Defeating Mental Trauma With Defiance, Truth, And A Powerful voice

Amy Bishop fights trauma with defiance, truth, and a powerful voice

Amy Bishop fights trauma with defiance, truth, and a powerful voice.

Amy Bishop was surprised when she sat to write the lines of the song Brand New Day, she got surprised by the first lines that came out: “ It was me as a little girl who ripped in two because of something no adult should do.”

It referred to the anguishing sexual abuse as a child growing up in Calgary. This was related to the terribly harsh realities of sexual abuse she had suffered in her childhood which singer song-writer shared with very few people and had written about it in her songs. Initially, the bishop assumed I would be nothing other than a simple cathartic exercise for her and would never come to be known to the world.

“I was always thinking, can I sing this? Can it be a part of the song and attract an audience?” says Bishop in an interview. “I thought I am going to say so much in four lines that reveal the harsh realities of life far more than what I have shared even with my closest friends.”

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Bishop’s seventh solo record, perfect and broken is one of the many revealing moments of her life which includes defiance, body image, regret, self-acceptance, and overcoming trauma.

“Before this record, I felt inner guilt that I was going to reveal something the deepest of my secrets which I long-concealed from the rest of the world. over the last several years, I have done a lot in terms of improving myself on both spiritual and material sides by keeping in view the harshest of the moments has I had bitterly gone through in my life. Some of my songs have been a source of consolation and gratification for me. Initially, I said to myself I will never share or sing these songs in public because these songs are entirely personal and deeply attached to my body as well as soul and I will keep them in secret. But over the course of time, the songs needed to be written. After they came into a written shape, I started to sing these songs for myself and found a lot of peace, consolation, and hope in these songs, and then I thought, if these songs can provide me spiritual satisfaction, they should be shared with the public.”

She said, “Write a song keeping in view that nobody is going to hear it,” Bishop says. This was the purpose we write songs with and I would ask, what about this lyric? She would often say Amy, still, we need to do much more to further improve it. What are you feeling about it? Don’t tell me what you think should be said but what you are actually feeling about it? it was simply an enthusiastic therapy session.

It is in fact a bitter reality I suffered tremendously in the past which took way joys, smiles, and hopes of a happy life from me and even broke me. Over the course of time, I continued to explore newer and newer possibilities and opportunities, and eventually, what I created is much more important and valuable as a person.

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