Gary Bailie Shares an Expressive Note on the Demise of His Young Daughter – Declares ‘Opioid Overdose’ the Reason for this Unbearable Loss!

Gary Bailie – Producer at Blue Feather Music Festival, who lost his daughter due to ‘Opioid Overdose’

Image Source: The Bharat Express News

Gary Bailie spoke his heart out recently and shared his sentiments and emotional state on losing his daughter to alcohol addiction.

He conversed about his daughter’s demise and addiction for the first time after the daughter had said goodbye to this mortal world.

Recollecting his cherished memories with his daughter, he exclaimed with a heavy heart and teary eyes,

‘It’s an illness that some people have. Some people get cancer; some don’t. Some get diabetes; some don’t. Some get addiction, and some don’t.’

Talking about his last moments, Gary recollected that she wore an impressive and stunning dress and was all ready to attend the party at her friend’s place; he gave her a lift and said ‘bye’ to her for the last time.

She went inside and never made her way back home.

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He reflected in a depressing tone,

‘I never gave up on her, right to the end. That’s why it was such a hard blow to me. She just really got caught up in it all. And then it’s like, accidents happen.’

Who is Gary Bailie?

Gary Bailie is acclaimed and established as a CEO and event organizer of the Blue Feather Music Festival, which is conducted each year for paying tribute to the common people who want to express their aptitudes through art and music.

The Blue Feather in the title exemplifies hope and good fortune. Additionally, he is prominent among youth for organizing ski programs annually. 

Gary Bailie is a firm Catholic who is considered by his acquaintances as someone who is not pretentious. He is welcoming, modest, loquacious, and optimistic.

The death of his sweetheart daughter left him in apprehension and stress. It is hard for him to digest his daughter’s sudden and quick departure. His daughter took her last breaths on 22 October

Conversing about his married life, he voiced that Stacity’s mother attempted suicide leading to her departure when Stacity was 6 years old.

Furthermore, he demonstrated that Stacity had been in the trap of alcohol addiction for a decade, but alcohol consumption escalated after she gave birth to her baby girl.

Her baby girl was approximately 6 years old when Stacity died of an alcohol overdose leaving dark marks on the mind of her 6 years old baby girl. 

Why did Gary Bailie Take This Step to Talk at National Level?

Gary mentioned that he took this brave decision of talking about addiction on a National level to bring a positive revolution in the lives of people who are struggling with such dilemmas. 

He exclaimed,

‘If I can utilize my daughter’s life as a catalyst for some positive change, then I’m going to. So I’m just stepping up.’

He further said,

‘Behind every one of these numbers is a beautiful human being, you know, that really needed help and maybe didn’t know where to go for it.’

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