Nicolas Cage is loved for his mesmerizing characteristics

Nicolas Cage is loved for his mesmerizing characteristics

Who among us does not nourish the feelings of love for Nicolas Cage? The reason for him being the loved one of such extensive audiences is because of his mesmerizing qualities.

His career has been a brilliant hodgepodge of vile and fake-outs, brainy meta-meditations, a crazy quilt of dump-smart action flicks, daring experiments and family films.  He has been lately on a particularly gratifying streak, with the queerly funny horror fantasy “Mandy and more recently, pig,” a sorrowful digressive that ensured the most of his wounded, hangdog sincerity.

In “the unbearable weight of a massive talent” Cage is at the top of the game of the penny.  In this self-created exercise of humour, cage plays the role of nick cage who is a version of cage himself. Nick cage finds himself in an extremely confounding situation of divorce from a commonsensical makeup artist ‘Olivia’, running up a tab at the Sunset Tower Hotel, set apart from his teenage daughter Addy and largely anxious to have a role in a new movie which was being put together by the Director David Gordon Green. In the initial scene, Cage and real-life green are seen meeting up at the Chateau Marmont where the cage is seen insisting that he read for the role right then and there; he actively proceeds ahead to deliver an aria of familiar cage-in intensity, horribly bleeding from his soul while valets busily run behind him.

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Keeping in view their weak financial condition of Nick, his agent decides to set up a private gig with a billionaire in Mallorca: Nick will be paid $1 million just to spend a few days with that guy and show up at his birthday party. Later it turns out that Javi is not only an olive mogul but also a super fan of Nick Cage who gives surprised by saying that he has written a movie for his idol star.

Director Tom Gormican, starting from a script he wrote with the cooperation of Kevin Etten, constructs, “the unbearable weight of a massive talent” as an antically endearing tesseract in which Cage is asked questions relating to his filmography- “Captain Corelli’s Mandolins”? “underestimated for sure” engaging in push-pull ambivalence to gain fame, praising at the altar of “The Cabinet of Dr Caligari” and trying to manage his narcissism. At the moment he is stuck in indecision and anxiety, Nicky visits him, a younger, gonzo who is his version circa “wild at Heart” whose primary role is to remind Nick that he’s Nick f-ing Cage!

It is no denying the fact that he is an “unbearable Weight of Massive Talent” as his talent is largely diverse from a winking critique of actorly excess and celebrity worship to a playful-and on-point de Coeur about the state of America Cinema.

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