Sam Smith struggles to overcome self-doubt on their latest release, ‘Gloria’.

Sam Smith’s fourth studio album, “Gloria,” is a mixed bag of emotions and sounds. The bar for Smith is set high, as they have consistently released hit albums every three years since their debut in 2014. “Gloria” was marketed as Smith’s chance to explore new themes and genres, but it falls short of fully committing to a new sound or premise. The album is a combination of personal bops and generic radio hits, making it feel somewhat incoherent and disappointing.


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The real issue with “Gloria” isn’t the music itself, but its marketing. Smith’s vocals are as smooth and soulful as ever, but the album’s title, “Gloria,” suggests something more glamorous and empowering. However, the album doesn’t fully deliver on that promise. The album’s highlights include the opening tracks “Love Me More Sam Smith” and “No God,” which showcase Smith’s emotional lyrics and polished pop beats. However, the album takes a turn for the worse with tracks like “Lose You,” “Perfect,” and “Gimme,” which feel uninspired and generic.

One of the album’s standout moments is the short but powerful “How to Cry,” where Smith delivers their most emotional performance on the album. The album also features a low-risk experiment in “Six Shots,” a neo-jazz record with an incredible vocal performance from Smith.

Overall, ” Sam Smith Gloria” is a bit of a rollercoaster ride, with moments of brilliance and moments of mediocrity. Smith’s talent is undeniable, but they don’t always reach the heights they’re capable of.

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