The study of Epigenetic can reverse ageing

It is a surprising but scientifically true miracle that is going to be a reality to always look young and fresh like a rose of June.

Environment and behaviour have a lot of impacts on our skin health, Experts believe that with the use of epigenetics, these damaging impacts on the body can be repaired.

The genetic study is about knowing how behaviour and environment can impact gene expressions.

It is the environmental influence that shapes the functions of genes,” Dr Monica Li, who is a dermatologist and instructor at the University of B.C., these epigenetic signals are a class of molecules that increase or dampen the gene’s activity.

Understanding the function of these molecules that maintains our health system may provide us better knowing that it can repair our damaged skin.

He says, “Epigenetics is an evolving and growing field,” in dermatology.

“Current developments and advances that are taking place in this field are still in its early stages; that is the data and knowledge existing in this field is currently not translatable to real-world patient care,” Li says, I am highly excited to know that how advancements in dermatology could lead to anti-ageing markers in the skin and will offer solutions with the use of skincare ingredients to possibly end the problem of skin ageing in human beings. ”

“Further understanding and expertise in this field that how genes work in the skin that damages our reparative and restorative functions, with its depth knowledge, new developments will create the kind of interventions that would enable us to look and feel as young forever, despite our chronological age.”

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The influence of external factors on our skin is nothing new while the developments to link the two fields are at the early stage.

“Environment and health have a huge impact and influence on the vitality and look of our skin, certain external factors damage our skin and sign of premature ageing, which could be seen in the form wrinkles, dyspigmentation, dull tone, and also skin cancer.  The factors that prove helpful include sun protection, a balanced diet, regular exercise. The factors that leave negative impact include stress, pollution and sleep deprivation.”

There is a consistent struggle going on, on the part of French brand Caudalie to establish a link between anti-ageing skincare and epigenetic research.

Environmental and behavioural skin-related changes in the skin can be ended, just like switch on and off, she explained, while the changes in the gene codes are irreversible.

“If the genes are off, it means they are unable to boost your proteins of youth like collagen, hyaluronic, acid and elastin,” says Thomas (co-founder of the brand), “their function is to moisturize, help plump the skin and to reduce fine lines and wrinkles.”

The company has been working on it over the last decade exploring the topic with researchers at Harvard Medical School.

Highly assured of her success with the collaboration of renowned specialists in epigenetics, Thomas says, ” The incredible results of our efforts are going to correct the wrinkles, lines, black spots, radiance, elasticity, and hydration.  

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