Jennifer Aniston Starts a War against Insomnia after Personally Suffering from It

Actress says she has continuously suffered from this deadly disease for two decades.

The 53-year-old actress has badly suffered for two decades from sleep problems and she admitted that she would often fear to think that she would spend another night counting cracks in the walls, as she recalls the sleepless night she spent waking because of the loss of sleep.

She said, “I feel fear to spend a night while counting cracks in the walls, I think my sleep deprivation started in my 30s or even earlier, but when you are younger, you just cannot notice the effects of sleep deprivation because it is very tough to diagnose at that stage of life. When I realized it and accepted it after feeling the effects of sleep loss, I began to realize that the effects of sleep deprivation were negatively impacting my day and night and my work and my function and my physique.”

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The former friend star went on to explain its damaging impacts on her physical as well as its psychic impacts on her. She says that the more she worried about falling asleep, the harder it was to take proper sleep. She revealed that in the past because of it she would even sleepwalk which had become very difficult for her to succeed in her career and she suffered multiple setbacks relating to her career because of it.

She told People, “The more I feel worried about it, and the more it becomes harder for me to fall asleep because of which I have been known to sleepwalk. I have woken up by alarms going off that I have set off. But now I don’t think, I feel the same feelings of anxiety owing to sleep loss when I was sleep-deprived. Now I am feeling much better relaxed and on alarm body says, set the alarm off again, ok?”

She suffered a lot because of sleep deprivation problems and could not live a full and happy life. It had become very difficult for her to keep herself physically healthy because she could not take proper exercise daily. After all, the loss of sleep prevented her from doing it.

She added: “ it was something I continued my struggle to overcome. Among the other health factors it used to be the last thing on the list, but it is difficult for one to abide by the three pillars of health which include diet, exercise, and sleep. In the context of having perfect health, it is important to have mutual balance in these three factors which means if you are not taking exercise, you will not eat well, and if you cannot eat well, then you cannot sleep well.

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