Non-Alcoholic Beer  Becomes A Top Demand In Canada

Non-Alcoholic Beer  Becomes A Top Demand in Canada  

The demand for wines, beers, and spirits without the elements of alcohol is rapidly increasing in Canada and to fulfill this growing need, local businesses are producing extraordinary results.

Monthly events like Dr. January and Dr. February have emphatically suggested the public abstain from using alcohol and instead encouraged the public interest in nonalcoholic products. Local wines and spirits veteran says that a very large number of people are looking to lighten up on the alcohol.

Mark Kuspira is one of the renowned businessmen who has operated Crush Imports for nineteen years. During that time of his business, he used to bring spirits and wines from different parts of the world to the Canadian Market. Last June he successfully launched Soft Crush, this is a sort of business that focuses entirely on low or no alcohol products.

“I was quite sure that it was likely to be a nice complement to our regular business, but what I did not expect was, that we will succeed to achieve success in such a short span of time. The biggest challenges these days have been availability and logistics,” said Mark Kuspira.

We carried out this struggle consistently and with a focus to fulfill the growing demand of the public for wine, which is dependent on annual harvests.

The desire for non-alcoholic among the public is overwhelming, says Kuspira who has a lot of products available in retail stores, fine top cocktail bars, and fine dining restaurants.

In the last 19 years of business, I have never seen a category that had such inclusivity and such diverse people belonging to different walks of life desirous to experience it. It is something exciting and amazing that is beyond boundaries.

Ted Fleming has been doing this business in the non-alcohol world over the last more than a decade. Ted Fleming was a fan of craft beer who was tragically diagnosed with Crohn’s disease in 2005. He realized that over the next five years, it was hard to consume alcohol on his body.

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When he detached himself from drinking, he desperately missed the social aspect that most often came with tipping back a cold one. Around 2010, he started to look for flavorful non-alcoholic beers as an alternative to satisfy his addiction. This paved way for the creation of an e-commerce website to offer some of his favorite discoveries. Eventually, he started to brew his own partake Brewing in Toronto in 2017.

With the offer of a job to his wife Sharon in Calgary Transit, Fleming took the decision to expand his business by moving to Calgary which has now become the head office. He has brewing operations in Toronto and is selling it in all the cities of the country and in 30 US states.

“We are watching an overwhelming influx of new customers from different walks of life and it is quite beyond our expectations, we did not expect such a good response when we started this business,” said Fleming. “The reason why we have succeeded so quickly is because of the increasing new interest of the public toward this category.”

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