Music Festival Turns Into Death Spot of Drakeo The Ruler – A Famous Rapper, Fans Are Heartbroken!

Drakeo The Ruler – A Famous Rapper

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One of the most prominent and eminent rappersDrakeo, was brutally stabbed in a crossfire in a music festival this Saturday evening, leading to chaos and apprehension among his proponents.

Darrell Caldwell was known by his stage name Drakeo the Ruler. The spokesperson of the emerging rapper validated his death news in his encounter with the media.

Scott Jawson – the spokesman- disclosed the news of his death to Rolling Stone and The New York Times.

Talking about his concert, he proclaimed that Drakeo died amid an altercation and crossfire. He was planned to perform alongside 50 Cent and Ice Cube.

He went on to say that after Caldwell was stabbed, organizers eventually called off the event. 

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His colleague and a close companion Snoop Dogg paid a farewell to the departed soul and shared deep feelings of resentment on his sudden death at a young age.

He posted,

‘I am praying for peace in hip hop.’ 

John Masaki– attorney and companion- wrote on Twitter,

‘We spent the hardest two years together fighting for his freedom, facing life, before walking out a free man just over a year ago. Through it, we became friends and then like family. I don’t even know how to start processing this.’

The debut album of Caldwell, ‘The Truth Hurts’ was ranked as the most original stylist on the West Coast. His fans cherished Caldwell for his unique sarcastic lyrics and his deadpan delivery.

Caldwell got his inspiration from Cocky. He admitted that he used to get fascinated by Cocky’s style of performing and the poker face he would make every time he performed. 

Caldwell asserted while conversing to the Billboard this year,

‘He (Cocky-Rapper) was so smooth and calm while rapping, despite saying some of the craziest stuff. It showed me you didn’t have to yell or be loud to get your point across.’ 

Caldwell had been into jail twice during his life- one time on the charge of assassination of a young man and the second time on the attempt to murder charge.

He was regarded as the ‘Father Of Nervous Music.’ His deadpanpoker face, and comic lyrics mixed with the element of darkness earned him a special place in the music world. 

The Officer from Los Angeles Police Department confirmed to the media that the confrontation started on Saturday evening when a man equipped with a weapon assaulted the rapper leading to his demise.

Furthermore, he reflected that no suspect has been arrested or charged up to now. 

About ten men lost lives in conflict, and several got drastic injuries. No one knows the pivotal reason why the turmoil turned on in the first place.

The Los Angeles Police Department is still interrogating the suspects and eyewitnesses.

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