Eryn and Chris Lucas were ambitious to have a mega wedding

New trendy ‘micro weddings’ give couples a chance to arrange more things without extravagant money and with fewer people

New trendy ‘micro weddings’ give couples a chance to arrange more things without extravagant money and with fewer people

Eryn and Chris Lucas were ambitious to have a mega wedding

Eryn and Chris had been endeavoring and planning to do the wedding of their dreams for which they were arranging their budget. They were planning to invite 120 guests when Covid-19 all of a sudden derailed their plan.

It left them without any other alternative option but to change their plan and the couple got married two months later than planned, in November of 2020-with only their parents, close relatives, siblings, and friends. They don’t regret that.

Instead of 120 people, wedding was largely lovely and intimate with only 20 people,” Eryn said. “When looking back at the wedding we arranged, we say it was a more perfect day than we could expect.”

It has been unappealing to many couples to lavishly spend tens of thousands of dollars on one day.

However, increasing Pandemic related restrictions on big social gatherings have not only brought small weddings into the mainstream but made it trendy among almost all classes of society.

Many companies and event avenues are offering highly glamorous elopement packages and small-scale wedding gatherings.

Smaller weddings help couples to save unnecessary expenses to spend on other priorities.

Eryn and Chris say they spent far less than they arranged for the wedding, they spent $10,000 while they had budgeted $30,000 for their original vision of marriage.

Besides, ‘micro wedding’ also offers the couple an opportunity to only spend on the essential things without which they are unable to carry on ceremony. It is interesting to know that a smaller wedding might prove to be more luxurious and entertaining if one is willing to make it so.

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“It requires little money-saving like stationery, for example,” Bryn Armstrong, founder of Primp & Pop Events where arranges pop-up wedding ceremonies, elopements, and micro weddings in Muskoka, Toronto and Niagara. Primp & Pop events include three to four hours of photography, the venue and ceremony, a light reception and flowers. It all costs almost $ 10,000.

Armstrong said some of his clients serve the members of their immediate families and the closest friends for an entire wedding week with the money they saved from arranging a big wedding ceremony.

There happens a great difference when it comes to arranging budget for 100 people and now you are planning for only eight to 20 people,” she said,  “In this way, you can include more entertaining, luxurious and decorative events in the wedding to enhance the day which otherwise one cannot afford with 100 people in attendance.

Three years before the pandemic, Christine Smaller who is the minister of the United Church found her Toronto-based micro wedding company “joyously inclusive” but her business exploded with the arrival of a pandemic.

“We always had to justify whatever we do with explanations, and now we never have to explain it,” Smaller said, “micro weddings have entered into the consciousness of the public.”

Joyously Inclusive offers a beautiful, small wedding for around $ 2,500 for up to 10 guests, along with complete officiant, professional photography, a decorated venue, and a two-tiered wedding cake and flowers.

“The services we are offering are a low-cost option and are no substitute for the big weddings,” Smaller said. “But it is the kind of weddings which many people want.”

Eryn and Chris Lucas said having a small wedding allowed them to arrange and buy everything they had once dreamed of with far less amount of money and with fewer people.

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