Pros and Cons of Living in Calgary

Choosing a place to call home is perhaps the most significant choice someone will ever make. Finding the appropriate place that fulfills all of your needs might be difficult. There will be some beautiful characteristics and some not-so-great qualities everywhere you travel. That is why an unbiased evaluation may go a long way toward assisting you in making your decision, and we are here to assist you. We’ve compiled a comprehensive list of all the advantages and disadvantages of living in Calgary so you can determine if it’s the perfect location for you.

> PROS of Living in Calgary <

Following are some of the main benefits of having your residence in Calgary.

1- Public transportation is somewhat dependable, ecologically friendly, and cost-effective

The public transportation system in Calgary is judged to be “pretty excellent.” People may get downtown during the day and return in the evenings using a network of buses and subways. Calgary’s light train is fueled by wind farms, following the city’s emphasis on sustainability. In 2023, carbon emissions will be decreased by more than 55,000 tonnes due to this project.

2- A well-kept city

A clean and green city is something that everyone enjoys. Fortunately, Calgary is one of the cleanest cities. Calgary takes cleanliness exceptionally seriously, and trash may result in a fine of $100. The city has sufficient facilities to keep its clean appearance, including a decent sewage system, safe drinking water, and an appropriate disposal program.

3- Easily Available Health Facilities

There are presently 14 doctors per 1,000 patients in Calgary. 2.7 per 1,000 patients is the national average. Many health treatments are free if you have an Alberta Health Care Insurance Plan card. But, there could be a waiting time once you arrive in Alberta before you are eligible for one. It doesn’t matter whether you’re from another province or nation; you’ll probably have to wait the same amount of time. Before relocating to Alberta, check to determine whether your current province’s health plan covers treatments in Alberta.

4- There are absolutely a plethora of things to do in Calgary.

Calgary’s location is ideal for outdoor enthusiasts. Calgary has it all, no matter what your interests are.  For instance, Canada Olympic Park is located in the city and is utilized by both top athletes and the rest of the public. You may use an innertube to slide down a slope in the winter. You may also ski and skate directly in the city and participate in public skating. Mountain biking is a popular summer pastime.

There are another 20,000 acres of parks in Calgary. If you’re a runner or biker, there are 700 kilometers of paths to choose from around the city. It is North America’s largest network of urban footpaths and bikeways.

There are a few additional outdoor activities in the area. Banff is roughly an hour away by vehicle and has some of the world’s most incredible downhill skiing. Jasper, approximately a 5 hour’s drive away, also offers fantastic skiing, and both destinations include national parks with great camping and hiking opportunities. They also provide fantastic viewing possibilities at their snowfields and glaciers.

There is a lot to do in Calgary if you appreciate being healthy and active.

> CONS <

Having discussed the pros of living in Calgary, it is time to sneak into some of the cons of living in Calgary.

1- The Unemployment Rate Remains High

While Alberta’s unemployment rate has decreased significantly, it is still high in Calgary. Calgary’s unemployment is the highest rate of any city in Canada.

Lower oil prices have resulted in layoffs in the oil business, contributing to the high jobless rate. Manufacturing output has also suffered as a result of the recession. Housing development has stalled as more individuals lose their jobs or face salary cuts or no rises.

Even though the economy is likely to improve, Calgary’s development is linked to the oil sector. Calgary’s economy may make you think twice about relocating there. When times are good, things are fantastic, yet many jobs are insecure. When circumstances are rough, finding decent work may be incredibly difficult.

What’s the good news? If you manage to get a job in the oil field, you will be paid among the highest in the city.

2- Overcrowding in Schools

The populace of Calgary has risen at such a rapid rate that school development has fallen behind. That implies that if you have children, they may not be able to attend a school in your area. Some schools have class sizes that exceed provincial restrictions. Because of the severe overcrowding, several schools are organizing lotteries to fill vacant seats. Parents have been known to make up their home address for their children to attend the school of their choice.

Busing, which may be required if your kid cannot attend a neighboring school due to overcrowding, maybe an additional issue. Some students were forced to sit on the floor of their school bus due to overcrowding. However, after being made aware of the issue, the bus firm procured a larger vehicle for that route. Some respite may be on the way.

3- Congested Traffic

Traffic in Calgary, least to say, is quite congested. It is not because that it has narrow roads but due to the reason od presence of heavy traffic especially during the peak hours. The government promised to widen the roads and bring other measures to solve the traffic issue of Calgary but unfortunately corona pandemic hit at that exact moment and delayed the whole progress. The economic losses due to pandemic can certainly weaken the government resolve of solving the traffic issue in Calgary.

However, there s nothing to be much worried as discussed above there is a dense and very efficient train system in Calgary and you can rely on it to reach your destination without getting jammed in traffic.

Ideally, after reviewing this list of advantages and disadvantages, you will better understand what life is like in Calgary. The choice to relocate is based on your interests and preferences. Still, Calgary offers some attractive economic benefits, a diverse range of outdoor recreational opportunities, and world-class healthcare, making it an excellent spot to establish roots.

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