons of Canada, Dr. Ryan Frank specializes in reconstructive surgery. His practice consists of a broad range of cosmetic and reconstructive procedures in Calgary, AB. As part of his pediatric and cosmetic surgical fellowship at the University of California, San Diego, Dr. Frank had the opportunity to learn from excellent plastic and reconstructive surgeons.

He has attended multiple international medical missions since starting his practice to provide surgical care in underserved areas. Several options are available for improving your appearance if you need to do so. Surgical procedures are available at Dr. Ryan Frank’s Cosmetic Surgery Clinic to help you achieve your goals. Prior to making your decision about one of these procedures, make sure you know everything about your options.

As a patient, you’ll work with Dr. Frank to determine what procedure offers you the best results according to your needs and expectations. His primary focus is performing exceptional facial plastic surgery, which is why he specializes in rhinoplasty, otoplasty, and earlobe reconstruction. In addition, they have a team of advanced nurse injectors who focus on restoring facial harmony and balance without causing drastic changes. Their goal is to help you make informed decisions by discussing your desired results, discussing their experience, and sharing their expertise.

What do clients think?

Dr Frank and his staff are fantastic. I had a rhinoplasty done and the personalized service is second to none. Dr Frank makes sure you survived the first 2 days by calling you himself. The nursing staff are all so kind and amazing as well. Dr Frank also does a wonderful job of managing expectations with respect to what to expect for results, pain, swelling, time lines etc. If you are going to trust your face to anyone I would choose Dr Frank(Google Review)

I cannot say enough good things about Dr Frank and the entire team. I felt well-cared at every step, including consultation and follow-up. I am beyond happy with the results of my surgery – I feel better both physically and mentally. I was extremely apprehensive about this procedure because I have never had surgery before, but Dr Frank’s calm and kind bedside manner immediately put me at ease. My only regret is that I didn’t do this sooner(Google Review)

Final Words:

A facelift is not medically necessary, and there are risks involved. To find out if a facelift is a right option for you, talk to a board-certified plastic surgeon. Let us help you find the best facelift in Calgary through our list of best facelift clinics. You just need to choose the type of facelift you would like and search for clinics that offer it.

We’d appreciate it if you could let us know if you know of any other clinics or surgeons offering facelifts!

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