How to get real estate in Ontario in 2024

Real estate sales may be an extremely rewarding profession…But you must enter with your eyes wide open. Highly successful individuals, like nearly everything in lives, make it look simply. But the stuff that you see is the result of their hard work and effort. So, you’ve successfully decided to enter the dynamic world of Ontario residential real estate.  So, where do you begin? Don’t worry; obtaining a real estate license in Ontario involves the right aspects as well as a step-by-step procedure.

Real estate agents in Ontario must be members of the Real Estate Council of Ontario (RECO). The Real Estate Council of Ontario enforces laws regulating real estate professionals on behalf of the Ontario Government by enforcing the Real Estate and Business Brokers Act. To register with RECO, you must first complete Humber College’s Real Estate Salesperson Program.

Here are 6 detailed methods on how to get real estate in Ontario in 2024. 

Step 1: Meet the eligibility requirements

If you wish to become an authorized salesperson or broker, you must satisfy all of the registration standards outlined in the Trust in Real Estate Services Act of 2002 (TRESA). RECO considers the following factors when determining eligibility for registration: 

  • You must be at least 18 years old 
  • You must be a Canadian resident
  • successfully finish the Pre-registration Section courses within 1.5 year of the first course’s starting date 
  • Obtain an occupation with a licensed brokerage and apply for RECO registration within 12 months after completing the Pre-registration Section
  • Submit an application for registration no later than a year after passing the latest Pre-registration course (Real Estate Transaction-General and either The Residential Real Estate Transaction or The Commercial Real Estate Transaction).
  • Fill out and send the documents required by the Registrar under REBBA 2002, together with the applicable fee.

Step 2: Complete the registration education requirements

RECO’s training courses guarantee that real estate experts in Ontario have necessary information, skills, and capabilities to support buyers and sellers in navigating a transaction related to real estate. 

The Pre-Registration Phase of the program consists of five courses, four tests, and two simulation sessions that must be completed in order. You will have up to 2 years to finish pre-registration. This covers up to 21 weeks each course for the first four courses and four weeks to finish the course. After completing the preliminary registration phase, you must submit an application for RECO registration within one year.

Step 3: Find a real estate brokerage to work for

In order to become certified in Ontario, you must work with a brokerage that sells homes. Because each brokerage is distinct, you should inquire about what distinguishes them from the others. A phone call or email to brokerages might be a smart place to start.

When applying for registration, you must include the name of the brokerage for which you will work. Keep in mind that you cannot deal in real estate unless you are registered with and employed with a real estate agency.

Step 4: Acquire a Criminal History and Court Records Verification

One of the most important aspects of consumer protection is reviewing and evaluating any criminal record history that applicants may have. RECO cannot complete your registration application without the CRJMC. Obtain a CRJMC well in advance of filing for registration (3-4 months is advised), since certain services receive a large number of inquiries and it may take several weeks or more to provide the report. 

Most local police departments provide online access to your CRJMC. Visit your local police station, either online or in person, or an RCMP-accredited fingerprinting facility. To prove your identity, you will need two pieces of identification. Both pieces of identification must include your name, date of birth, and address, and one must have a photo. 

Step 5: Apply for registration as a real estate salesperson

Once you have obtained your CRJMC, found a brokerage to work with, and successfully completed the Pre-Registration Phase of the Real Estate Salesperson Program, you can apply to be registered with RECO.

You cannot begin dealing in real estate until your application is granted, your insurance coverage is obtained (see Step 6), and you are registered with RECO. In MyWeb, you must complete the application for new salesperson registration. RECO’s web site, MyWeb, is accessible to all candidates. Signing up is free, and it’s simple to use.

Step 6: Purchase insurance coverage

In Ontario, all real estate salespeople and brokers are required to enroll in RECO’s professional liability insurance program. It provides critical security for you and your clients via falsified data security, client security deposits, and profit assurance security.

Once RECO has evaluated your registration application, you will be contacted by email. You will pay for your insurance coverage through MyWeb.

Post Registration 

When your initial two-year certification phase with RECO comes to an end, you’ll have to finish the Post-Registration Period of the Mortgage Retailer Training before you may renew your membership. After completing the last section of the property Salesman Training learning path, you can choose two of five electives alongside to the required fulfillment course within the post-registration phase.


Finally, both occupations may be as fulfilling as you make them. In Ontario, selling property and trading contracts are well-known professions with high potential for revenue. If you’re searching for a job that you can start fast and with a modest capital expenditure, estate trading is the way to go. In the end, the decision is yours.

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