10 Places to Must Visit in Edmonton

Edmonton is renowned for its facilities, cuisine, history, and natural surroundings. It is the location of West Edmonton Mall, North America’s biggest retail center, and Fort Edmonton Park, Canada’s largest living history museum. Other noteworthy sites include the Elk Island National Park & Beaver Hills, Royal Alberta Museum, Muttart Conservatory, Art Gallery of Alberta, Edmonton Valley Zoo, University of Alberta Botanic Garden, Alberta Railway Museum, and numerous other man-made and natural landmarks. Edmonton has hundreds of places to visit.

Edmonton has hundreds of amazing places. Read the article about the 10 Places to Must Visit in Edmonton.

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1- Village of Ukrainian cultural heritage

This open-air museum, which was established along the Yellowhead Highway in the 1970s, maintains the cultural history of the numerous immigrants from Bukovina and Ukraine who came to what is now Alberta in the 1890s. On the location, which is simply referred to as “the Village,” several old structures have been rebuilt, and a Ukrainian church’s onion-colored pale dome can be seen in the distance. You may visit a variety of living historical features, such as a blacksmith, a marketplace, and an antique retail location.

2- Alberta Royal Museum

Royal Alberta is renowned as Western Canada’s largest museum, covering 7600 square meters. Particularly tourists come here for the abundance of exhibition activities and to see the historical treasures on show. Every individual who visits the museum is in awe of the spectacular exhibits that highlight Canada’s rich historical and cultural history.

The museum also has the fossils of dinosaurs, one of the biggest and most ferocious animals in history. Additionally, you may get insight into the ancient native culture that predominated in Edmonton. Additionally, it showcases some of the most fascinating historical artifacts and entertaining activities that captivate children. One of the top attractions in Edmonton for families to visit is the Royal Alberta Museum.

3- The Alberta Art Gallery

This wonderful museum would be a dream for you if you are intrigued by the breathtaking splendor of art and workmanship. You may enjoy more than 6000 unique examples of art and craft over here, which is spread over a sizable 8000 sq.m. area. The name of the museum has changed multiple times, but neither its magnificent artifacts nor its popularity has been affected. Historical artifacts from Canada’s imperial past are also at this amazing location. This location’s exquisite sculptures and paintings will undoubtedly appeal to the artist in you. This is unquestionably among the top attractions in Edmonton and ought to be on the bucket list of any aficionado.

4- West Edmonton Mall

One glimpse is all it takes to see that the West Edmonton Mall is not your typical Canadian retail center. The biggest mall in North America is this enormous one. It provides a wide range of leisure activities in addition to an excellent shopping experience. It has long been listed as one of Edmonton’s best family attractions.

The mall has been divided into several themed streets. Every street has a distinct appearance and feel. Chinatown, Bourbon Street, and Europa Boulevard are a few of the most intriguing. You’ll run across several entertainment spots in other parts of West Edmonton Mall.

5- Elk Island National Park

Elk Island National Park is one of the top day excursions from Edmonton and is just 35 minutes east of the city. It’s a wonderful opportunity to commune with nature and gets away from the noise of Alberta’s capital. Elk Island National Park is well known for its efforts to save bison, despite its name. The park is home to 450 bison in total. An abundant animal population may be found nearby. If you’re fortunate, you could even get a look while you’re there!

6- The Old Strathcona

Don’t skip a trip to Old Strathcona, even if you’re only in Edmonton for one day. One of the most fascinating spots to visit in Edmonton is this hip downtown neighborhood, which is centered around Whyte Avenue.

Old Strathcona enchants with its unique blend of historic buildings. You may swerve into boutique shops and art galleries while exploring the region. The area’s trendy restaurants and cafés are perfect places for foodies to get a bite to eat or unwind with a drink. In Old Strathcona, you should keep an eye out for a few old structures.

7- Alberta University Botanic Garden

190 acres make up the University of Alberta Botanic Garden. The region includes more than 100 acres of conserved land in addition to 80 acres of lovely gardens. It’s 35 kilometers southwest of the city and a great getaway from Edmonton’s busy downtown.

Check out the Aga Khan Garden, the botanic garden’s newest addition, while you’re there. Nearly five hectares make up the garden. It combines the garden’s organic vegetation with Moghul-style buildings. It’s unlike everywhere else in Edmonton, perhaps even in all of Canada!

8- Fort Edmonton Park

At the 1800s-era Fort Edmonton Park, history is entertaining as period-dressed actors haggle for beads at the fur trade post and mingle at the railway station. Learn about the fort of 1846, the community of 1885, the railway boom of 1905, and the heyday of business in 1920.

The biggest living history museum in Canada has 75 houses, many of which are original, along with horse-drawn carriages, vintage autos, and other items. The Indigenous Peoples Experience, a new trademark exhibit that will highlight the Indigenous culture of Treaty 6 Territory, is presently being developed by Fort Edmonton.

9- North Saskatchewan River Valley

The North Saskatchewan River Valley is one kind of green space. This extensive network of beautiful parks is 22 times larger than Central Park in New York City. Twenty parks are connected by more than 150 kilometers of paths, walkways, and golf courses. Residents and tourists may picnic, ride, run, kayak, canoe, stand-up paddleboard, take a paddle boat or Segway, and, in the winter, snowshoe and ski in these parks (both cross-country and downhill


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10- The Muttart Conservatory

Rare and far-traveled species of plants are housed in four pyramid-shaped hothouses on the south bank of the North Saskatchewan River. From the tropical climates of Fiji and Myanmar (Burma) to the temperate pavilion with its American redwoods and Australian eucalyptus, each pyramid includes a distinctive setting that represents several biomes from across the globe. With so many different plant species on exhibit, Edmonton’s conservatory is the city’s top horticultural institution.

Final words:

Now you know your options to visit Edmonton. It is time to choose and make a list of attractions that you are going to visit during your next visit to Edmonton. Are you going to the great mall of Edmonton or to the amazing history museum? How can you miss visiting the national park and the zoo? We do not know what exactly to suggest to you as we are confused too after seeing so many places in Edmonton. Do tell us in the comments about your top Edmonton attractions to visit.

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