8 Shops for the Best Appliance Repair in Calgary

Electronic appliances are prone to problems at any time due to complex circuitry and functionality. Although most home appliances come with a fixed warranty period and guarantee of long-lasting life, there are still possibilities of appliances getting tripped or short-circuited. To ensure your appliances have more reliability, you need to take them to an appliance repair shop. There are various shops and companies offering appliance repair services apart from the official brand support. We compiled a list of 8 shops for the best appliance repair in Calgary so your electronic devices have a more durable restored functionality.

In search of the best appliance repair experts, there are certain points you must consider. One very important one is to go for a repair option offering service warranties. This can save you a lot of money and trouble from getting into the hands of inexperienced appliance repairers. The amount of quality service these shops can offer determines the full functionality of your respective device. You must take care while choosing these appliance repairers or otherwise, the appliances will face more issues and problems in the near future.

Without further to do, let’s go through 8 of the best appliance repair shops in Calgary where premium repairs and customer satisfaction is their top priorities.

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1- Trail Appliances Calgary South

Website: trail-appliances.com/

Phone: +14032535442

Address: 6880 11 St SE, Calgary, AB T2H 2T9, Canada


  • In-Store Shopping & Pickup
  • Washers & Dryers Repair
  • Fridge, Freezers & Water Systems
  • Outdoor Living Appliance
  • Huge Collection of Branded Appliances
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Trail Appliances Calgary is a leading and highly renowned appliance retailer and repairer available in Calgary. They are in business since the 1980s and are now located at multiple locations throughout the region. The unparalleled customer support with outclass and well-experienced technicians are available for any kind of repairs. They are one of the leading stores to offer appliance repair and purchase services under the same roof. No matter if your washing machine is facing technical problems or it is your gas stove, they can get them fixed in a minimal amount of time.

All of the services offered by Trail Appliances Calgary are quite affordable and up-to-the-mark. They have a huge showroom containing all of the major brands available around the globe. With their excellent customer service and highly satisfying repairs, they are now a popular appliance purchase and repair shop in Calgary. Moreover, the store also provides home visit services promptly to get any appliance fixed in no time. You don’t need to face the hustle of bringing the appliance to the store. The sales & repair representatives offer consultations about whether your appliances should be repaired or purchased in genuine conditions.

Customers Feedback

We purchased a gas Range from Shirley, who was very helpful and not your typical salesperson. She explained the differences and let us choose what fit our needs. After the gas range was installed (private company), a few days later there was a very small gas smell. I contacted Shirley and she had their service department call us back to get someone out to look at it. I can’t remember the guy’s name but he was very knowledgeable and polite. He found the small gas leak and repaired it promptly.  I gave it 5 stars solely because of the last repair guy and Shirley the sales person. I don’t understand why the service manager would never call me back. (Google Reviews)

My dryer had broken down so I went to the trail appliance website. Under the search function I typed “Gas Dryer” and purchased a dryer from the selection. The repairer was amazing, and quickly located a gas dryer in another city for me. She kept me up to date on the delivery and put my concerns to rest on her delivery guys taking the old dryer out and being the new one in. I will definitely be a return customer thanks to Symphony and her outstanding customer service. The two gentlemen that delivered the new dryer and removed the old dryer were efficient and very courteous. (Google Reviews)

2- Quality Appliance Repair Calgary

Website: calgaryappliance.com/

Phone: +14033055161


  • Dish Washer Repairing
  • Washer & Dryer Repair
  • Fridge Repair & Maintenance
  • Stove & Oven Repairs
  • Excellent & Timely Mobile Services
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There is no home appliance Quality Appliance Repair that can’t fix. With qualified and professional customer handling, they cover all of the major Calgary and outside regions. If your refrigerator is inefficient to produce enough cooling, call Quality Appliance Repair immediately and get it repaired in no time. Your kitchen appliances will have a new life after getting in the hands of best-in-class technicians. Moreover, Quality Appliance Repair also starts serving Chestermere, Langdon, and Strathmore without compromising on the quality of the repair services.

Quality Appliance Repair offers quick and courteous repair services for your dishwashers and stoves. All of the staff has ample knowledge about the complex functionality and you’ll be amazed by the repairs at an affordable rate. What can be more worthy than an appliance repair service that can reach anywhere you want so you don’t get into a cumbersome situation for prolonged intervals of time? Quality Appliance Repair is your go-to option in all kinds of home and kitchen appliance repairs with a major focus on thoroughly explaining all the processes with clear-cut customer communication.

