Currently, Vancouver is Isolated From the Rest of Canada

Vancouver is cut off from the rest of Canada as a massive storm made the ferries cancel their services and roads shut down due to flooding. As a result of the storm, many surrounding counties were evacuated, and many homes were damaged.

Vancouver is known for its cool coastal climate, amazing natural beauty, and beaches. Unfortunately, these recent issues with floods have led roads to be closed. As a result, you would have to cross the U.S. border to get to the rest of the province or country, which is a considerable challenge given the regulations in place.


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This week has been tough on British Columbia residents with excessive rainfall and strong winds leading to flooding due to mudslides. Some parts of Highway 1 were submerged in water, leaving the highway inaccessible. The Ministry of Transportation in British Columbia issued a request to avoid traffic as emergency crews deal with extensive flooding, and any additional volume will hamper the response and recovery efforts.


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Many parts of British Columbia have suffered from flooding. Not everyone could seek refuge, and many residents were either trapped or had to be evacuated. Residents that could not participate in these activities were told to stay at home or go somewhere else if they could.

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