Good Parenting Decides Future Life

Dayna Chapman recalls her childhood as the scary one

Good Parenting Defines Whole Life

After consistently demanding over the years by the advocates, the government should enact and implement laws that reflect government as the parent seriously excited for the well-being of its citizens. Now the advocates are highly optimistic about the promises of the government.

Dayna Chapman recalls her childhood as the scary one.

She experienced her life at eleven foster homes but at the last home, she felt love, care, consideration, and stability. So at the age of 19, she was largely terrified by the thought of leaving that home and moving alone into a basement apartment.

This fear was three years ago but now at 22 years of age, she is confident and optimistic about her own safety and security with more options and fewer fears.  She feels highly optimistic and hopeful about the recent promises that were made by the government about the provision of services up to the age of 27. She calls this initiative “amazing” because she believes that when youth age out of foster care, at that time, they are required more care, guidance, and support.

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They are never taught budgeting and about the management of daily living expenses during the time they spend at the care center. So, when they age out, they for the first time come to know about the bitter and complicated realities of the world and at this stage, they realize they are lacking needed skills to live a full life.” Said Chapman, A youth advocate from Kamloops.

Everyone else except aging out has familial support. But when those who have spent time in the foster houses go into the practical world they are quite entirely unfamiliar with everything.

When they come to the age of 19, B.C teens who entirely depend on the provincial government to be their parents face a big challenge.  It is mostly said that this is the time when they lose their housing, access to social workers,s and other supportive services.

As a result, without housing, support and proper guidance, the majority of them fail to get an education and get a job. So they are homeless, poor, and many of them become victims of addiction and suffer from mental issues. This is the reason why such a wide number of people come from different walks of life to raise them to support them into their 20s. This support should be just like the traditional family gives protection to their loved ones in terms of financial and emotional support as young adults.

The provincial government has made reforms oriented improvements in the system over the past few years to provide assistance to almost 8,000 youth who age out of government care houses. But the experts are of the belief that last week’s provincial budget promises the biggest spending aiming at supporting and preventing these young people from the edge of that cliff.

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