Customers Feedback

Highly recommend.  Excellent service, easy booking, quick response & reasonable cost.  Our dryer stopped working Friday afternoon and I used the online request to book a time first thing Monday morning.  Excellent communication with regular text updates to confirm service time and to let me know when Curtis was enroute.  Curtis arrived 10 minutes early and had our Whirlpool dryer diagnosed and repaired, with a new idler pulley and belt, in under an hour. After years of ‘just ok’ experiences in appliance repair, I am pleasantly impressed with Quality Appliance Repair. (Google Reviews)

I used Quality Appliance repair for the first time today and I was very happy with the booking system and service. Darcy was right on time, so pleasant and fixed my broken dryer quickly and inexpensively! (Google Reviews)

3- Southland Technical Services

Website: southsvc.com/

Phone: +14032559647

Address: 5708 1 St SE #2, Calgary, AB T2H 2W9, Canada


  • Television & Appliance Repairs
  • Problem Diagnostics & In-Home Services
  • Washers & Consoles Component Repairs
  • Microwaves & Printers Service
  • Media & Home Theater Repair Services
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Southland Technical Services is the authorized home appliance repair and retail provider. The company started as a TV company and has now expanded its services in the domain of appliance maintenance and repairs. The factory-trained technicians are always available to service all types of home and media theatres. Not only they are experts in managing and repairing major home appliances but you can also get benefit from their gaming consoles and digital camera repairs. This is your one-stop shop if your massage chair and data projectors are malfunction.

Customers at Southland Technical Services are especially delighted by how much time and effort they put into the repair process. From component to motor repairs, your washing machines and dryers have a much more [prolonged life. Your kitchen range and stoves get the best repair treatments in quick and reasonably priced services. Southland Technical Services housed some of the modern and advanced tools to carry out the problem diagnostic processes. By evaluating the root cause of the underlying problem, the technicians do the precise and complete appliance repairs.

Customers Feedback

I liked that they called set up the time. Gave me a window of 2 hours to expect them. Called to confirm before they arrived and arrived on time. Took great care to put down protection for my floor moved the fridge out and back without scratching my floor. Got the job done quickly and efficiently. Answered any questions I had. Overall, a great experience. (Google Reviews)

Very friendly. My first visit. Let’s see if they can fix my TV affordably! Edit… Well, they had my TV fixed within a week for under $200. They just had to do some soldering. Maybe I was lucky. In any case they did a great job, had it all wrapped up for pickup and they even helped me get it into the car for the drive home. (Google Reviews)

4- Atlas Appliance Limited

Website: atlasappliances.com/

Phone: +14032593334

Address: 5545 6 St SE, Calgary, AB T2H 1L6, Canada


  • Appliance Delivery & Installations
  • Unmatched Appliance Repairs
  • Huge Laundry & Refrigerator Showroom
  • Small Appliances & Houseware Maintenance
  • Cooking, Dishwashers & Outdoor Appliance Servicing
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Atlas Appliance Limited is a fantastic appliance selling and repairing shop located at a very prime location in Calgary. If you book a repair service with them, you’re lucky enough to experience a top-notch repair service with a complete and thorough explanation of the respective appliance. The qualified technicians have years of training and experience to make your home appliance works perfectly back to normal. In terms of the product range, customers are delighted to have everything under one roof with excellent sales representatives.

Electronic items suffer from several faults due to maloperation circuits and voltages issues. Atlas Appliance Limited makes sure its technicians are equipped with the necessary tools to carry out the work more efficiently. The store offers appliance delivery and installations at a very low cost, with no overwhelming shipment charges. They are by far our other most recommended appliance repair shop to serve you with good quality maintenance and repairs. Atlas Appliance Limited is an official and authorized retailer of top-notch home and kitchen appliances brands.

Customers Feedback

Wow! What a fantastic company, they are incredibly understanding and helpful. We were lucky enough to have Cyler Hebert come to our house this morning to service our microwave. And he just did an outstanding job! He knew exactly what he was talking about, he taught me how to better take care of our machine and was quick and easy to talk to. It was also a big bonus that he likes cats, since we have two of them. I couldn’t imagine going to anyone else! Thank you all for your great customer service and being experts in the field! (Google Reviews)

Great experience with Atlas and the service provided by Al! He was professional upon arrival, addressed the initial issue as best he could. He followed up, came back when the issue arrived again and was able to fix the unit. Would definitely recommend Atlas appliances for any fix! (Google Reviews)

5- TechVill Appliance Repair Ltd.

