Positive Attitude Prolongs Your Life – Mary Katz

Brownstein: At 107 Montrealer Mary Katz gives credit to positivism for her longevity

Brownstein: At 107 Montrealer Mary Katz gives credit to positivism for her longevity

Mary Katz spent her life through a simple mantra: what has passed is history, the future is a mystery, and today is a gift to live and enjoy.

I always hold a highly positive view of the world because I believe that the number of good is greater than the number of bad people in this world and that good people always prevail, so keeping it as the chief principle of life I always put a friendly smile on my lips,” says Mary Katz.

His friend spent a great deal of time finding a birthday card for Mary Kartz. Eventually, after checking all shops, the best card she found was a card for an 80-year-old.

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Katz took the card hurriedly as she does with everything else these days. She acknowledged that there is no such demand for the birthday card of 107 people in the market, the age she reached on Sunday.

Katz is entertaining, feisty, and refined. She lives independently according to her own choice in her town apartment in a city senior residence.  She cannot walk on her own but uses a walker for it and her hearing is largely deficient.

“So long as there is a vision in my eyes, I am the boss of my own life,” said Katz, looking like she just stepped out of the fashion magazine center, her attire, her hair, and makeup so perfectly and elegantly put together. “I just keep on telling myself to consistently move on, move on. And I do.”

During her life, she has encountered many fateful events and happenings like wars, genocide, epidemics, and all manners of human madness.

Katz does not strictly act upon the fast and hard rules in the matters of diet, although among her favorite foods are salmon, vegetables, and chicken. She also likes to enjoy the goblet of wine but very rarely at some events. Katz accepts, after contracting pneumonia several decades back she had to give up smoking.

“I was a passionate lover of art, music, and dance. I often took my kids separately to the museum, lectures, and opera. I always tried to keep myself busy with healthy activities. But it is your mind that keeps you going ahead constantly. It is the mind that controls and rules the body. The other important thing is: you have to love yourself.”

Katz was celebrating with her two daughters Carrie from Toronto and Eileen who always lived in Montreal and never left it. Mother spent all the days of her life here which is also her birthplace.

“The reason for her life’s longevity is all because of her attitude,” Carrie said. “She has gone through many difficulties in her life but we never hear her complaining. She is entirely independent and does everything according to her distinctive way. She refuses to bring back the past negativities and soon forget them. She does not reveal the difficulties and negativities of the past before anyone and much of her past is still a mystery for us.”

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