Website: techvillappliancerepair.ca/

Phone: +15873168169

Address: 5810 Patina Dr SW #22, Calgary, AB T3H 2Y6, Canada


  • Dryer & Washer Repair
  • Kitchen Stove & Oven Repairs
  • Cooktop Maintenance and Service
  • Dishwasher Component Servicing
  • Authorized Appliances Brands Retailer
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If your home appliances are not compliant or working properly, TechVill Appliance Repair is here to help you. No matter if the appliance is completely non-functional or got slowed down with time, they can manage to get it working back to normal quickly. With an amazingly low repair cost, TechVill Appliance Repair surpasses many of the top appliance repair services currently available in Calgary. From busted washing machines to unusually slow-cooling refrigerators, TechVill Appliance Repair doesn’t make any compromise on the quality of its services. The whole process is perked with technicians having a keen dexterity in the maintenance of all types of kitchen appliances.

TechVill Appliance Repair has an in-home appliance repair mobile service that is efficient in diagnosing every electrical and physical problem. You can contact them today and get your stove, cooktops, dryers, and washing machines fixed from the comfort of your home. You can set your mind at ease because TechVill Appliance Repair maintains your appliances efficiently. Their showroom available appliances are ready to buy and are backed by service guarantees offered by this store. Get your home appliances functioning back to normal with the utmost professionalism offered by TechVill Appliance Repair.

Customers Feedback

I was very pleased with John’s help with my microwave. He quickly diagnosed the issue, and also gave me options to repair or replace, and good advice on features to look for in a new model. He came back to install the new one and did a great job getting it all set up and tidying up afterwards. Would definitely use him again. (Google Reviews)

Alan was friendly and professional. He came and diagnosed the problem and was able to provide a solution. We had to wait for a part but Alan kept me in the loop with when he would be back to install. Making my life stress free. 2days later part in hand came back and fixed the oven. I am very happy as it no longer sounds like my oven is going to fly away. Thanks, Alan, for explaining the issue and getting it fixed. Would definitely recommend Alan to anyone needing oven help. (Google Reviews)

6- Express Appliance Repair

Website: expressappliance.ca/

Phone: +15873196799

Address: 155 Mt Robson Cir SE, Calgary, AB T2Z 2C1, Canada


  • Specialized Refrigerator Repair
  • Dryers & Washers Servicing
  • Oven, Range & Stove Repairs
  • Comprehensive Cooktop Cleaning & Repairing
  • Quality Dishwasher Repairing & Support
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If you’re in search of an extra fast and quick appliance repair company, Express Appliance Repair is your best bet. This company understands that your home appliances are precious and they need more than just a handful of services. They can replace and renew all of the major components of your kitchen, washing, and other home appliances in the best way possible. With an excellent approach and qualified repair guys, you are just one call away from getting the repair your broken or malfunctioning appliance deserves.

Express Appliance Repair, with years of repairing experience, offers to repair or replace domestic and kitchen appliances. Refrigerators and dryers are usually the most common appliance to experience damage and compressor issues. With ample knowledge and training, the technicians will thoroughly diagnose the issues and repair what’s necessary. You’ll be amazed by the quick in-home equipment servicing using state-of-the-art tools. The broken heat gun of your oven doesn’t bother you anymore after getting in the hands of Express Appliance Repair.

Customers Feedback

Had an issue with dryer, smelled of something burning.  The lady who took my call was able to get a technician to my home the same day. He did a professional job of finding the problem and showed me what was wrong. He had the replacement part on hand and was able to replace it right away. He cleaned the entire dryer and checked the venting.  He cleaned up after himself. Very professional and prompt. (Google Reviews)

I called Express Appliance Repair to inquire about getting the washing machine fixed at my rental property. From talking on the phone, they were able to make an accurate guess on the issue so when they came out the next day, they brought the part with them and fixed it same day! Often arranging repairs on my rental units can be difficult, but they made it easy! They called my tenant to arrange a time that worked and then called me directly to discuss the bill and get consent to repair. I will definitely be calling them again for any future repairs. (Google Reviews)

7- Speed Appliance Repair

Website: samdayrepair.speedappliancesrepair.ca/

Phone: +15874397999

Address: 86 Seton Grove SE, Calgary, AB T3M 2Y6, Canada


  • Home Appliances Installation
  • Electric Stove & Oven Repairs
  • Dishwasher & Kitchen Appliance Servicing
  • Fridge & Air Conditioners Repairs
  • Washing Machine & Dryer Repairing Services
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The dedication and commitment of Speed Appliance Repair are what makes this repair company. We included this in our list because of the excellent and vast experience in the domain of home appliance services. The customer and technical support are unmatched with the provision of flexible repair schedules according to your need and comfort. Speed Appliance Repair offers a 60-day labor warranty after the repairs for maximum & optimal appliance functioning. The industry-trained professionals strive to provide you with all kinds of repairs whether it is your malfunctioning fridge or the dryer.

It is quite overwhelming and cumbersome to see your mostly appliances getting leaky and problematic. Speed Appliance Repair eases your trouble by minimizing your downtime and providing the highest standard of professional repairing and maintenance. In most situations, you don’t have time to get your faulty appliance back to the repair shop consequently leading to irreversible damage. Speed Appliance Repair is available at your service in all respects whether you want your washing machine getting checked or the oven.

Customers Feedback

Natan came out the same day I called for a dryer repair.  He came with the parts needed to repair it and it worked perfectly.  Throughout the repair he explained everything he did and did a thorough clean of the interior of the dryer. He is extremely reasonable with his pricing, professional, prompt and courteous.  I will certainly use him again and make sure I recommend him to friends and family. (Google Reviews)

Nathan was amazing. He not only fixed my dishwasher and ice box in my refrigerator but also gave me tips on maintenance to avoid having him out for future visits. His prices are very reasonable. I would definitely call him again and refer him to all my friends. (Google Reviews)

8- New Star Appliance Repair

Website: newstarappliancerepair.ca/

Phone: +14034621704

Address: 131 Ever glen Rise SW, Calgary, AB T2Y 4Z2, Canada


  • Gas & Electric Dryer Repairs
  • Electric Cooktop Stove & Oven Servicing
  • Excellent Microwave Oven Repairs
  • Dishwasher & Cloth Washer Repairs
  • Refrigerator Gas Refilling & Compressor Servicing
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New Star Appliance Repair is dedicated to the provision of premium appliance repairing services. The non-functional appliances are promptly checked by the technicians for any faults to deal with effectively. They are experienced in all kinds of home appliance repairs that are quite difficult to treat by yourself. The super-friendly staff will timely respond to your repairing requests, listen to the problems, and analyze the repairing options before proceeding. This is our last but not the least appliance repairing shop you can find in the Calgary region.

New Star Appliance Repair can handle all of the electrical and motor-related issues of your washers and dryers. They are proficient in cleaning and servicing electric cooktops and stoves to give them a brand-new look. Moreover, New Star Appliance Repair has always the availability of reliable components for faulty replacements. The five-star home appliance repairing service is your best bet at a reasonable repair cost with premium and warrantied appliance repairs. You can easily book an appointment with qualified technicians for your next repair visit.

Customers Feedback

I picked Mike based on location (I live in the SW) and google reviews to fix my dryer.  I was easy to communicate with, he was responsive with getting here quickly, he came when he said he would, he was very professional, provided an initial estimate, did the work quickly and was easy to pay and get receipt for my records.  I thought his price was fair (less than I expected).  I plan to use him next time one of my appliances needs a repair. (Google Reviews)

Mike recently repaired our Samsung fridge, which required a new part, and our Panasonic microwave.  Mike is very knowledgeable, honest and professional and a pleasure to work with in our home.  We were very pleased with his skilled work and highly recommended Mike and New Star Appliance Repair. (Google Reviews)

Final Verdict

To make your home appliances in perfect working conditions, regular maintenance and servicing are very crucial. The complex machinery is at high risk of getting electrically and physically damaged with regular use. For maintaining home appliances’ working states, a good and experienced appliance repairer is always an ideal option to choose. Calgarians can book a repairing session from our list of 8 shops for the best appliance repair in Calgary. Not only do these shops have a good infrastructure and mobile repairing services but also possess well-trained professionals to handle all kinds of home appliance repairs.

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